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The Truth About The Best Charleston Wedding DJs: Most Are Owner Operated

07 October 2018

With an increase in traffic to the site expected over the next several months, I thought it would be an excellent time right now to do another post explaining some of the benefits of hiring an "owner-operated" Charleston wedding DJ and how that some of the best DJs in this wedding market are operating their companies in this fashion.  Truth be told, there are some amazing DJs here in Charleston. In an increasingly crowded Charleston wedding entertainment market, the cream will ALWAYS rise to the top through an above average level of customer service, reviews, and utmost professionalism. If you are recently engaged and have begun the search for your perfect wedding DJ, this post is for you and offers my angle being an owner-operated DJ service.

The Most Incredible Party Of A Couple's Lifetime Does Not Happen By Accident
Becoming one of the best wedding DJs in Charleston did not happen overnight. It's taken a tremendous amount of focus on my clients and dedication, as well as a continuous tweaking of my "brand" to get me where I am today. Over the past several years, I have defined and redefined my image. While the foundation of my image and personality as a professional wedding DJ in Charleston is one of class, vast musical knowledge, and NO cheese or jokes and has actually been that way since Day 1, the tweaks have come to my image statement, which have been added along the way.  One of the biggest assurances I can give all my clients is that their "wedding day is NEVER just a gig" to me. Instead of calling it a "gig", I prefer to call it what it really is, that being "your wedding day" and "one of the biggest days of your life" filled with all the songs you know and love. 
Incredible Party Of A Lifetime Charleston Wedding

The Best Wedding DJs Provide Stellar Customer Service And The Music Actually Comes Second
Someone asked me the other day. "What makes you a great wedding DJ?"  My answer was fairly long-winded. But I'll start out and attempt to answer this question for my prospective clients by saying planning and preparation are probably more important than the music that will eventually come out of the speakers for your guests. Truth be told, I love what I do. Every single Charleston wedding is different. If you are in the middle of planning your wedding either right here in Charleston or from a distance, you know exactly how stressful and how much of a pressure cooker it can be. I take what I do VERY seriously. I care very much about my couple's big day. It is a huge responsibility to be a professional wedding DJ and the ones that do it the best have a keen attention to detail and stellar customer service,  I know what you are saying now. "DJs just play music."  DJs do so much more than "just" play music its not even funny. The DJ you decide to hire for your Charleston wedding is basically in charge of entertaining YOUR guests and the flow of the day.  The DJ you decide to hire is responsible for the seamless transitions of your elegant wedding ceremony into your wedding cocktail hour and reception and into the incredible dance party that will ensue after all the business of the evening has occurred. So, while music is certainly an integral part of the day, it's NOT everything.
Owner Operated Laser Focus On Bride And Groom
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Being An Owner-Operated DJ Service Means Laser Focus On The Bride And Groom
No matter how many weddings a DJ has under his or her belt, the butterflies and nerves are always present before each wedding. The pressure is on to execute the best flow for your wedding day and entertain your guests. Being an "owner-operated DJ" comes with it many benefits, and they all benefit the bride and groom. Booking ME as your wedding DJ means undivided attention from ME throughout the planning process from the time you sign a contract til the last guest ends puts out their sparkler. Another very important aspect of this "laser focus" is the fact that there will not be any surprise as to who your wedding DJ will be. Your wedding date won't be tossed around amongst any large staff only to totally throw you for a loop on your wedding day when you see a completely different DJ you initially met with when the whole planning process began. If the DJ you decide to meet with is the one you decide to sign a contract with and you are comfortable with them, then it should be a part of your contractual agreement that "they" will be your DJ when your wedding day arrives.

Laser Focus On Bride And Groom
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No Double / Triple / Quadruple Booking Of Your Wedding Day
Back in 1996, Michael Keaton starred in a movie called "Multiplicity". Check out the trailer here. The basic premise of the movie is Keaton wanted to be more productive in his life so he could spend more time with his family, as well as his career. So, he was cloned. In a perfect world, I would love to be in one or two or three places at one time. However, there is only one ME.  With only one wedding per day, this allows me to focus all my time on making sure the couple that hires me gets the biggest bang for their buck. They get a fresh wedding DJ whose voice is fresh for their announcements.  One of the most stressful phenomenas that continue to plague the wedding industry is the double / triple / quadruple booking of your wedding day.  Don't be pressured into signing any contracts until you feel 100% comfortable. Also, be aware that if you book your Charleston wedding DJ through a booking agency, you will be charged additional booking fees. At Mike Bills Entertainment, there are no booking fees and my prices are very competitive and are based on the quality of service you'll receive, as well as the reputation that my company has forged over the years.

