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Top 10 Wedding Planners For Modern Brides In Charleston SC

02 July 2024

The day you finally get to marry the man or woman or your dreams will become one of the best days of your life. For some couples, the journey to find their soulmate may not have been easy. Your journey may have been met with many curves or forks in the road, but those days are in the past and you just got engaged. Things just got "real" between the both of you. You are going to be spending the rest of your lives with each other.  You are both so giddy right now. You haven't even told your parents, but I bet "he" already spoke with your dad and got his permission to propose to you. :) Such a classy guy, eh? In all seriousness, you are engaged now. Are you still pinching each other right now? Stop it! You both are going to be sore. Instead of pinching each other, why not just go have this amazing makeout session, sort of like you did when you first met.  I know you've got a flood of thoughts going through your mind. Like "I can't wait to see him in that black tux", or "is she gonna be wearing one of those really hot, modern wedding dresses that shows how beautiful her legs are?" Whoa whoa. :) Take a deep breath. Before we get into the minutiae of your wedding day, you really need to ask yourself in a serious way what your expectations are for this most special day. 

In all of my years as a professional wedding DJ, I've seen it all. From small gatherings to the most elaborate ones, weddings comes in all shapes and sizes. And the size of your wedding does not matter.  I truly believe that if you are going to put any thought whatsoever or allocate considerable financial resources into your wedding celebration, you have absolutely no choice but to hire a competent wedding planner.  Why do I say this? I don't say this to score brownie points with wedding planners, but I do hope they smile when they read over this post. :)  Getting married to the love of your life is even more of a feat today than it was 20 years ago. With it being harder to meet people these days, when you do find the right someone, you need to celebrate the right way. What is the right way you ask? Well, it involves not lifting a finger at all. Now that you are an engaged couple, you should begin to look at yourselves like a spoiled royal couple.  If you prefer to keep your engagement simple and not have a large wedding reception with all sorts of details, then you are free to stop reading. However, if what you want is an amazing celebration with your family and closest friends at the most splending wedding venue, with the best tasting food, top-notch wedding DJ and music / entertainment, you are invited to read on and gain some insight on what your next steps should be. You'll also be able to see the Top 10 Wedding Planners In Charleston, SC as well. 

Destination Brides MUST HAVE A Wedding Planner.

In order for the execution of your destination wedding to go as smooth as possible, you must hire a wedding planner. End of story. For as many years as I've been in the wedding industry, Charleston has been one of the top wedding destinations in the country.  Brides and grooms continue to do their Google searches and fall in love with the Holy City when they see all of these weddings at Lowndes Grove or William Aiken House. How can you not fall in love? But if you are in New York City, Chicago, or even Charlotte and have been daydreaming about a Charleston wedding, let it be known that it would be very difficult to plan a wedding when you are not in the city. You can have all the Facetime and Zoom sessions you want with perspective vendors, but you will want a person to do all of this planning for you. YOUR wedding planner puts all the hours in so you don't have to. They can do this stuff with their eyes closed. If you find yourself searching around for wedding venues, odds are that some of the best and most trusted planners in the area are on their preferred wedding vendors list. So, if you live away from the Holy City and were to able to secure your wedding venue remotely, you may be able to save your Googling for placesettings or Spotify :)  For the destination bride who books their wedding planner and becomes fast friends with them, you'll want to secure a weekend where you and your honey come down to Charleston to dream about the big day. It may be a weekend for you to meet face to face your wedding planner, your DJ, maybe do your tasting with your caterer too.  For me personally as a wedding DJ, I love meeting my clients. Something feels weird if we don't meet. In recent years with the pandemic, I feel as though "in-person" meetings may have been put on the backburner, but they should be coming back.  I can see it already. You are going to become fast friends with your wedding planner. You'll soon be so close it'll feel like you've known each other for decades!. The best wedding planners will give off this vibe to their clients. They have everything under control from this point forward. 

Another point to bring up about destination brides definitely needing a wedding planner - If you are like everyone else, you may have a full-time job. You probably don't want to be tying up your lunch hour on wedding planning, or coming home and getting online for more wedding planning. Playing with those pins on Pinterest is one thing and spending hours in the wedding magazine is one thing, but your wedding planner has all the heavy lifting covered after you contract them.  Just take a deep breath. They have it all covered.

Details. Details. Details. Details.

One of the things that has made me very successful as a professional wedding DJ is my attention to detail. No matter what service you fulfill in that wedding industry, you must have attention to detail.  I don't believe I've ever not seen some of the top-rated wedding planners not have in their possession a clipboard o that has in it every single item related to the wedding they are working. In the palm of their hand is the hours and hours of planning that you did not have to do.  As you sit in your loft in NYC or Chicago looking at the pretty pictures of the William Aiken House wedding you can't stop thinking about, please know that the exceptional organizational skills of a wedding planner probably cannot be duplicated by you. :) 

Total Organization And Coordination Of Your Day.

