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How Mike Bills Entertainment Is Different From Other Charleston Wedding DJs

08 June 2019

You should meet and be comfortable with your Charleston wedding DJ / entertainment before you sign a contract. While 90% of my clientele tends to live outside Charleston (because the Holy City has become a top wedding destination), I am always just a phone call or Skype / Facetime away to do a quick meet and greet and answer any questions you have about me.  There are some DJs out there who I hear that don't make an effort to meet beforehand and that just does not feel right to me.

Not A Booking Agency
There are some Charleston Wedding DJ companies and services you'll call up and actually speak to some type of salesperson or "agent". They might give you a little feedback about their company, but more often than not, they'll dive right into their sales script.  This person will attempt choose a DJ for you, but there are times when you get off the phone not knowing who your DJ will be.  They need the sale, so they'll take a deposit and send a generic email to you saying that "a DJ" will be contacting you as your event gets closer. Where is the "personal approach" in this?  In an age where everything is becoming automated, hiring the DJ for one of the most special day of your life should NOT be one of them.

ONE DJ For A More Personal Approach
You can't find the right DJ for your Charleston wedding if you take the approach I mentioned above with the salesperson.   Its that type of approach that leads brides and grooms to think that DJs only play music. This is NOT true. When you choose to hire my company as for your wedidng DJ needs, you are going to be working with ME.  We'll be able to meet as many times as you would like either by phone or Skype / Facetime. You'll have MY ear from the time you hit my website until you walk the aisle to ask as many questions as you would like. I won't answer the phone and pass your big day off to another DJ, unless of course I am already booked on your day.  You can read more about the benefits of Working With One DJ by clicking the link.

One DJ For A more Personal Approach

Not An All-In-One Wedding DJ
Be cautious of the wedding DJ who claims that they are also an uplighting expert, photographer, videographer, and photobooth expert. Did you know that I happen to be affiliated with "individual" vendors who specialize in each one of those wedding industries?  I decided long ago that I wanted to wear "one" hat for my client's wedding.  Professional wedding DJs are under extraordinary amounts of pressure. I could not even imagine how much pressure I would be under if I had to "also" supply lighting and....... a photobooth at someone's wedding.  Simply put, I do not believe ALL of these positions can be performed properly at your wedding.   Could I sell more services to make more money per wedding? Sure, but that would be doing you a tremendous disservice.  I know of many lighting companies in the Charleston, SC area for you to call, but for the last several years, I've referred my clients over to Charleston Uplighting.  Back in early 2018, I joined forces with Melissa Ingersoll of Lowcountry Photobooth. Photobooths are all that she does for weddings and corporate events all around Charleston.  Check out her website right here  Yes, I get it. You are a destination bride and want it easy by paying ONE person for everything.  The excuse for not writing more than one check is no longer able to be used as we have quickly moved into a cashless society with the millenial and younger crowd.  Remember this. Separate transactions to reputable, highly reviewed wedding vendors providing ONE service will benefit you. So, do yourself a big favor. Hire a DJ who does not claim to do it all.  Ask yourself this question. "Can they really do those 5 things perfectly?" I bet I know the answer.

Huffington Post Article:
Avoid Wedding Vendors Who Say They Do Everything

Not An All In One Wedding DJ

Steady Communication Throughout The Planning Process
I like to think I stand out from my competitors because of my communication skills. We don't need to talk every single day or week after you book your wedding, but I like to keep in contact every so often to see how the music planning process is progressing.   In today's increasingly mobile world, I found it VERY important to have a system in place that dovetailed off my website to allow brides and grooms to log and start planning all the musical parts of their wedding day.  Part of my service to my clients is an online portal that they can access from anywhere in the world with internet access on their desktop / tablet / laptop to create their wedding playlist.  While you are selecting all your favorite songs, you can also sample each song too, and let me know which songs you really want to hear, as well as the songs you don't want to hear.  This online music planning system has been a huge hit for years and will continue to be so as we continue to progress into an age where everything is being done on our phones and tablets. When we get closer to your wedding, we can set up a time to go over the fine details of the day just to make sure all the I's are dotted and T's are crossed.

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CONCLUSION: Go With Your Gut When Hiring Your Wedding DJ
With the solid reputation that I have built over the last several years, I hope you'll give me a chance to at least speak with you about your upcoming wedding.  You need a top wedding DJ to provide the entertainment for your most important day. Especially if you are planning your wedding from a distance, you need someone who is going to be focused on the task at hand; that being putting together the best mix of music to get you and all your guests out on the dance floor and have the time of your lives.  If I could think of at least three things that matter for your Charleston wedding, they would be. (1). The Venue | (2). Your Food | (3). Your Entertainment.  Your gut is generally never wrong, so be sure to read a DJ's reviews and check out their website before making your decision, and try to meet your DJ too.  You are only expecting to get married once, so be sure to do it right the first time and hire all top notch wedding vendors, and a DJ who specializes in one thing; playing the best mix of music without all the extra fluff. Remember, your wedding DJ should NOT be all things to all people and make all these promises about providing you EVERYTHING under the sun.   

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Interested In Having Mike Be Your Charleston Wedding DJ?
Thank you so very much for making it to the end of this blog post. Due to the spring wedding season, I have not been as active on here as I usually am, but I will be in the coming weeks as I play catch up posts. We're also getting ready for the summer engagement season too. If you'd like to set up a time to have a quick call to get acquainted, please click this link. I look forward to speaking with you about your upcoming wedding in Charleston.