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Why You Should Find Your Wedding DJ And Vendors Organically

07 January 2024

For my first post and wedding DJ podcast of the year, I felt like it was a great time to speak directly to those modern brides and grooms who recently got engaged over the holidays.  Congratulations!  I would like to try to take this time to comfort you.  If you are like many couples, you might be quickly approaching panic mode because you've never had to search for a wedding DJ or all of your other wedding vendors for that matter.  I'm here to tell that it's not as difficult as you might think. Clients who have found me "organically" and not in a contrived manner have made for the most memorable experiences for me as a wedding DJ over the years.  You might be asking what it means to find your wedding DJ / vendors "organically".  I am going to blow your mind. Finding your wedding DJ and other vendors is just as easy as doing a Google search.   The fact you reading this right now is nothing short of amazing.  It's not that I don't think you know how to read, it's just that the internet may have reached overload status when it comes to wedding websites.  Since you have found me, I don't want to let you go. You are precious to me already. :)

In 2024, it's even more difficult for professional, seasoned wedding vendors to find modern brides and grooms.  Believe me, if you are interested in hiring me to be your wedding DJ and submit a contact form, that's the equivalent of a sugar rush. Since I've had this iteration of my website designed and published in 2016, I've made every effort to lead the way in creating content for my future clients. The truth of the matter is the average online business cannot be everywhere without spending an exorbitent amount of money. At this time, the typical business owner is left with Google, social media, and word of mouth to generate interest in their business. Back in September 2020, I put together a post explaining Why I'm Not A Wedding DJ Who Is Into Social Media <---CLICK HEREFor as long as my website has been online, I've managed to generate most all of my business through Google. I am here to tell you the best way to find your wedding vendors is through Google search.

Organically Finding Your Wedding DJ / Vendors Starts With A Phrase

Thank you for being here. I want to find more beautiful couples like you who are interested in having an amazing musical experience on their wedding day. Perhaps you were recently at a friend or co-worker's wedding recently and are interested in trying to find a wedding DJ whose style matched the DJ you just saw. I am here to tell you that this is entirely possible.  You really liked the wedding DJ you saw. You liked the music they played, and you liked the way they presented themselves as an emcee. While some wedding DJs are open for travel, this DJ did not have that option.  You really got your hopes about this wedding DJ, and now those hopes are dashed. Or are they? Most of my clients have done their research or have seen a wedding DJ that has inspired to do their research on wedding DJs.  Truth be told, you are a Google search away from finding the best wedding DJ for your big day.

So here is your first assignment in finding the best wedding DJ for your big day, as well as your other wedding vendors. Go to Do it now. :) I promise I will wait for you. 
Type in "Wedding DJs _________ <----Geographical area of choice.
             "Wedding Caterers______ <---Geographical area of choice.
             "Wedding Planners_______<---Geographical area of choice.
             "Wedding Photographers_______<----Geographical area of choice.

Do you get my drift? Pretty simple, eh? Well, the wedding vendors you see on Page 1 deserve your undivided attention. If they are like me, they have invested in a skilled digital consultant to make sure their website provides the most ideal experience for their clients. They are also there to make sure their website is optimized for all of the search keywords.  Those optimizations have taken months, if not years to make happen so when we meet by way of Google search, it's meant to be and actually kind of beautiful. :)

Page 1 Vendors Are Seriously Wanting To Show Off Their Brand

Since I've put together my brand over the past several years, it's become even more important to me to share that brand with prospective brides and grooms. I mean, I've developed a bit of a following based on my music knowledge and experience. When you combine that with my thought leadership on being a wedding DJ, you can begin to see why I would make the investment in making sure my website shows up "organically". After all, let's think back about how you got the idea to look for a wedding DJ like me. You probably formulated some descriptive words that you could use to search for a wedding DJ like me. In case you have not figured it out, my brand was carefully designed by my web developer as a professional wedding DJ whose website is as classy and elegant as his style. Over the years, all of the brides and grooms who have hired me have totally eaten this up. You know what really is an amazing feeling? When you organically find your wedding vendors, then you meet them and realize all that you read and made you fell in love with them was true. Yes, that happens all the time and it's a beautiful feeling. It's such a wonderful feeling that as a wedding DJ, I've met these couples, performed at their wedding, and still think about how special their day was 8-10 years after the fact. 

Use Google To Find Wedding Vendors Organically

The Wedding Listing Sites Have Become A Dumpster Fire 

There are other options for finding your wedding DJs and other vendors. They are not really an organic way to find the best wedding DJs though. These are wedding listing websites. I won't name any names of these sites on my blog, but you can figure out who they are when you do your web searches. These large websites will have you believe that they are designed to help the modern bride and groom plan their wedding. In recent years, I've heard numerous complaints from clients that they have gotten lost while using these types of websites. One of the biggest draws that brides and grooms have to these websites are to look at a wedding DJ / vendors reviews. You can also find reviews for each one of your vendors on Google with those reviews as well. One of the biggest beefs I have with these websites is all of the profiles look the same. Unlike a wedding vendors website where they can customize, all of the profiles on these wedding listing websites look the same and are pretty boring.  You do not get to see the vendor's true brand, image, and personality on these wedding listing websites. Uploading a logo to a wedding listing website does not take the place of this. Think of a wedding listing website as Big Tech meets the wedding industry. :)

Now You Know What It Means To Organically Find Your Vendors

Simply put, finding your wedding DJ or other wedding vendors  "organically" means you found them most likely based on a Google search. But that Google search was influenced by an experience you probably had at a wedding. That positive experience that you had at that wedding set forth a vision of how you would like your wedding DJ and vendors to be for your most special day. You either saw a wedding DJ you fell in love with, or might have eaten some courses prepared by one of the best caterers you had ever come in contact with. An organic discovery of your wedding vendors does not necessarily mean you chose your vendors from a preferred vendors list either.  While I have a preferred vendors list on my website, my clients are not bound to those clients. They are just "suggestions" because I've had experience workingt with them in the past. I will work with anyone. Maybe I will change that from "preferred" vendors to "suggested" vendors.

I think the biggest thing that you can take away from this post is you need to follow "your" heart, not anyone else's. YOU are the only who knows how you'd like your wedding to be. You've been thinking about it for years. You are going to be investing a lot in making sure that you and your guests have the time of their lives. If what you desire for your wedding DJ is a seasoned professional with a insatiable passion and appetite for helping modern brides and grooms create the best mix of music for their wedding day, I am YOUR guy. Don't let ANYONE force you into a decision. If you did a Google search and found someone who you have fallen in love with, you need to stand your ground and not let anyone force anyone on you.  If you are forced in any way to only work with a set of vendors, you've got to think there is some type of motive behind that.  

There are very passionate wedding vendors out there who have worked very hard to build a brand and want to meet you. Even if you should discover that I am not your guy, it's my hope you'll find something helpful on my website to get you to the right wedding DJ and set of vendors for your upcoming big day. Thank you so very much for making it to the end of this post. It means the world to me that you even found me. I have worked very hard to build my brand and we can talk soon about your wedding. If you are interested in setting up a time to speak with me, all you need to do is click on this link and fill out a contact form. There you'll be asked for a few basic details about your day.

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