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Third Straight Year: Couples Choice Award For Top Wedding DJ

11 January 2016

The Weddingwire Couple's Choice Award recognizes the Top 5% of local wedding professionals who have made the effort to put together a world-class profile on the Weddingwire network.  These 5% of wedding vendors have demonstrated excellence in quality, service, responsiveness, and true professionalism. Each and every year, modern brides and grooms submit millions of reviews to all the hard-working wedding industry professionals who make the extra effort to follow up with their clients to obtain reviews.  Remember, if you are on the fence when it comes to hiring a wedding professional, excellent reviews should play a VITAL role in the selection process.

For the third year in a row, Mike Bills Entertainment has been awarded the Couple's Choice Award from Weddingwire.  This makes the third consecutive year of being one of the top wedding DJs in my market. 
Couples Choice Award Third Year Celebration

While I am truly humbled that I've had the honor of this award being bestowed upon me, the celebration will be short-lived. You know it never gets old to review a 5 star review from a bride or groom.  Receiving a review of that magnitude is the culmination of all the hard work that went into providing my clients that world-class service that I promised to them when we initially sat down and spoke about their big day.  Simply put, a wedding industry vendor is only as good as their last wedding.  In a highly competitive wedding market, you've got to constantly be thinking of ways to make yourself stand out. With so many people jumping into the wedding industry on a daily basis, only the most serious ones will be around in 3-5 years. Why is this?

The Best Wedding Vendors Invest In Their Web Presence 
It's because the serious wedding vendors have done the leg work. They've spent ALOT of money on their web presence. This doesn't just mean that they got a postcard in the mail from Google to do an Adwords campaign to put themselves over the seasoned professionals on Page 1 of Google.  What they don't know is a lot of modern brides and grooms don't really like ads. They like to organically find their wedding vendors by searching for them on the various search engines.  And in order to be found, they employ a consultant so that they can adequately stay up to date on algorithm changes.  At the end of the day, I cannot effectively find the brides and grooms that truly want to work with me if my website is working properly. This investment does not end when a website is launched; it's a continuous investment because algorithms are changing thousands of times each and every year. 

The Best Wedding Vendors Strive For 6 Stars Or EVEN 10 Stars
I love getting a 5 star review from one of my clients.  Trust me, you would love it too. It's like going to New York City and seeing your name on a billboard on Broadway with the spotlight on it. After a while, receiving these types of reviews can become an obsession for a lot of wedding vendors. Honestly though the obsession for me is sitting back and basking in the afterglow of receiving a review and trying to figure out a way to "best" that review. How could I possibly get 6 stars, or even 10 stars?  When I ask my clients what it was they saw in my business to click over and want to learn more, they tell me it was the fact that I worked alone and that I was a wedding DJ that performed at ONE WEDDING PER DAY. <---Click here to learn more. 
Couple Choice Award Modern Bride And Groom
Photo Credit: Mike Bills Entertainment

Did You Love My Reviews? Wanna Hire ME As Your Wedding DJ?
Thank you for finding me! One more thing I would like to add about the Couple's Choice Award and my reviews. When you click back over to my Weddingwire profile and look at my reviews, all of the reviews you see are weddings that I personally performed. Yeah, you heard right. Since I am not a big company and can provide every single one of my clients with absolute laser focus, all of the reviews you see are based on my performance. And one of the biggest reasons I have never expanded or ever plan to expand is in the future because I don't believe the way I work with my clients is able to be duplicated in an efficient manner.   If you were doing a Google search for highly rated wedding DJs and came across this page, I invite you to click over to my main website and learn more about me.  Hiring your wedding DJ / entertainment for your big day is not something that you should ever take lightly, because it's the entertainment that you and your guests are going to remember the most.  Choose your wedding DJ wisely. Don't let it be one of the last things you contract for your wedding day, but instead make it one of the first things you hire for your most psecial day. If you are interested in setting up a time to talk about your wedding, please click the link up above and you'll be taken over to a contact form so you can give me a few details about your big day. I look forward to hearing from you!