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Hiring The Best Charleston Wedding DJ Is 2 For 1: You Also Get A Top Notch MC

19 December 2018

There is a a lot of preparation that professional wedding DJs go through in getting ready to blow your socks off at your wedding. While pulling all your music and organizing it all into numerous playlists, which will be played at different times of the evening, knowing when to open the microphone up at the proper time requires preparation too.   Let this post be a guide as to what you need to do when it comes to planning the announcements with your DJ / MC at your wedding. Also look at this post as a good guide in what to look for in your MC at your Charleston wedding.

Your DJ / MC Needs Accurate Information
Before your wedding day arrives, your DJ / MC needs to know all the announcements that will be required during your entire wedding day.  For me personally, I like to create accurate notes of when certain announcements will be made in regards to how your timeline will  be executed during the day.  If you have a wedding planner, be sure you put them in touch with your DJ so they can begin a dialogue about your announcements.

Your DJ / MC Is Not A Comedian
The role of the MC at your Charleston wedding is to make the necessary announcements at the desired times. This does not mean they open the microphone at their leisure and tell offensive jokes or make stupid noises.  Ever since I've had my own company, I've always incorporated the "less is more" strategy.  Your DJ / MC is there to guide you through all the different elements of your wedding reception.  The following are just some of the times when announcements need to be made.
1. The Bridal Party Introduction.
2. The Introduction Of The First Dance And Other Special Dances.
3. The Announcement Of The Toasts
4. The Announcement Of When Dinner Is To Begin And Any Other Special Directions

Your DJ / MC Should NEVER Mispronounce Anyone's Name In Your Bridal Party
The fastest way to place a black cloud over your wedding reception is to have your DJ / MC mispronounce some of the names of your bridal party.  I've never met anyone who enjoyed having their name said the wrong way. Imagine having your name mispronounced over a PA system in front of 250 people to hear. If that scares you, it should. It's been my experience that there is at least one or two names within a bridal party that might be a challenge (especially for someone who is unfamilar with how to say it).  As one of the best Charleston Wedding DJs, this is a hot button issue for me. It's something that needs to be discussed when you meet with your DJ. Discussing the pronounciation of names is one of the big reasons to meet with your DJ before your wedding. For me personally, learning how to pronounce the names of your bridal party (on the day of) is not one of my habits. My personal preference is to make notes detailed notes (if needed) on how to pronounce names and you might laugh, I will make notes very elementary notes (for a 1st grader) to make those announcements even easier. If your wedding DJ / MC does not approach you about pronuniciations, you need to be concerned.

Your DJ / MC Needs To Be In Communication With Your Venue And Other Vendors
There will be lots of potential times during the evening where you need to coordinate with your venue and vendors.  While dinner is usually held right after the first dance, the DJ / MC will need to know exactly when dinner will be served or if there will be a delay.  Your DJ / MC will need to be in sync with the wedding photographer so they can make sure they are in the vicinity of the bride and groom when they do their first dance.  Perhaps before your toasts you need the caterer or bar staff to pour champagne. These are all the little details that need to be discussed so your DJ / MC can make the right announcements at the right time. Are you having a photobooth? Have your DJ / MC make a few announcements about it so you can get some funny photos of your guests. 

Your DJ / MC Should Know How To Properly Talk On The Microphone
You know there are some DJs who think mixing music is the only thing that matters. No way. The DJs who believe that are the ones who practically have no experience on the microphone and are probably the ones you do not want at your wedding reception.  Remember, you need a DJ with a great voice making announcements at your wedding or event. This is YOUR wedding.  The music should about YOU.  The last thing that you want is some immature kid who has virtually no experience on the microphone coming into your wedding and making stupid and snide comments that will turn your wedding day into a forgettable experience.  Your DJ / MC should know how to speak into a microphone to. You'd be surprised at how many amateurs hold the mic so far away that they feel like they need to crank the levels on their mixer.  

Your DJ / MC Needs To Know Who Is Who
Since your DJ / MC is going to be making the announcements at various points of the night about certain key moments, they need to know who the major players are.  Timing is everything and your DJ / MC will not want to call the bride and her father up to do their dance when one of them has stepped outside for fresh air. Your DJ / MC will not want to begin the toasts if the proper people are not in the room.   If the  bride and groom have stepped outside, any key element that had been scheduled needs to be delayed until they are back.

If your DJ / MC flawlessly makes all the necessary announcements at the desired times, no one will make a peep. You and your guests are going to remember how awesome things were.  The best DJ / MC's will leave their ego at the door an be super mature on the microphone. Hire the wrong DJ / MC and you and your guests will remember your wedding day, but for all the wrong reasons.

Looking To Hire One Of The Best Charleston Wedding DJs Who Is An Experienced MC?
First and foremost, thank you so much for making it to the end of this blog post. I've put countless hours into this blog over the years in an effort to give my prospective clients professional guidance on how to find the best wedding DJ for their Charleston wedding.  I've got over 20 years of professional MC experience. Half of that time was spent at several radio stations here in Charleston, as well as some internet-based radio stations too.  What did 10 years on the radio teach me? Well, radio discjockeys have a very limited amount of time that they are allowed to speak in between songs and into commercial breaks. We are trained to make our point quickly and discuss something using word economy. I've carried these habits over into my wedding DJ company when I created my brand. At the end of the day, you don't want an immature, amateur DJ who rambles on the microphone. Instead, you want a DJ who sounds professional, and knows what they are going to say when that microphone is turned on. If you should hire me to DJ your Charleston wedding,  I can promise you that I will provide this level of professionalism. 

Check  To See If Mike Is Available On Your Wedding Date
If you are still in the hunt for the best DJ for your Charleston wedding, I'd love to talk to you. Click over to this link to check your availability and tell me a little bit about your big day. If you and your fiance are looking at Charleston from a distance, and still want to talk, we can do a Skype or Facetime to chat about your big day down here in Charleston.