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Top Wedding DJ in Charleston Weddings Magazine: Spring 2016

29 February 2016

I can see it already. You are a modern bride who just got engaged.  The fact that you just said "yes" to the man of your dreams has immediately put in motion a flood of thoughts and dreams. Maybe you are located in New York City or New Jersey and are looking at Charleston, SC from a distance and want to put together a classy affair at one of the many beautiful wedding venues? I cannot tell you how many awesome brides and grooms I've had the pleasure of working with over the years that chose this wonderful city to get married. If you are a bride / groom coming from New York City or New Jersey, you'll be happy to know I have you covered with the music.  For some of the best musicians and bands from New Jersey for your playlist, <----Click HERE. For some of the top musicians and bands with origins in New York City, <---Click HERE. 

Brides Get Giddy With Charleston Weddings Magazine
I am not a modern bride so I don't know what it feels like to be getting married. But I've personally been a part of plenty of weddings to know the supreme giddiness that overtakes a bride immediately after she's engaged. I've met countless brides and grooms immediately after they got engaged and they tend to sit close together and cannot stop smiling at each other. And when I bring up questions like "What would you like your first dance song to be?", their eyes light up and smile even more.  During those few days right after you said "yes", you'll want to take a day for yourself. Go ahead and get yourself and manicure and pedicure. Be sure to stop by Whole Foods (if you are in the Charleston, SC area to pick yourself a copy of Charleston Weddings Magazine. If you just found this post and are located outside of the area and would like a copy sent to your house, be sure to click that link up above.  Once you get your copy of the magazine, plop yourself down on your bed and put your feet up and start to flip through the magazine. For this spring 2016, head over to page 45 and you'll see wonderful ad that was actually created with the help of photographer Patrick Hall, and the graphics artists working at Charleston Weddings Magazine.  Flip through the rest of the pages of the magazine. Be sure to look at the weddings that are featured within the magazine.  I've talked to so many modern brides who spend hours and hours looking at the pretty pictures and articles inside the Charleston Weddings Magazine.  There is a feeling that modern brides get about flipping through the pages of the Charleston Weddings Magazine. It's a feeling you cannot get when looking at a computer screen or tablet screen. 

stack of spring 2016 wedding magazines

As we get started into the 2016 spring wedding season in Charleston, SC I am happy to be back in this completely classy and elegant magazine that is truly ideal and perfect for the modern bride, and I'd love to share a copy with you.  For a limited time, I've been given some extra copies of the magazine and when you set up a time to meet with me to discuss your wedding, I will bring a copy with me for you.  For any bride planning a wedding in the Charleston, SC area, this magazine is a must-have, and is simply the best. Need the best wedding vendors? Well, there are vendors, vendors, and more vendors. Also, if you are in Charleston on March 19, 2016, please mark your calendars.   The Spring Bridal Show, which is part of Charleston Fashion Week will be held.  

Weddings Magazine Ad 2016 Mike Bills

Also, luxury designer Kate McDonald will be featuring her designs along with LulaKate at the William Aiken House on a Wednesday evening on March 16, 2016.  Be sure to attend.  Charleston Weddings Magazine is available at Harris Teeter, Barnes & Noble, Earth Fare, and Whole Foods. 

Ready To Speak To Mike Bills About Being Your Wedding DJ?
Thank you for making it all the way to the end of this blog post.  I don't want to sound like a broken record but a copy of Charleston Weddings Magazine in your possession right after you get engaged is the perfect addition to your wedding planning arsenal.  I would love to work with you as your wedding DJ. If you just came across this post and care to learn more about me and about why you should hire me to be your wedding DJ, you are invited to check out some of my best posts down below.

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Once you check out those incredibly informative posts, let's set up a time to discuss your wedding. Just click the link up above and you'll be taken over to my main website where you'll be asked to fill out a contact form. All you'll need is a few details and we'll set up a time to discuss your big day. I look forward to hearing about your big day. Thank you for reading over this blog.