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Top 6 Reasons Why Couples Should Directly Book Their Charleston Wedding DJ

14 October 2018

As I began to formulate the content for this post, I thought of it as sort of a sequel to a post that I wrote back in the summer of 2017. The link to that post is on the home page of my website, but you can access it right here.  You deserve to have a truly unforgettable time while you are having your wedding in Charleston. Don't put your wedding entertainment in the hands of an amateur.  You deserve a truly memorable night, so please read on :)  You gotta promise me that the music for your wedding will be at the top of your list in importance.  

I Will Be Your Charleston Wedding DJ
Let's chat for a moment. You just got engaged. At that very moment, how did you picture what would become the biggest day of your life? How did you want your guests to remember this very important day? I spoke of it in one of my posts last week, but when you work with me and my company, I will sit down with you and begin to layout what will become the perfect Charleston wedding reception where no one will want to go home.  I will never "sub-contract" or "outsource" your wedding day to any other  Charleston Wedding DJ.  This is an all-time common occurrance with larger companies who have double or tripled your wedding day. YOUR wedding day is NEVER the first time to meet your wedding DJ.  Couples book me for their wedding for my friendly demeanor and professionalism, and because I like to go grab coffee with them and talk music. We will bond and become fast friends. You can rest easy knowing that I will be the DJ at your Charleston wedding. 

I Won't Charge Any Booking Or Agency Fees
I am not a booking agency, so when we do business, you'll be getting a direct price and no extra fees. You can breathe a sigh of relief that you will not be spending any extra (unnecessary) money in your tight wedding budget on your wedding DJ. You'll get the best cost and as I mentioned up above, you'll get ME, which is very important, because the last thing you want on your wedding day are any surprises. 

I Will Be Professional And Provide Superior Customer Service
Unlike some DJs who are just looking at you as another "booking" or "gig" for their next calendar year, and then forget about you til a few weeks out from your date, only to rush and "throw" together your music.  It's my philosophy to work with couples every step of the way to ensure the music for their wedding is perfect and that your dance floor will be full, with ALL of your guests not wanting the fun to end. I will never be more than an email, text, or phone call away from you. 
I Said Yes Reasons To Hire Your DJ Direct
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You Will Get A Great Balance Of A Classy, But Fun DJ
My DJ style has always been about mixing fun and elegance into your wedding reception by portraying a high degree of professionalism on the microphone, and your music perfectly blended together creating that unforgettable night for you and your guests.  That being said you can always count on a professionally dressed DJ with nicely mixed music and smooth transitions for all the important parts of your big day. 

My Days Fill Up Fast Because I Only Do ONE Wedding Per Day
If you are getting to the end of this blog post and are really intrigued with my process and are beginning to ask yourself the question; "When Should I Book My Wedding DJ?", then we need to be getting together sooner, rather than later. The best wedding vendors are going to fill the fastest, and once they are booked, they are booked. If you are one of those couples where music is of utmost importance, then you might allow 16-18 months to book your wedding DJ. As soon as I say that though, I actually just got an inquiry for 21 months out. Charleston is the Number 2 Wedding Destination in the country, so dates are going to fill fast.
Save The Date Engagement Wedding Charleston

Like What You Are Reading? You Should Fill Out A Contact Form Right Now On My Website
You've probably got that burning question in your mind right now. "Why Should I Book You?". Well, before you make one of the biggest decisions for your wedding day, you should read over my blog and my FAQs, and I want to set up a time to either meet you face to face, or we can schedule a call or a Skype / Facetime.  I think it's important for ANY couple to meet and discuss their wedding ceremony & reception with ANY DJ they are looking to hire.  Your Charleston Wedding is going to be one that is full of an incredible playlist of handpicked songs that are all about YOU.  And one more thing!  I just upgraded my client management system to service my clients even better. If you should fill out a form, you'll receive an immediate response and can get the process going right away and can save your date and sign a contract quickly.  This is a much different experience than the larger companies who mean well, but have too many hands on your wedding, including tossing your wedding date around among numerous DJs.

One More Thing. If You Should Book ME As Your Wedding DJ In Charleston, We'll Work Great Together
It's my promise to you. Through the months and weeks leading up to your big day down here in one of the romantic cities in the country, we can meet as much as you like, talk as much as you like, and plan the music as much as you like. There is no such thing as a detail that is too small.  Everything on your wedding day here in Charleston should be perfect and I WILL go to great lengths to make sure the soundtrack to your wedding day is PERFECT. Let's talk soon!