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The Importance of Hiring A DJ With Insurance

15 November 2012

Planners of an event can be held liable by damages incurred by guests at an event. Even though I take cautious measures when setting up an event, such as securing speaker cables, electrical cables etc, it's important to plan for the unexpected.

Tripping on cables which results in injuries leading up to electrocution and/or death can find a Bride or Groom being named in a lawsuit which can possibly prolong your wedding day out for years to come. Hiring a DJ and other vendors with liability insurance allows them to assume the risk and they are now liable should an accident occur at your event.Knowing your DJ has property insurance is also peace of mind. A DJ company who has obtained property insurance can easily replace equipment in the unfortunate event that their equipment is stolen. Odds are the DJ companies WITHOUT insurance most likely wouldn't have the funds on hand to replace equipment in a quick turnaround fashion.

Prior to an event, I will visit the venue to make sure I will be plugging my equipment into an adequately grounded outlet.

Another form of insurance I give my clients when a contract is signed is the guarantee that another quality DJ will be in attendance to their event in the event that a catastrophic event occurs where I cannot attend.

Mike Bills Entertainment LLC is proud to be insured and believes this is a big factor you need to take in consideration when selecting a DJ. It's a standard set by industry professionals and offers you even more peace of mind on the day of your event.