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Top 10 Reasons That 2020 Charleston Brides Need A Professional Wedding DJ

28 September 2019

If you've read over just a fraction of my blog, you can tell how seriously I take being a wedding DJ.  While I've certainly blogged about this very topic in one way or another over the years, it's my duty to keep spreading the word to newly engaged couples just how important it is to hire a professional wedding DJ.  It's especially important as we turn over into a new decade because I keep seeing new DJs pop up all over the internet.  Since people can download apps to their smartphone and instantly become a "DJ",  it's sometimes forgotten just how important it is to have a great DJ at your wedding.   I will continue to preach all what you will see in this post.  Now, step away from Craigslist or Thumbtack because the best DJ talent in Charleston WILL NOT be found on those websites.

The Best DJs Plan Your Night Perfectly
I'll preface this first reason with my strong recommendation that you should hire "at least" a day of coordinator. Getting all the fine details together in the days and weeks leading up to your wedding day will seem like a part time job to you.  This is especially true if you are planning your wedding from a distance.  If you should not want to relieve the stress and go do the planning all yourself, a professional wedding DJ will be there to help you create a timeline for the evening.  Professional wedding DJs have done wedding receptions a lot. They know what works, and what doesn't work.  For me personally, I like to make it easy on my clients by creating a portal at the time that they book so that they can log in at their leisure to begin planning all the fine details of their day.  You can even log into my website to begin sampling and selecting all the great songs you'd like to hear.  The best wedding DJs are available by phone, by email, and even more importantly "in person" for any important questions you may have. 

Music Selection
There is a perfect song for every special moment of your wedding day. When you talk to a professional wedding DJ, they will be able to guide you in the right direction of which song to play at the right time. Don't care to dance to the full length version of "I Loved Her First" for your father / daughter dance? A professional wedding DJ will work with you in deciding where to fade that song out.  Would you like the DJ to field requests from your guests? The best DJs will be able to mix in those requests with all your other wedding requests to make for an amazing time on the dance floor. When you book me to be your wedding DJ, you get a seasoned professional who is ALL about the music, as it is the music that matters and gets people out on the dance floor.

Professional Grade Equipment
This is a given, but it gets overlooked so much by modern brides and grooms. It's completely understandable though because the average bride and groom knows nothing about speakers and mixers.  Don't worry, there will not be a class on DJ equipment anytime soon, but couples need to know that the true professional wedding DJs will put forth the extra resources to purchase the best equipment. From speakers to subwoofers to CD players and microphones, the best professional wedding DJs are going to have high-end professional grade gear, as well as backup gear. If a mixer fails in the middle of your reception, you are covered!

Great Demeanor & Acumen
From your good friend in middle school to your uncle coming from New York, ANYONE and I do mean ANYONE can set up a few speakers and attempt to be a DJ.   Bar and club DJs see the big payoff that weddings can bring and want a piece of the action. While it's possible to transition from a bar and club DJ to being a wedding DJ, only a small percentage put the antics seen in clubs down and mature in their DJ skills by DJing weddings.  The wedding DJ you want at your wedding will have a profesisonal demeanor and will read your crowd. Trust me, I know you love your uncle, but you do want a real DJ to be in charge of the entertainment at your Charleston wedding. Wanna know what happens when you don't hire a great DJ? Check out this archived post when I got the opinions of 6 Charleston Brides who had regret afterwards about the DJ they hired. Be wary of hiring the bar DJ who DJ'ed for free drinks and a few dollars the night before your wedding! You won't be getting a fresh DJ at all.

Value Over Price
I'm sure you've heard the old saying. "You get what you pay for". That statement could not be more true when it comes to hiring your Charleston Wedding DJ. Here's another quote I have seen. "Cheap DJs are never great. Great DJs are never cheap." Going for the absolute lowest price is the wrong approach and could completely derail your wedding. You are only planning on having the grand affair one time.  When you hire a cheap wedding DJ, you are basically discounting your wedding day as just another day. Your wedding day is NOT just another day, it's supposed to be the time of your life that is seamless and flawless and filled with the music you love.   Most brides who are serious about having a successful wedding day are more interested in the "value" that a professional wedding DJ provides.   Everything you see in this post makes up the total "value" of hiring a cosummate professional.

