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DJ Mike Bills To Focus Exclusively On Weddings In Charleston

01 April 2020

Before I get into the central theme of this post, I wanted to extend my well-wishes to all of my 2020 clients who have reached out to "reschedule" or "postpone" their spring wedding and move it into a much safer time later this summer or into the fall. Weddings in Charleston, SC continue to be on hiatus as the calendar has switched from March into April, and after the president extended social distancing guidelines through April 30th, the entire spring season is in jeopardy of simply not happening. The longer this ordeal goes on, the more anxious people are getting. You can see the anxiety building out there in a simple trip to the grocery store. Time is going by so slow right now. I had two early weddings back during the first seven days of March and those two events seems like they happened a 100 years ago.  I am taking the advice of the local officials and staying put and I advise all my clients to do the same. Please be safe and continue to exercise caution and if you should need to speak with me, I am available by Skype & Facetime, as well as by phone for anything you'd like to discuss. I look forward to being your wedding DJ when this pandemic finally blows over and when things finally return to normal.

During the unexpected downtime created by COVID 19, I've been doing a lot of thinking about my wedding DJ business. Back in the latter part of January,  I began a project that has consisted of migrating and refreshing all of the wedding playlist blog posts you've come to enjoy over to Spotify.  That process is still ongoing and I hope to be finished very soon. I've also made some significant updates to my website by integrating a wedding playlist page, as well as a wedding podcast page so that modern brides and grooms have easier access to some of the best content created from my blog. By adding a podcast page, I wanted to give easier access to prospective and current clients to learn more about the podcast that I launched back in the fall of 2019. 

Earlier this month (which seems like an eternity ago), I published a post about oversaturation that is occurring across the Charleston wedding industry. In case you missed that post, please feel free to click over to the preceding link and view some of the extensive research that was completed over the past few years to come up with the current assessment on the local wedding industry here in the Holy City.

Weddings Only DJ
Drum roll please. Even in a really saturated market, the best will always rise to the top and stand out. In an effort to further separate myself in an increasingly overcrowded wedding DJ market in Charleston, I've decided to focus "exclusively" on weddings. There are lots of DJs who claim to specialize in ALL types of events, but out of a deep respect for the "wedding DJ" industry, I want to put my focus on making my skills as one of the top wedding DJs in Charleston even better.

Weddings Only Dancing
Photo Credit: Aaron & Jillian Photography

100% Focus On Wedding Clients

As you'll soon be finding out, there are LOTS of moving parts on your wedding day. First and foremost, you need an awesome wedding coordinator or planner to help you sort through the fine details. But you need a seasoned, professional wedding DJ who provides laser focus when your wedding day arrives.  Out of any type of event I have ever performed at, I've always appreciated the structure and attention to detail that is required to properly execute a wedding.  While the music at every one of my weddings is never the same, most all of them come with a timeline and demand a DJ who is truly organized, a fabulous MC, and more.

Courtney Logan Upstairs At Midtown
Courtney & Logan | March 7, 2020 | Upstairs At Midtown (Before Coronavirus)

One DJ Whose Sole Focus Is The Music
With a refined focus on being a DJ exclusively for weddings, I can work with my clients even better on creating the best soundtrack for their big day, and won't have to worry about dividing my time by worrying about other types of events.  Of course it's always been a part of my business process that I only one work ONE wedding per day, and I'll continue to provide that benefit as modern brides and grooms have said time and again that they value "quality" over "quantity". From the time of the booking til the last song plays, I will be your DJ so there will NEVER be any surprise who your DJ is, plus there are never any exorbitent and unnecessary booking or agency fees.  Save that money for your honeymoon!

Love Wedding Scrabble

YOUR Wedding STILL Means YOUR Playlist
Being a Weddings "Only" DJ will allow me to focus even more resources and time on making sure all the music you hear on your wedding night is the music you know and love.  I will be able to provide my clients even more focus with this Weddings Only stance and make sure the mix is mixed properly with the maximum amount of fun possible. And here's a tip: When you are putting together your playlist, be sure to pick the brains of your guests and jot those songs down too so that EVERYONE has a chance to get out on the dance floor. We will leave your most hated songs in the Deleted Items folder of your computer.

Your Wedding Your Playlist

Professional. Polished. Classy. Elegant. Fun. DJ
There's always been a certain demeanor that I believe all wedding DJs should adhere to, and if they don't they are not respecting the industry properly. Transitioning into a "weddings only" DJ will allow me to hone these skills and focus even more on providing the best possible service for my clients.
1. I will arrive to your wedding WELL in advance for setup.
2. I will be prepared.
3. I will represent you and your guests.
4. I will never put the attention on myself, but yet keep it on the bride and groom.
5. I like to party and make people dance.
6. I will never act cheesy on the mic or crack stupid jokes.
7. I will respect your timeline and keep the flow going at an optimum level.

One Of The Best Charleston Wedding DJs Looks To Get Even BETTER
The music you choose for your wedding will be guaranteed to be a playlist that will caters to all ages of your guests.  From the best soft rock from the 70s, 80s, and 90s for your dinner music to wedding standards, jazz, Motown and classic rock, I will work together with you to create the best vibe possible for your big day.  I will continue to strive to be one of the BEST in a saturated wedding market.
Weddings Only DJ Bride And Groom

I Would Love  To Be Your Wedding DJ. 
I personally believe that if we are not constantly improving our craft then we are not growing in our passions.  I would like you to take some time to look over my website and learn more about me.   I hope that you will see and study that my transition over to becoming a "weddings only" DJ is to benefit and make the musical experience at your wedding  the best ever.  I've always been able to sell myself as a higher end wedding DJ because of my supreme focus on the music and what my clients like, instead of the constant upsell that comes from all the other DJ services. I hope you'll study over my website and blog and check out my reviews and see that my reputation as a professional wedding DJ is definitely a cut above the other options you may see in the Charleston, SC area. Click on the Coronavirus image down below to be escorted over to my Coronavirus Playlist For Two.

DJ Mike Bills Covid 19 Weddings

After The Coronavirus. Let's Talk.
The Coronavirus has instilled a great degree of uncertainty in our lives. No one knows when this is going to end, but you have most likely hit my website because you are interested in hiring a wedding DJ. Perhaps you are engaged recently and the pandemic has allowed you to lengthen your engagement and hold off on making any long term plans. I do not blame anyone for being scared at a moment like this because no one in the wedding industry has ever had their season turned upside down like this has.   I am here for you and would love to talk to you about your wedding should you decide to get married in Charleston. Check out some of these most popular  posts that are designed to get you thinking about planning your wedding. Perhaps when you start to read over them, they will get our minds off what is going on out there.  You can access these popular links down below by clicking the images. Should you want to see about securing me as your wedding DJ later in 2020 or if you are looking to get married in Charleston in 2021, please click the link up above.

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