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The Best Wedding DJs Create A Good Flow For Your Reception

You are marrying the person of your dreams and assembling only your closest friends and family at a world class venue in one of the beautiful locations on the planet! There are people coming to see you get married from all over the country. If you do everything right, your wedding day will quickly become one of the most cherished and memorable days of your life.  And now I bet you are asking. "What do you mean by doing it right?". Well, in this post, I'm going to discuss one of the most important ways to ensure your wedding day is going to be the best day possible.  Making sure your wedding day is the best day possible has everything to do with the "flow" of the day.  Let's face it. The end result of months of planning this day is you, your family, and your guests on the dance floor having the time of their lives.  But, we've got a lot to accomplish before we get to that point, and if the flow of the evening is not designed properly, your wedding day may quickly become a day you'll soon want to forget.

| Mike Bills | Charleston Wedding DJ Blog

Guide To Selecting The Best Wedding DJ For 2024 And Beyond

You know if we stand on our tiptoes, we can begin to see the first day of 2024. Perhaps you are in the beginning stages of planning your wedding. If you are like any modern bride or groom, you are going to begin to be bombarded by all types of wedding vendors. In a world where everyone is a wedding planner, a caterer, a florist, a photographer, a wedding DJ, or lighting specialist, there must be a way to weed out all of the low hanging fruit and spam. There has to be a way to sort through all of the inexperienced wedding vendors who are trying to undercut the seasoned wedding vendor veterans. Instead of turning you off by a lot of unnecessary emails, I felt like this would be a good time to introduce myself to you again. Maybe this blog post is your first introduction to me. Welcome to my website and blog. I hope I can help you find the best wedding DJ in 2024 and beyond. You deserve the very best for what will become the most memorable day of your life.

| Mike Bills | Charleston Wedding DJ Blog

Best 90s Music For Weddings: The Top 1993 Songs Playlist

Most all of the content created for this blog over the years has been created by inspiration. Perhaps I've come in contact with a concept or viewpoint pertaining to wedding DJing that I believe needed another angle?  Maybe it was one of my incredible clients who had such a gorgeous event that I just had to write about? You don't have to spend too much time on this blog to realize that music is my life.  My life revolves around music, as it should for most all professional wedding DJs.  Inspiration for this post came from an innocent view of a reel on Instagram. While I'm not incredibly active on social media, I do check out some of the reels and stories and the one I saw to inspire me for this post instantly took me back 30 years to the year 1993.  Ace Of Base, which burst onto the scene in the late summer of 1993 was probably one of the biggest musical groups to emerge from Sweden since ABBA. "All That She Wants" would be released late in the summer of 1993 and become one of their signature songs. Hearing this song "inspired" me to take a deeper look into 1993. When I took a look back at 1993, there was so much going in the world of music. The research I've put into this post was a quick reminder how much was going on in the world of music in the early 90s.  For the millenial who might have been rolling around the floor as a toddler, you might remember some of these songs. 

| Mike Bills | Charleston Wedding DJ Blog

Why I Am Still A Top Wedding DJ Without DJing Full Time

Attention modern brides and grooms. Someone sent me an excerpt of a blog post that had been put together by a DJ company outside my market.  I got to thinking how I've been able to be very successful as a wedding DJ, while having a full-time job. You read that correctly. I am not a full-time wedding DJ. But you know what? It's ok. This post had insinuated that not hiring a full-time wedding DJ could be a mistake.  You don't need to click past my website, which I have spent thousands of dollars on over the years to try to find YOU. In 2023, I don't know anyone who has not diversified their income in some way. Perhaps someone has a side hustle that may include a part-time position as an Uber driver,  a bartender, or a waitress to generate additional income in this world of constant high inflation. Ever since I began my journey in this crazy, oversaturated wedding industry, I've poured my heart and soul into making sure each client of mine is treated the exact same way.  Let me make myself crystal clear. Your wedding day is very important to me.  I never look at anyone's wedding as a "gig", but instead look at it as the most memorable day of your life filled with the music you know and love.

