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Wedding Planning Tip: The Best DJs Are On Page 1 of Google

06 February 2022

Let me cut to the chase. The best wedding DJs are on Page 1 of Google.  There is an exception to this, but you'll need to keep reading to find out. That's right when you do a search for your wedding DJ (this is of course dependent upon your location), the best wedding DJs will be on Page 1.  Are you happy that I was able to narrow your time searching for the best wedding DJs? I know you and your fiance are very busy and work full-time.  Working full-time and trying to plan a wedding can be stressful. You both need some pointers on how to find the best wedding vendors, one of which is a wedding DJ who will rock the biggest day of your life.  And yes, your wedding entertainment is the most important decision you'll make about your wedding day. Now that I have your attention, I'll say it again. I really want to be your wedding DJ.  Why are the best wedding DJs on Page 1 of Google? Because these select few wedding professionals are business savvy. Like the investment in their DJ rig, they've also spared no expense in wanting to be the wedding DJ for you and your wonderful fiance.  It can take a considerable amount of resources to finally get on Page 1. I'm not talking about Google "ads" either, I am talking about the first 10 organic search results you see on Page 1. Oftentimes I see lackluster amateurs pop up on the ads above me. When you ask most people, they are turned off when they see "ad", so they scroll down the page and look! There I am, waiting for you to click over and start talking to me. 

Google Is Still The Best Way To Go To Find Your Wedding DJ
Did I mention that I want very much to be your wedding DJ? You guys are the coolest bride and groom! I love having brides and grooms like you find me and begin a dialogue on putting together the best mix of music for you and your guests.   Because cyberspace is so expansive, finding you both can be a chore, but I want to make it easier to find you. This is why I've chosen to be on Page 1 of Google.  I look forward to speaking with you soon. You should see me grinning over here. I am imagining how cute you are as a couple. I bet those engagement photos are the bomb too. ;)

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The Page 1 Thing Costs Money. But You Both Are So Worth It
Because I am willing to go out of my way to be your wedding DJ, the investment to be on Page 1 of Google is very worth it. I have worked with some of the best brides and grooms on the planet, who found me by way of you guessed it, Page 1 of Google.   I cannot remember the last time I was not on Page 1!  After you do your search and land on Page 1 of Google, you'll be met with the typical listing websites. Have no fear! Just scroll down a little bit and you'll see the best wedding DJs for your taking. Please, don't be swayed by the listing websites.  Over the years, the only thing I've ever utilized there has been the collecting of reviews.  But, hey, I've got excellent reviews also, on you guessed it, Google. :) Those wedding listing websites will have you believe that you have to do every ounce of wedding planning on them. What they do not realize is they lack any way of showcasing a businesses image. All you have a chance to do is post a few and videos, but the character of a business is developed and nurtured by way of their website. I love my website. It's my little piece of the internet where I get to showcase my work as a wedding DJ.

Sometimes There Are Fakes On Page 1. But Google Gets Rid Of Them
Occasionally I will see someone popping up on Page 1 never seen before. Most of the time these are rank amateurs, who have done research online about how to trick Google.  What these business owners don't know is Google will eventually bust them and kick them off of Page 1, and potentially blacklist them.   You can be stupid enough to try to trick Google, but you will eventually be caught.  Basically, they are attempting to steal rank and showing off what tends to be a horrible looking website. Most savvy business owners have invested in a professional web developer, and the work it takes to emerge on Page 1 of Google. It's good for me when Google busts these unsavvy business owners because they are away from me. Think of it this way. If a business owner is willing to "steal" rank, don't you think they might also "steal" from you as well? I don't want to be mixed in with those folks and you don't have time to be fooled by them! Sigh. Next, please.

Finding A Wedding DJ On Web Search
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Social Media Tends To Be A Black Hole.
Since social media tends to be a crap shoot, I choose to put all of my resources into being on Page 1 of Google. During the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, I threw together an informative post about Why I'm Not A Wedding DJ Who Embraces Social Media <--Click HERE to read.  Depending on which part of the wedding industry you are in, you might have some mixed results on social media in attracting clients. For me personally, over 97% of my clients have come from random searches on Google. And if you've been paying attention while reading this blog post, you know exactly where I am on Google. Page 1. Brides and grooms should also be aware that like stealing rank on Google, there are unprofessional wedding vendors who attempt to bolster or fabricate their image on social media by posting stock imagery.  I find myself asking this question quite a bit. "How does that company have only 10 reviews when they said did 100 weddings last year?"  Real business owners will always keep up on their reviews, and don't need to brag about things that simply are false. But, hey you probably found me because I am happily on Page 1.

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Let's Talk Soon About ME Being Your Wedding DJ
If it appears as though I am trying to steer you away from all the unnecessary noise and confusion as it pertains to finding any of your wedding vendors, I am. I have been doing this a long time.  In Google years, you could probably call me "old skool".  It's just that so many times I've sat down with couples and can tell that they truly are being bombarded with all sorts of listing websites which seem spammy.  My website is my sanctuary. It's my little piece of the world wide web where I can share my thoughts and opinions about this crazy wedding industry. It's my hope that future clients will find my website, do their research and make their decisions based on a lot of the incredible content I've created over the years. I call things as I see them. I operate my business in a classy, elegant way because that's exactly how I will conduct myself at your wedding. 

Whether it's the luxury wedding planner in Texas or the one in the Pacific Northwest, I've been discovered by so many amazing people. It's because I spent the extra time and energy working on my image.  Image is important to me. I will stop at nothing to give my clients the time of their lives on their wedding day. But, in order for you to find me, I have to keep putting in the investment to stay on Page 1 of Google so that I can meet you and talk to you about your wedding. I'll say it again. I would love to be your wedding DJ.   In a world where everyone is all of a sudden a wedding DJ, you can cut through so much red tape by keeping your eyes solely on Page 1.  The internet is the wild west today and is getting worse by the day. People are convinced they are actual business owners simply by having a social media page. Please don't be swayed by these individuals. Keep your eyes on Page 1. Most all of social media is make believe, but your wedding is "real" and is going to be the single best day of your life.  I am a real, living and breathing wedding DJ who has put in the time to develop an impeccable reputation so that I can find you. If you are interested in setting up a call with me, please click the link up above to be taken over to my contact form. There you will be asked for some basic details and will be on your way to hiring one of the top wedding DJs who truly cares about the success of your wedding. And most importantly, a wedding DJ who has been put forth the financial resources to have you be able to find me through internet search. See you soon! For more information about me, click on some of the links below. I look forward to speaking with you about your upcoming wedding. We are going to have a blast.

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