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Frequently Asked Questions

People Often Ask...

Frequently Asked Questions

People Often Ask...
  • Does Mike Take Breaks?
    It's funny you ask. I was talking to a fellow wedding colleague recently. About 90% of the weddings and events I do go without food. If a meal is offered, I try to eat away from the guests. Working a wedding reception or event professionally is a demanding job. There will be no "breaks" in the music. It is also a policy of Mike Bills Entertainment that in order to remain "professional", a DJ will not consume alcohol during an event.
  • Can We Submit A DO NOT PLAY List?
    Absolutely. This is strongly encouraged. There is nothing worse than going to a wedding reception or event and having a song that makes you blush because your father or even grandfather is there. As years have gone by, some songs just yell "Cheese". You don't want a DJ who is just going to play this cheesy stuff. This is pushed from the beginning when Mike Bills Entertainment initially sits down with you to discuss your wedding reception or event. The Chicken Dance and Macarena are usually placed on this list. If you sit down with a DJ and they do not mention the DO NOT PLAY list, find another DJ. Mike Bills Entertainment is a professional wedding DJ in Charleston who is a strong advocate of the DO NOT PLAY list. The best Charleston, SC area wedding receptions occur when the bride and groom have chosen ALL their songs. Whether that be through their RSVP's or what have you, hand picking all your songs ensures the best time will be had by all.
  • How Do We Set Up A Meeting?
    I was hoping you were going to ask that question. Let's go grab coffee. Let me discuss with you on how I can make the music for your wedding day the best it can possibly be. Click on Contact to submit your contact information and Mike Bills Entertainment will get back to you within 24 hours. Or call me today (843)296-9827. One of my favorite places to meet destination couples coming into Charleston to plan their wedding is the East Bay Meeting House, located in the heart of beautiful Charleston at 160 East Bay St. However, if you are coming into Charleston, let me know where you are staying and we'll pick a place close to where you are. Your professional wedding DJ in Charleston making things convenient for you. Mike Bills Entertainment.
  • What Type Of Equipment Do You Use?

    Professional DJs uses professional equipment. Most brides don't think to ask the DJ about the quality of the equipment. They are more concerned about song selection. Brides and groom need to be concerned about what quality the sound will be at their event. This is very important. Mike Bills Entertainment is a stickler to making sure the best sound is coming out of the speakers. Mike Bills Entertainment easily has gone above and beyond in expense when it comes to professional equip. among the other wedding DJs in Charleston, SC. In order to separate his company from the more average and mediocre, he spared no expense and went all to buy top gear. Mike employs two Pioneer (top of the line) CDJ 2000s. These players connect via network cable into a router where my laptop is. My laptop feeds these players with music. The music on the laptop is ripped in at the highest bit rate possible (WAV), ensuring the best sound quality (CD quality). Mike Bills Entertainment doesn't play anything off Itunes or in MP3 format.

    From a speaker standpoint, Mike employs a pair of QSC KW122 1000W speakers with built-in subs. They are enclosed in a birch wood cabinet for even better sound quality. Mike also employs 2 1000W QSC KW181 subs (also enclosed in a birch wood cabinet). Usually for the average venue, 1 sub is ample to provide ample low end and beats, but for larger venues and ballrooms, 2 subs can be employed.

  • Who Will Be My DJ?
    Mike Bills Entertainment is a professional wedding DJ service based in and around the Charleston, SC area. Mike Bills is the owner, principal DJ, marketing guru etc. Mike Bills Entertainment does not employ an army of DJs. When you sit down with Mike, you are going to get Mike on your wedding day or at your event. Mike Bills Entertainment has considered expansion, but it would be virtually impossible to find a dozen DJs ALL with the same reputation, professionalism and work ethic. The great DJs usually break away from the "services" and form their own companies like Mike Bills has done. There are no "tiers" like you see with other DJ services showing the DJ has performed a certain number of receptions. When you book with Mike Bills Entertainment, you are hiring the reputation of one DJ. If you are planning a destination wedding in Charleston, SC and a premier, professional wedding DJ, look no further.
  • How Often Do You Speak On The Microphone?
    In searching for a professional wedding or event DJ in the Charleston, SC area, you could really narrow your search if you ask the DJ if they have prior or current radio announcing experience. Not only do the radio DJs sound better on the microphone, but they know how to stick to a playlist. When you hire Mike Bills Entertainment, you are hiring a professional, seasoned voice who will make the necessary announcements that you request. This will be mostly the announcement of the bridal party, the dances, the cake cutting, and any other pertinent announcements at your request. You will NEVER get a DJ saying put your hands together, make some noise because Grandma's in the house.
  • What Will Mike Be Wearing?
    At Mike Bills Entertainment, it's best for the DJ to blend into the crowd. Whether that be a tuxedo, a nice suit or fancy shirt tie. No collar-less shirts or t-shirts or tacky clothing will be worn that may stand out. No tuxedo painted on t-shirts! Professional DJs for Charleston weddings dress professionally. No inflatable tuxs. Nothing gaudy or tacky. No leisure suits.
  • Is There A Limit To The Amount Of Music Played?
    The only limit is time. Depending on the length of your wedding or event, you can count on at least 20 songs to be playedin a 1 hour period. So, for a 4 hour reception, there could be upwards of 80 songs. It's your playlist and you control the volume. When you begin to think about the music that is going to be played at your Charleston, SC wedding, think in terms of the following three categories: MUST PLAY: Songs that you absolutely, positively want your DJ to play. PLAY IF POSSIBLE: Songs that are important for your DJ to play. DO NOT PLAY: Songs that you do NOT want your DJ to play
  • What If You Don't Have A Song I'd Like To Hear?
    Mike's catalog of music consists of thousands of songs from many, many genres of music. If Mike Bills doesn't have the song, let Mike know, he will buy it, and you don't pay for it. Also, feel free to bring other CDs to the event if you need a track played that might not able to be purchased. Mike Bills Entertainment is one of Charleston's professional wedding DJs who has you covered in terms of music.
  • How Do You Motivate People To Dance?
    There are good DJs and there are bad DJs. The good DJs will be able to adjust music effectively to get people dancing or to change the mood of the evening. If you are having a cocktail hour, Mike will play mostly soft adult contemporary, jazz, bluegrass or more mellow music, then as people get done eating, maybe shift into a more uptempo jazz or pop songs before heading into the dance music. Don’t worry. There will not be any abrupt shifts or changes in music. When you are planning your Charleston, SC wedding and need a professional DJ, you can think of the musical tempo of your evening as a slowly and gradually progressing slope. The lowest part of the curve, being during your cocktail / dinner hour and the highest part being the climax of the evening toward the end of the night. The best DJs will mix your music in this fashion to make sure the momentum of the evening continues in a positive fashion.
  • Will You Hang Signs Or Banners?
    Mike Bills Entertainment is your DJ service company in and around the Charleston, SC area that thinks hanging signs or banners is incredibly tacky, especially at a wedding where you have spent hundreds and thousands on decor.. This, once again, takes the focus off the bride and groom and puts it on the DJ. You have taken the time to decorate your venue for your special day. The last thing you want is a tacky sign or banner to mess all that hard work up. Professional DJs are NOT going to do this. Absolutely no signs, no banners. Mike will not even pass out business cards at the event. No tip jars. NOTHING tacky. The DJ must blend in. No announcements with the business name will be made either. When you want to hire a truly classy DJ without the risk of hanging signs or banners and embarrassing your guests, please fill out a contact form. Let us talk.