| Mike Bills | Charleston Wedding DJ Blog

Gen Z Should Add These Songs To Their Wedding Playlist

As an experienced and seasoned wedding DJ, it is my duty to ensure that modern brides and grooms and their guests have the time of their lives by putting together the best wedding playlist. I also believe that if you have the means of a great platform (i.e. wedding DJ blog) to provide quality content and even push the envelope, you should not be afraid to do so.  What exactly do I mean by pushing the envelope? Well, I gotta be honest with you, here in the fall of 2023, the new music inventory is about as bad as its been in my entire life. And if you've been paying attention to this blog, you know that I just turned 50. And actually part of the inspiration for this blog was due to my 50 th birthday.  With the lack of new music inventory available today to start mixing in for weddings, I truly believe that this is the ideal time for experienced professional wedding DJs to begin to dig deeper to freshen up the wedding playlists across the country. 

| Mike Bills | Charleston Wedding DJ Blog

Top Wedding DJ Mike Bills Hits A Milestone On The Calendar

After a long, hot. but relaxing summer of 2023, we've flipped the calendar into September and are now ready to begin the fall wedding season.  This means if we stand on our tiptoes, we can see some cooler weather coming down south. September is my birthday mnoth and this year I've hit a milestone. I've hit the Big 5-0. Honestly, I'm not sure how one is supposed to feel when they turn 50. I really don't feel any different at 50 than I did at 40. You've probably heard the old saying. "Age is just a number.". Well, I truly believe it is. Perhaps it's because I am in some of the best physical shape of my life? While I'm ecstatic to be in excellent physical shape, i truly believe that it is "music" that is responsible for feeling youthful. Every single DJ I know whose sole focus is on the music is young at heart. This includes the guy who got me started as a DJ on the radio who stands at 71. I swear though when I spoke to him over the phone last week, I was talking to a 40 year old. I'm going to embrace the new perspective this milestone will bring, because at the end of the day, different ages do bring a new perspective. I'm sure you'll never meet a more cooler 50 year old. But, as I turn 50, I only wish the music scene had as much to be excited about as this healthy 50 year old right here.  I wanted to take this time to reflect where it is we exactly are in the world of new music.

| Mike Bills | Charleston Wedding DJ Blog

What Four Traits Are Mastered By The Best Wedding DJs

You know it can be kind of painful as a seasoned professional wedding DJ looking around online and seeing a lot of amateur wedding DJs try to convey what it is they will provide you and what you should be looking for in terms of your wedding DJ. I'm not sure why I even try to waste my time seeing what other members of the industry are saying. Most of what I read tends to be flat out "entertainment".  Over the years, this blog you are reading has become one of the most travelled wedding DJ blogs on the internet. Recently, I've been up in the Top 2 if you search for Wedding DJ Blogs. I'm are very proud of the content I've been able to pound out for my blog that helps modern brides and grooms find the best wedding DJs for their all important wedding day.   As you search for your all-important wedding DJ, you need to know the traits that the very best wedding DJs have mastered. Perhaps you are on the fence between deciding between a few wedding DJs. Feel free to use this post to narrow your search down. 

| Mike Bills | Charleston Wedding DJ Blog

Should Your Wedding DJ Take Song Requests At Your Reception

Oftentimes when I am creating content for my current and prospective clients,  I think about the basics. The basics of finding the best wedding DJ that fit you as a couple. While I've covered in earlier posts this year about how to find the best wedding DJ in 2023, a lot of my couples come at me with some repeat questions.  One of the first questions that the majority of my couples inquire about is whether or not I am going to be their wedding DJ on the day of their wedding. If you click back a few posts, you'll find out the answer to that question. The second most asked question when I conduct a consultation with my clients is whether or not they should allow song requests during their wedding reception. The answer to this question is gonna depend on a variety of factors, which I will try to cover in this post. Thank you for stopping by my blog, but don't go anywhere because this is going to be good.

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