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Top 5 Best Blogs You Should Check Out For Your 2020 Charleston Wedding

15 September 2019

Maybe you and your fiancee are sitting back on a lazy Sunday afternoon and you close your eyes together and begin to develop a vision of how you'd like your wedding to be. Maybe you need to see some ideas to get a better handle on those dreams? What are the hottest trends seen in recent years and what is expected to be hot when you plan your 2020 wedding? These wedding blogs will help you to create your vision for what will come one of the best days of your life!  Also, you need to be sure through this entire post for one BONUS wedding blog as you search for the best Charleston wedding DJ.

The Wedding Row Blog

Based right here in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, the Wedding Row blog is one of the top choices for Charleston wedding inspiration.   This blog features a lot of real weddings to give the couple who are having trouble thinking of ideas for their own wedding.  From real weddings to featuring some of the area's top wedding vendors (including yours truly), the Wedding Row blog is sure to help formulate your vision for what will become the best day for you in Charleston.  If you happen to be a destination couple travelling here to Charleston, be sure you stop in a Barnes & Noble or a Harris Teeter to pick up the latest copy of Charleston Weddings Magazine. Charleston Weddings Magazine is the perfect companion to the Wedding Row Blog  with even more wedding ideas for your wedding day here in the Holy City.

A LowCountry Wedding Blog

A Lowcountry Wedding blog has become one of the premier wedding blogs for planning a Charleston wedding during the wedding boom over the past decade. This blog expands and includes wedding inspiration for more coastal cities and towns in South Carolina like Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head and even Savannah, Georgia.    Shop for your wedding gown, get real wedding inspiration, and find all your other important wedding vendors on this blog.  You may also find A Lowcountry Wedding Magazine which compliments it's blog very nicely at various retailers across the Southeast, as well as Midwest states like Ohio and Illinois.  Go ahead and click the image up above and save this blog in your favorites when planning your Charleston wedding.

CWG Guide

The Charleston Wedding Guide is a website designed and maintained by the Charleston Visitors Bureau.   Immediately when you head over to this website and blog, you are given the opportunity to order a guide sent to you.  Be sure to visit the blog at the Charleston Wedding Guide website and when you do, you'll be greeted with all sorts of real wedding inspiration. The Charleston Wedding Guide brings together some of the best wedding vendors in the city and spotlights some of the most popular wedding venues. Planning a destination wedding to Charleston from Chicago, New York City, or Atlanta?  This website is a must for your internet favorites. Save it now for even more information on accomodations and travel planning to one of the most beautiful cities in the world. 

 Southern Bride Wedding Blog

Southern Bride is an outstanding regional wedding  blog specializing in classy and elegant Southern weddings.   If you are on the fence about planning a wedding in Charleston, be sure to check out this archived blog about the Reasons To Get Married In Charleston   From realy beautiful  weddings to the top wedding vendors, Southern Bride offers a great way to begin putting all the pieces together for your Charleston wedding.  Like a lot of the best wedding blogs, Southern Bride also has a magazine which engaged brides love to look at and dream!  For the ultimate in #Charleston #weddinginspo, make sure you bookmark Southern Bride for an excellent resource of inspiration.

 Wedding Chicks Blog

Wedding Chicks is one of the most popular national blogs in the country.  I discovered this blog about 5 years ago when one of the weddings I was hired for was featured on the blog.  Wedding Chicks offers all sorts of printables, planning tools, and a chance to build your own free wedding website.  Be sure to check out their ultimate wedding checklist for the bride, as well as the opportunity to create your wedding registry.   Check out their latest features for some of the #breaking trends in weddings today.  Check out Reese & Courtney's Boone Hall wedding featured on Wedding Chicks where I was so happy to get a little "national" exposure as a wedding DJ.

Bonus Wedding Blog

You probably knew if I were going to be talking about some of my favorite wedding blogs that I would also like to give myself a little shameless self-promotion.   My Charleston Wedding DJ blog has actually become one of the most popular wedding DJ blogs on the world wide web.  With a  stash of real weddings, playlist ideas, venue and vendor spotlights, my blog receives thousands of visitors per month.  As one of the top wedding DJs in Charleston, I truly love what I do and when you love what you do, you are inspired to share your passion with prospective clients.  I would love to be your wedding DJ here in Charleston. Please check out my website and head over to this archived post to get up close and personal with me and find out why you should hire me to DJ your wedding in one of the best cities in America.  Your wedding entertainment is one of the most important features of the success of your big day and should not be taken lightly. 

Mike Bills Entertainment Logo

The Most Extensive Charleston Website!

Charleston Dot Com Digital Guide

How about one more incredible link to add to bookmark for good measure?  I wanted to give another incredible source of all things Charleston it's due. was designed by the very talented individuals who designed this website you are on right now.  What more could you ask for from a website domain actually named after the best city in the country? This website has every single angle covered for the locals, as well as the destination bride and groom coming to Charleston for their wedding. From things to do in Charleston to the must-see places to see while in the Holy City, Charleston dot com might be one of the most detailed websites about Charleston out there.  Be sure when you head over to the website that you click on the link to get a printed guide   Plan your weekend getaway right now as you get ready to have the time of your life in Charleston. If the plane tickets were just purchased for a visit to Charleston, be sure you lovebugs check out this post for songs when you are in love and in Charleston, SC

Engaged Couple Reading Over Charleston Blogs

Interested In Talking To Mike About Being Your Charleston Wedding DJ?
You gotta promise me that you will bookmark all these links to these very fine websites and blogs about planning your Charleston wedding. They are sure to offer you wedding inspiration when you are first getting started. It's hard to believe that 2020 is right around the corner and in a few months we will be approaching another engagement season here in Charleston.  It's been a pretty busy summer for me and I wanted to begin helping out brides and grooms looking to get married in 2020 in Charleston.  My company has become one of the top wedding DJs over the years in Charleston because of it's laser focus on the music. The music is what matters the most when it comes to creating the best vibe for your Charleston wedding. From the ceremony to cocktail hour to dinner to dancing all night, every musical piece of your wedding needs to be planned perfectly to make for the most memories.  While I am one of the only DJs who works "alone" in Charleston, I have at my disposal some of the best wedding vendors, including the best caterers, photographers, photo booth operators, and wedding planners.  You will work with ME (the owner of the company) from start to finish as your wedding DJ.  My brides and grooms absolutely eat this up because there are no surprises who your DJ will be.  Getting married in 2020? Be sure to check back to my website for more helpful information. Click HERE to schedule a free consultation with Mike. 

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