Not The Cheesy Wedding DJ
I used to focus more on this, but as the years go by, millenials and even younger couples don't know about these types of DJs. It's hard to believe I still have to bring this unfortunate fact up as we approach 2020. I would have thought after the countless blog posts about this, they would be ALL gone.  When I first set out to form my company, I was bound and determined to keep the focus on the bride and groom. I was determined to be a DJ who will cater to the modern bride and groom who is never over-zealous, but mild-mannered on the microphone.  I was determined to be a professional wedding DJ who only was to make the necessary announcements and leave the jokes at home.  My goal was to compliment a couple's wedding day by staying in the background and playing the music that they know and love.   True professional wedding DJs will never be the center of attention at your wedding. Believe me, this is what you want. No Chicken Dance.  No Macarena. Trust me! You don't want anyone talking at the water cooler at work saying that they heard those songs at your wedding.

Classy Dress & Attire
What's another way that the professional wedding DJs compliment your wedding day? They blend into your wedding reception by not wearing unprofessional clothing like blow-up tuxedos and tshirts that look like a tuxedo. As a matter of fact,  all of the DJs I know will approach the bride and groom and leave it up to them as to what they should wear.  Simply put, the best DJs will dress to whatever the event is needing.  You can also learn a lot by how a DJ sets up their gear. You don't want an ugly and unsightly light rig standing out.  Did you know I don't even employ DJ lights? Yeah. It was a secret I brought up earlier this summer. You know what? No one cares. Read my reviews and read over this post.

Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Rehearsal Dinner And More
When you hire a professional wedding DJ, you'll be getting someone who has the music covered wherever its needed.  If you need your DJ to do your ceremony, additional gear will be required.  They'll bring with them additional gear with professional microphones for your officiant so that everyone can hear.  Maybe you'd like to also hire your wedding DJ for your rehearsal dinner? The best wedding DJs will have the flexibility to offer this an option.

Hard Work Behind The Scenes = No Stress for You
Being a professional wedding DJ is hard work, but when it's done properly, my clients see the fruits of my labor and they don't lift a finger. Did you know that 20-25 hours of preparation time might go into making sure they have all the music for your big day. Whether its a venue site survey,  custom song edits, meeting with your planner, or going to rehearsal, there are lots of little details to consider before your big day. When you bring in a top wedding DJ to the planning process for your Charleston wedding, you'll rest easy and wake up on your wedding morning with NOT a worry in the world.

Remembering Your Wedding Day
As you can see down below, it's the entertainment that people will remember the most about your upcoming Charleston wedding. As you hire your wedding DJ, ask yourself whether you want a good wedding or an excellent wedding.  Professional wedding DJs will turn an average wedding into a memorable one. Be sure you read over a DJs reviews. They speak for themselves.  You can find all my reviews at and also at my Google profile.
Remember Your Special Day Charleston

Ready To Speak With Mike About Being Your Charleston Wedding DJ In 2020?
So, as you can see there are very compelling reasons why hiring a professional wedding DJ should be at the top of your list when planning your wedding.  None of these reasons have changed in the past decade but I've always seen it as very important to educate the masses about what "not" to hire for your wedding DJ.  Whether you are getting married in 2020 or 2040, these reasons will still apply.  If you are on the fence and still are not convinced about going all out and hiring a professional wedding DJ, click back over to my blog, which has become one of the highest ranked on web. Throughout the rest of my blog, you'll find even more music and DJ search tips, real weddings, venue spotlights and so much more.    Writing my blog for current and future clients has always been a labor of love for me. Providing the proper finesse to your wedding day is what I strive every single time that someone contracts me to be their DJ.   I would love for you to be the next couple I work with who I get to see dancing all night on the dance floor. I'd love to see that smile that never leaves your face all during the night because you are having the time of your life hearing all the music YOU know and love. Great weddings do not happen by accident here in Charleston. The great ones have careful planning to ensure maximum fun is had by all.  If you are enjoying the content of this post and would like to schedule a time for a cup of coffee or a phone call, I'd love to talk to you.  Over 70% of brides look back on their wedding day and wish they had focused more time on hiring their wedding DJ. Do yourself a favor and keep yourself in that 30% bracket and I will continue to work to whittle that ridiculous 70% number down further and further. Click HERE to submit a contact form to tell me a little about your big day and also schedule a time to speak.
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