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What Has Made Brides Contact Me About Being Their Wedding DJ

06 June 2020

And here we are now in early June entering the first weekend of the month. I'm at 90 days now since my last wedding back on March 7 as the city shut down due to the Coronavirus. Fortunately, things are slowly starting to open up and there is a light at the end of the tunnel in regards to my weddings resuming in the Holy City. In case you missed it, there were some guidelines given out on what weddings will look like during this new normal we are calling the COVID 19 era.  While my next wedding at this point won't be occurring until early August, I've been getting a lot of inquiries from brides and grooms looking to get married in 2021.  To be honest, I am very happy to see this and it gives me hope that this trend will continue as newly engaged couples actually begin to look past the COVID 19 pandemic.  As a matter of fact, I had the pleasure of having a few conference calls with some prospective brides this past week.  I am completely honored that brides find my website and when they make the effort to fill out a contact form and want to know more about me, I am even more honored. 

As one of the top wedding DJs in Charleston, my goal has been simple. To be there for my clients on their wedding day like very few DJ services are generally able to do.  That goal over the years has been to provide modern brides and grooms a classy and up-to-date website that is continuously refreshed with a tremendous amount of information designed to help couples make one of the most important decisions for their wedding day.  It's no secret that the wedding industry (as a whole) has become very saturated over the past several years, especially in the Charleston area. I wrote about that preceding post in March (before the COVID-19 pandemic) and it still is true to this day. So, with this market saturation and the selection of wedding vendors at an all-time high, inquiring minds want to know what is it that caused a prospective client to click on the link they see in their Google searches and want to learn more? What did they see in my reviews over on my Weddingwire profile?  What is it that I can learn from my clients about why I am in the running to be their wedding DJ? Because the competition is so fierce, it's one of the first questions I ask when I join a conference call or Skype. As a smart business owner, I've always felt this is a must-ask question. Knowing what it is that inspires modern brides and grooms to want to learn more about my company allows me to put even more focus in the content that I create for my website. 

After one of my conference calls this week, I was inspired to put together another blog post based on some of the feedback I received from a prospective bride. Hearing this type of feedback has a way of energizing me and offers some reassurance that today's brides and grooms are increasingly savvy and do read about their wedding vendors and use that valuable content to make decisions as to who will be working with them for their wedding day.  The informative content that you see within my blog has allowed it become one of the top wedding DJ blogs on the internet.

So, What Exactly Is It That Makes Modern Brides & Grooms Want To Hire Me?
I promise I was not trying to tease you. I just wanted to create a little bit of a build-up and some anticipation as I announced what it was that causes a lot of brides and grooms to hire me to be their wedding DJ. The very thing that has gotten a lot of my brides to hire me is something I have maintained within my company since I DJ'ed my very first wedding.  Since I started DJing weddings in Charleston, I have always worked alone without any other staff. And when this possible client's words were: "you work by yourself......", my eyes lit up because this has been brought up time and time again by other clients.  

ONE Wedding DJ For That ONE Important Day Of Your Life
If you just got engaged and are looking to hire your wedding vendors, you probably are quickly figuring out that a "wedding day" comes with it a TON of moving parts.  You'll hire a wedding planner. You'll hire a caterer. You'll hire a florist. You'll book your wedding venue.  My goal from the inception of my company has been to keep my process of working with brides and grooms on creating the best soundtrack for their wedding day the easiest and most simple. The easiest way to attain this goal is to keep my business small by remaining a "owner-operated DJ service".  This means when you inquire about DJ services from my company, you'll meet with me from the start and I will be the DJ at your wedding. I know what you might be saying right now. "How does this really benefit me?". You'll want to read on to learn more about why I conduct my business in this manner.

Why Do I Operate My Company In This Manner?
Simply put,  I am focused on creating the absolute best experience for all of my clients. Putting together all the moving parts that are expected of me as a professional wedding DJ is hard work. At times it can be back-breaking work. But, at the end of the day, DJing your wedding and seeing all the moving parts come together is one of the most powerful and rewarding things I've been a part of in my entire life.  To be perfectly honest with you, I have never had the desire or ever foresee having the desire to hire a staff of wedding DJs.  I prefer the one-on-one focus by doing ONE wedding per day.  Brides and grooms who hire me don't need to worry about who their wedding DJ is going to be, EVER.  Over the years, I've been on the receiving end of what exactly happens and have been used to cover up the terrible mistakes made by other DJ companies and booking agencies when your wedding day comes and they suddenly realize they have overbooked and can't send that DJ they promised you 9-12 months ago. I still to this day have a tendency to break out into a cold sweat and have an occasional nightmare about that very compromising situation that I was put in. The scary thing is the manner at which this happened led me to believe it was typical behavior when it came to the way these other wedding DJ companies operated.  I don't ever want to be in this situation again, nor will I ever volunteer to be a part of this really bad business practice.

The Wheel Has Been Invented And I Have No Desire To Reinvent It Over And Over
 The method of how I work with my clients has been created and I don't really have any desire to duplicate it over and over again by hiring more DJs to work with me. The pressure is on every single time that I sign a contract with a client. That same pressure continues to build in the weeks and months leading up to your wedding day. It culminates as everything comes together on your wedding day perfectly. Having other wedding DJs attempt to represent my stellar reputation is a situation I have no desire to be involved in.  Exceptional work ethic and customer service and attention to detail is something that can rarely can duplicated.  I've always said over the years that a "quality" performance is more important than "quantity" where you are booking so many weddings that you can barely sleep at night. Brides and grooms have shared this sentiment with me over the years that they do prefer "Quality over Quantity" when trying to find the best wedding DJ for their big day

YOUR Wedding Day Is Important To Me So I Will Continue To Operate My Company This Way
The success and reputation I've achieved over the years was built all by myself and it's my intention to continue building it by providing undivided attention to the brides and grooms who have invested their hard-earned money into me being their DJ for their most special day today. While I am at your wedding, I don't wish to ever have my attention divided wondering if the guy that was hired is going to show up at his wedding. It's not worth it to me, and I might not book as many as weddings as the other guy down the street, but couples who book me are also VERY particular about their music too.  They are looking for a memorable soundtrack that is carefully curated and put together by a truly professional, polished wedding DJ.  They are looking to be treated in a way that not ALL wedding DJs are able to cater to. That's ok. I really love what I do and the passion that I have for this industry comes through in every couple that hires me. I don't want to change the way I conduct my business and won't ever as long as I am in business.  The way that I work is not anything new, as it's been duplicated in other markets across the country. I've spoken with plenty of wedding DJs (actually outside of the Charleston wedding market) whose desire is also to keep the focus on their craft and of course, the couples who put their trust in me to be there on their wedding day. I've attached some other links down below that go into even more detail on my style as a professional wedding DJ. Be sure to check them out.

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Care To Contact Mike Bills About Being Your Wedding DJ?
Thank you so very much for making it to the end of this blog post. I hope after reading over this post you can begin to understand the real benefits about hiring a wedding DJ who conducts their company like I do. Perhaps I should put together a blog post about 1001 reasons to hire me as your wedding DJ, but the reasons have actually been explained all over my blog, which has been put together over the years for all of my prospective brides and grooms.  If you have stumbled upon my website and read over this blog and are convinced you'd like to talk with me about being your wedding DJ, then by all means please click the link up above and you'll be taken over to my contact form. You'll then be asked to provide a few details about your big day and a good time to talk. I look forward to hearing from you and would love to be the DJ for your wedding.