Have you ever had the opportunity to experience a performance of a symphony orchestra? Think of your wedding planner as the conductor.  Your wedding planner is in constant communication with all of the vendors that have been hired to pull off the best day of your life. From the time that you wake up and you are hopefully sipping mimosas with your bridesmaids or sipping on bourbon with your groomsmen, your wedding planner has everything covered so you can continue to act leisurely on your wedding morning and live every moment of your wedding day.  I've come in contact with some of the most detail-oriented brides who did not want to reduce the fun that they could be having on their day. These same brides tried to DIY things and orchestrate their own timeline and gave up. Why did they give up? I mean, they are detail-oriented, some are attorneys, and some have other professions that require attention to detail.  Simply put, your wedding day is only going to happen once in your lifetime. Even the most detail-oriented people need to take a break for just one day. There is no better day to take this break than your wedding day. Hire a wedding planner. When you hire the right wedding planner, the money you pay them will become some of the best money spent, right up there with your wedding DJ / entertainment. 

Without A Wedding Planner, You'll Find Yourself Losing Sleep.

Some of those brides I mentioned up above who were attorneys also had other responsibilities, in addition to planning their wedding.  Uh, let's see. They have a career. They have to make money so they can afford to finance their wedding. That, in itself is a ton of responsibility.  Think about this. If you take on the task of planning your own wedding from a distance, it will occupy space in your mind until the day arrives. So, if you are planning your wedding a year out, your amateur wedding planning skills will be taking up space in your mind for a long time. When you lie down to try to get some sleep after a long day, you may find yourself begin to toss and turn as you think about some of the unknown details.  Remember what it was like when you were in college and had a super tough semester and began to pull all-nighters? Your college days will be back should you decide to take on the wedding planning on your own. And you know what, by the time your wedding day, you may have developed bags under your beautiful eyes due to all of the lack of sleep.

Top 10 Wedding Planners

You know I could go on and on about why you need a wedding planner, and I might just add more to this later. For me personally, I made a decision in recent years to try to not be contracted for any weddings if I do not have wedding planner. At first, this felt like a bit of a threat to the success of my company, but I looked at more as a step in a different direction.  Being someone who is detail-oriented and very particular about how he works with wedding clients, I learned after all of these years that I preferred working at weddings who have the structure of a firm timeline designed by a top-notch and experienced wedding planner.  You can gain more perspective as to my decision to only be contracted for weddings with a wedding planners if you CLICK HERE.

NOTE: The wedding planners you see listed here did not ask me to mention them on this post. None of these wedding planners know that I am publishing this post. Being employed in the Charleston wedding market as long as I have, you get to work with a lot of wedding planners. You also get to admire wedding planners you may like to work with some day. Over the course of my working in the Charleston market, I've also advertised in the Charleston Wedding Magazine, which was the perfect medium to get my name into the wedding industry years ago.  

MOD Events Charleston

Cruz Coordination

Charleston Wedding Planner | Mike Winship

Peper Events

Intrigue Design & Events

Elevents & Co.

Haley Kelly Events

Pure Luxe Bride

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Fox Events

You are probably saying to yourself as you read this. "Are there really only 10 wedding planners in Charleston? No, there are far more and too many to mention. Due to time constraints, these are the wedding planners that came to mind as I was putting this post together. Feel free to exhaust your web searches to find someone who is the best fit for you and the vision for your big day. If you are a wedding planner and come across this post and feel slighted because you don't see your service here, please don't and please reach out to me and let's set up a time to talk about working together. We can go grab some sushi at OKu! In today's wedding industry where market saturation is the norm, putting a post like this together is the least I can do to show love to folks I know and folks I may not know "yet" in the wedding industry. I've also found myself calling out with praise to some of the top-notch wedding vendors I've worked with in the past on social media as well. Other great resources to find great wedding planners are:

The Charleston Weddings Magazine

The Charleston Wedding Guide

Looking To Begin Planning The Music For Your Wedding?

Thank you for making it all the way to the end of this post. Hopefully I drove home the point well enough for you to hire an awesome wedding planner. You won't regret it. I can promise you. :) If you are ready to start music for your wedding day, I am all ears and ready to speak with you. All you need to do is click the link up above to be taken to my contact form to fill out a few details and we'll set up a time to talk. Thanks for visiting my website and good luck in your wedding planning!