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The Essential "Chicago" Playlist For Charleston Weddings

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More and more Chicago brides and grooms are choosing Charleston for their destination wedding than ever before. More and more Chicago brides and grooms are choosing Charleston for their destination wedding than ever before.

If you are just now finding this website and blog and are wondering why a professional wedding DJ based around the Charleston, SC area is now talking and blogging about the musicians and bands from Chicago, please read on. Please read on especially if you are in the Windy City right now and are looking at all the pretty sights that the Holy City of Charleston has to offer. Set your sights on this. It's early January and you just got engaged over the holidays. You look outside your Lake Shore Drive apartment and the snow is blowing up against your window. The temperature outside is a balmy 18 degrees and the wind is blowing in off the lake at a blustery 40 mph.  You and you are fiance are cuddling in each other's arms watching the flakes kiss the window and window sill. You turn to each other and give each other a kiss on the check thinking about your future together and begin to share the beauty that will be the most important day of your life. Your minds both drift to more of a spring setting, perhaps a place in the South, maybe near the water with numerous historic plantations. After much research, I give you the third part in my series of posts for destination couples living in major metropolitan cities who are coming to beautiful Charleston, SC for their destination wedding.


Today, it's the Windy City of Chicago. Chicago might have Lake Michigan, but Charleston has the Atlantic Ocean and that ocean provides a wonderful backdrop. The downtown resides on a peninsula and is deep in rich history and perfect to serve as the backdrop for your destination wedding. Chicago brides and grooms coming to the #2 wedding destination in America are sure to consult with their professional wedding DJ about sprinkling some Chicago bands and musicians into their wedding playlist.  Feel free to add some of these Chicago greats into your wedding playlist even if you aren't coming from the Windy City.

ChicagoWe certainly would not not leave off this list the name of the band that emerged in the late 60s and ruled the 70s and 80s with such great music like "Just Between You & Me", "You're The Inspiration". Native Chicagoan Peter Cetera who was in the band is later in this list.

Earth, Wind & Fire |  The passing of Maurice White in 2016 has certainly not diminished how much Earth, Wind & Fire I tend to play at Charleston weddings. I am probably seeing it even more on playlists. You cannot go wrong with a little EWF when their music was deep in soul, funk, jazz, disco, R&B. Go ahead and throw some on the playlist right now.

Peter Cetera | The singer on so many of Chicago's biggest hits, Peter Cetera also had a rather successful solo career.  He has collaborated with so many other artists like Bonnie Raitt, Madonna, and Cher. His voice is unmistakable. Just take a listen to this classic from the The Karate Kid Part II soundtrack.

Sam Cooke | Even though he was born in Mississippi in 1931, his family packed up and moved to Chicago in 1933, where he attended the same school as Nat King Cole. He was killed at the super young age of 33 in Los Angeles in 1964. Sam Cooke is a great way to bring to soul to your destination Charleston wedding.

Survivor | If you are bride and groom from Chicago looking to find the perfect song to introduce your bridal party when you come to Charleston to get married, the song down below might be the best. From the Rocky III soundtrack, this track was all over the radio in 1982. Survivor went on to release more great music in the 80s and early 90s, but none was as big as this.

Styx | Another unmistakable voice; Dennis DeYoung fronted this great rock band from Chicago in the 70s and 80s, all the way up to the early 90s. From their hard rocking 70s with hits like "Blue Collar Man" to more of a ballad song by 1991, Styx is an essential Chicago artist to add into your wedding playlist.

Chaka Khan |  Born in Chicago in 1953, she fronted the funk band Rufus in the early - mid 1970s. She broke out on her own in the 80s with dance classics like "I Feel For You" and this soft R&B classic from 1985. Throw some Chaka on your wedding playlist.

Richard Marx | A mainstay on soft rock and pop radio during the 80s and 90s, Richard Marx was the first artist to have his first 7 singles emerge in the Top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. He was also a producer for Keith Urban, NSync, and Luther Vandross. "Dance With My Father" by Luther Vandross was written and produced by Richard Marx.

Smashing Pumpkins
|  Who said all the great alternative music came from Seattle during the 1990s? The Smashing Pumpkins were a definitive part of that 90s alternative scene and came from none other than Chicago. Go ahead, it's ok to throw a few tunes into your wedding playlist.

Wilco | Another great alternative band coming out of the great city of Chicago. I have played this track before during a cocktial or dinner hour.

R. Kelly |  He emerged in the late 80s with the band Public Announcement and broke out on his own in the early 90s rattling off a string of 90s hits. Go ahead and jot down "Ignition" (Remix). It gets a lot of plays during weddings. 

The Chi-Lites |  One of the great R&B and soul groups from Chicago. They ruled the radio airwaves during the early 1970s and were the only group of it's genre from the Chicago area.

Fall Out Boy | Originating in 2001 in a suburb of Chicago, they could be seen performing within Chicago's punk music scene. This song is really what you want to be doing lots of at your wedding. Dance. Dance. Go ahead, write it down now.

So there you go, 13 great musicians and bands from the Chicago area you'd want to add into your destination wedding playlist while you plan your amazing Charleston fete. You might also take note of The Emotions, The Flamingos, Urge Overkill, Veruca Salt, Herbie Hancock, and the Plain White T's when you think of other Chicago music. Are you just recently engaged and are in the beginning phases of selecting your professional wedding DJ? Mike Bills Entertainment is very friendly to destination wedding couples and can set up and Skype or Facetime to discuss the music for your upcoming wedding. Click HERE to submit your contact information so we can schedule a time to talk.

Earth Wind Fire is an essential Chicago band for destination brides and grooms from the Windy City


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