No double booking triple booking Charleston Wedding

YOUR Wedding Day Becomes MY Wedding Day
When I wake up on YOUR wedding day, it truly becomes MY wedding day too.  Planning your Charleston wedding can be one of the most stressful experiences. You need a true professional wedding DJ who is going to be "professional" through out the process. As an owner-operated DJ company, Mike Bills Entertainment does not have the distractions that other companies have. There are no distractions that will end up getting in the way on YOUR wedding day. Since YOUR wedding day becomes MY wedding day, I am NOT going to wake up and embark in any risky activities that would allow me to get hurt or severely injured that could take me away from your wedding day. Don't worry! I will not be jumping out of any airplanes with faulty parachutes in the hours leading up to your wedding. You have been counting on me to be there on your wedding day for upwards of a year or more.  On each and every wedding day I am a part of, I wake up and take it easy and casually get packed up and ready to head over to be the DJ for your wedding.  With ONE wedding per day, it's peace of mind not only for the couple, but also for me, the DJ.

Your Wedding Day Becomes My Wedding Day

Look At 3 Or 4 Charleston Wedding DJs Before You Decide

Don't be swayed by flashy and sometimes incredibly amateurish, tacky websites. You need to read a DJs reviews. You need to take some time to see if the DJ has put together some quality content for their prospective brides and grooms. While time is of the essence, you need to find the time to meet with your wedding DJ before you sign a contract with ANYONE.  You need to find the right DJ who best aligns with your personality as a couple. Outside your wedding planner, your DJ is going to be the person that you put in control of making sure everyone has fun at your Charleston wedding and is still talking about your special day years later. Don't EVER let anyone tell you that you don't need to meet your DJ. Even in today's highly connected world, brides and grooms have all the opportunity in the world to do a Skype or a Facetime with their DJ to meet them if they are sitting in their apartment in New York City, Chicago, Boston, or Atlanta. Even with a Skype or Facetime, you can get a pretty good idea at their personality. Does the DJ you speak with seem genuinely interested in making sure every aspect of your wedding entertainment is perfect? An owner-operated DJ company offers the best chance of showing this concern to you as they don't have a staff of DJs to juggle around breaking their concentration in planning all the details and music for your Charleston wedding.

Hire Professional instead of Amateur

DJing Charleston Weddings Gives Me The Greatest Satisfaction
Sharing in the joy of my clients is one of the greatest satisfactions I get when I DJ their wedding. Seeing a bride shed tears as she dances with her loving father can be an incredibly emotional experience. In a short span of time, I get to bond a little more with the bride, groom, their familes and guests. You get to see all the love in the room on display. It's hard not to get a little emotional during these times. Those emotions come out not just because of the tears you see among the couples and their family, but also because it's such a relief to see all the planning and preparation go flawlessly which also causes some emotion too.  Couples are not anticipating getting married two or three times. They are expecting that this first wedding that they plan is going to be their last wedding. That being said, there is no room for error. There won't be any chance for a do-over. Everything must be flawless. When a DJ only has one wedding ahead of them per day, they can give each couple a precise focus that is not seen with other DJ companies. You need a fresh voice. You need a sharp mind. You don't want someone who was at a bar/club the night before DJing for free beers and a few bucks, coming to your wedding with a wrinkled shirt and bloodshot eyes who "thinks" they can DJ a wedding. You need a consummate professional. When you are doing your exhaustive search for the best Charleston wedding DJ, be sure to consider a company (that's owner-operated) like Mike Bills Entertainment.
Charleston Wedding Day

Booking Charleston Wedding Dates For 2019 And Beyond
I take what I do very seriously. It's that seriousness about this craft that has helped me forge the reputation that I have in the Charleston wedding market. As I mentioned up above, we are just about 6 weeks away from another engagement season. Prime dates still exist for 2019, but they are beginning to fill. If you are newly engaged and have just begun to research wedding DJs in and around Charleston, I welcome you to my website and blog and thank you for making it to the end of this blog post. Being a professional wedding DJ is serious business to me and I spend a lot of time creating valuable content for my brides and grooms so that it may help them make the best decision as to who to hire for their Charleston wedding. Click HERE to tell me a little more about your special day coming up.