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8 Quick Questions To Ask When Trying To Find The Best Charleston Wedding DJ

25 November 2018

There is a monumental difference in a DJ who "just" plays music, and a DJ who provides the couples an exceptional musical experience. It's always been my firm belief that the musical experience you get when you hire me to DJ your wedding begins immediately when you sign your contract. It begins when we get together and open up a dialogue and I ask questions about your musical tastes. If every single wedding were the same, then everyone would feel that they could be a DJ and we'd see cookie cutter playlists.  Each and every couple who has ever hired me has had very different musical tastes, which in the end resulted in different vibes for all these weddings. I'll say this once and I'll probably say it again through out this post. Do not let price "alone" dictate who you hire to be your Charleston Wedding DJ.

Couples who are very much into their music can make a DJs job much easier, because they can give the DJ some songs or genres and the DJ can connect the dots and be able to mix songs in accordingly. But' let's not get too far off track and get back to the idea that you might have just gotten engaged over the Thanksgiving weekend or are currently engaged and just recently went to a friend's wedding and saw a bad DJ. If you are ready to set your wedding date here in Charleston, make sure you book your DJ next,  as the best wedding DJs will book early and often. But, as you begin to look around the internet for some of the best Charleston wedding DJs, consider these questions:

Is It Ok If We Meet You Before Our Wedding?
If you are attempting to talk to a wedding DJ who is one of the best, and higher end, the answer to this question will always be YES. As long as I have been in the business, I have made it a point to meet all my couples before their wedding. Meeting your DJ before your wedding builds trust and makes couples feel more comfortable about the decision that they have made.  Since a lot of my couples tend to be destination weddings, we might can do a Skype, and then when you get into town and get settled, we can meet briefly to go over any last minute details. Either way, the best wedding DJs will always be responsive to your emails, phone calls, etc, especially after you book them.

What Is Your Policy On Song Requests?
How your wedding DJ handles song requests is an integral part of the music planning process. When you hire me to DJ your Charleston wedding, requests (and how they are handled) are left completely up to the couple. There tends to be two types of clients when it comes to requests. 
1. The ultra music lovers who don't want requests and want all the music to be completely about them.
2. The couple who gives the DJ some leeway by providing just a short list of songs and genres they would like to hear, as well as a Do Not Play List. 
If the couple gives the all-clear, the DJ can accept requests as long as they are not on their Do Not Play List. Experienced wedding DJs will weed through some of the off the wall requests from guests and still be able to keep the party going.
Your Wedding Your Charleston Playlist

Do You Carry Backup Equipment With You To Your Weddings?
The answer to this question should be a resounding "Yes" by the best wedding DJs. When I mentioned up above NOT to let your decision be based solely on price,  backup equipment is an important factor that would separate the true professional wedding DJs from the amateurs. Backup equipment is going to increase the cost of doing business, therefore increasing the price that a client is charged. When you add in liability and equipment insurance, it's easy to separate the best wedding DJs from the not so great wedding DJs. I don't want to sound to like a broken record, but don't ever let the lowest price allow you to be swayed when it comes to the decision as to who your DJ will be. 
Insurance And Backup Equipment

When Will You Arrive At My Wedding Venue To Set Up?
This is an excellent question. The best wedding DJs are going to arrive (at least) 60-90 minutes prior to the beginning of your wedding ceremony and / or reception. Each wedding is different and some might be easier to set up than others. For instance, the wedding ceremony that is held by the huge oak tree at Middleton Place where there is no power and where a generator is needed is going to require extra time. For me personally, if I am doing both the ceremony and wedding reception, I like to give myself 2 solid hours for set up and sound check. I think you'll find the best DJs here in Charleston will also do the same.

Carriage House At Magnolia Plantation
The Carriage House At Magnolia Plantation

Have You Ever Played At Our Wedding Venue Before?
The best wedding DJs will set up a time to conduct a site survey to any wedding venue they are going to be playing at, especially if they have not been there. The DJs that are providing the exceptional wedding DJ experience that I speak about will drive whatever distance is necessary to make them feel the most comfortable. Check out this post about this recent wedding in Murrell's Inlet where I took the initiative to take nearly a 200 mile roundtrip to check out a site before the client's wedding.  The most experienced wedding DJs will be very prepared. There are NO do-overs for your big day. Sometimes I go back to venues I've been to before, especially if I am going to be set up at a different location.
Megan And John Wedding Pepper Plantation
Megan & John at The Pavillion At Pepper Plantation

How Do You Get The Crowd Dancing?
While each and every wedding DJ might have a bag of tricks where they can pull from when folks might not be dancing, the answer to this question will come when you DJ consults with you about music.  The most professional wedding DJs will ask you questions about you and your guests and be able to gauge which music is going to be the most appropriate for the crowd. Your DJ should be mixing the music accordingly so that all guests at your wedding (both young and old) get out on the dance floor.
Getting Guests Dancing On The Dance Floor

Can You Give Us Some Ideas For Our First Dance Song?
This is the perfect question for when we get together and talk music, because the first dance song is one of the absolute most special moments of your overall wedding day. I can steer you in the direction of some commonly used songs, but this is something you and your fiance should discuss and not be too hasty about. Check out this recent post about Popular Indie First Dance Songs.
First Dance Song Charlsey And Zack

Why Should WE Hire You As Our Wedding DJ?
This question would certainly put any business owner on the spot, but the most professional wedding DJs will have all the important bases covered to make your decision easier as to who you will end up hiring.  Here's a link to a post that is actually on the home page of my website to answer this question: Why You Should Hire Mike To DJ Your Wedding In addition to reading over that post, here are a few more questions to consider:
1. How does the DJs website look? Does it look professional and up to date with recent blog content? Does their website look like they are to be taken seriously?
2. How do the DJs reviews look like online?
3. Maybe the DJ has spared no expense on their sound system and gets at least one compliment on it at their weddings and events?
Mike Bills Wedding DJ July 2017

Go with your gut instinct and who you truly feel comfortable with. If you hire the right wedding DJ, you'll be thinking about your big day for years. If you hire the wrong wedding DJ, you'll think about your wedding day in a moment of reflection and your smile will turn into a frown. If the DJ you would like to hire is a little out of your budget, pull some resources from another portion of your budget to get the best wedding DJ for you. Trust me, it'll be so worth it.

Wanna Speak With Mike About Being The DJ At Your Charleston Wedding?
Did you know that over 40% of all engagements happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day? Did you also know that Charleston has been named a Top City by Travel & Leisure Magazine for the 6th straight year? Your decision to get married in Charleston means you'll be getting married in one of the most romantic cities in the world. You'll be putting a lot of time and resources into your wedding and want the best wedding vendors possible who you feel 100% comfortable with. You don't want to look back on your wedding day with any regrets. Your wedding entertainment is one of the most important decisions you'll make. If you are planning an engagement this holiday season, I hope you find this post helpful in how you think when it comes to hiring your Charleston Wedding DJ.  Let booking your wedding DJ be one of the first things you check off of your list when beginning to plan your Charleston wedding. I promise you that you will not regret it. And remember, don't let a cheap price sway you in the direction of what could very well be a "not-so" professional wedding DJ. Click HERE if you'd like to set up a time to talk to me. I'm very interested in learning about your musical vision your wedding. It's actually one of the highlights I enjoy so much in the wedding music planning process with my clients.