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Why There Is No Mention Of Other Wedding DJs On My Website

30 July 2023

You are a modern bride or groom who is now into the thick of things as it pertains to wedding planning. You might just be in the midst of your search for someone who will help you put together the best mix of music that caters to your musical tastes on your wedding day.  YOUR wedding DJ. You have been doing your due diligence in performing all of the proper Google searches that put you in contact of the best wedding DJs. You click over to some of these websites and you and your fiancee have mixed feelings about what you are seeing. You notice that most of these website showcase multiple wedding DJs. As a matter of fact, one of the websites looks to have 17 wedding DJs. You begin to look through the profiles of each one of these wedding DJs but don't seem to feel any connection at all. You call this company to try to get some more information and you are met with a barrage of questions leaving you feel overwhelmed. You hang up the phone with your questions unanswered. What will you do next?

Well, you should know that a company that has that many wedding DJs on their website is definitely in the business to make a profit. And while making money is why we go into business in the first place, maybe your first impression of that company left you feeling a little small and inadequate?  Since the bigger companies are clearly into making a bigger profit, they might have even hustled you into paying a deposit even before you had a chance to meet one of their wedding DJs. In recent years, I've had so many of my former clients come to me with this experience.  All I can say is do not let anyone force you into paying any deposits over the phone until (at the very least) you set up a call, or even better "meet" your wedding DJ in person.

Protection of My Wedding DJ Company Reputation

When you feel as though you've created something special; something that no one else has been able to duplicate, you are going to do whatever it takes to try to protect it. I began my journey as a wedding DJ very naturally after my stint in radio. Yes, I started out my DJ career on the radio, not in clubs or bars like you see a lot of DJs do.  It was my radio career that provided me with so many wonderful moments of playing music for people. My wedding DJ company was born out of the desire to play music again, as I did while I was on the radio. I missed the technical aspects of playing music for large audiences of people.  Upon making the decision to launch my website and begin booking modern brides and grooms like you, it NEVER once crossed my mind to bring other wedding DJs into my company.  There are many reasons why I decided to keep my company lean and mean. It's one of the biggest differences that separate me from all of the other wedding DJs you find online.  

Carving Out A Niche For Dedication To My Brides And Grooms

In the weeks and months leading up to the launch of the first generation of my website well over a decade ago, I was looking around my wedding market and something appeared to be missing.  I wish I could have saved some screenshots of Google searches way back then because the wedding DJ landscape was drastically different than it is today.  I met a wedding DJ out in Dallas, TX who I became friends with and who had forged an amazing reputation as a wedding DJ in a much bigger city than mine. He made a decision to stay as an owner-operated DJ company too.  What exactly does this mean? This means that the owner of the company DOES IT ALL, and that includes the grunt work of loading in and setting up to be the DJ at YOUR wedding. 

Why All The Hard Work As A Wedding DJ Business Owner?
Ever heard of the saying "too many cooks in the kitchen"? Well, shortly after forming my wedding DJ business, it did not take me long to figure out what might happen if you bring the wrong people into your business.  The way I look at your wedding, the way I communicate with my clients, the way I put together your playlist..... All of this and so much more were methodically designed in a way that it only felt comfortable if ONE person was involved.  When you are the only one to rely on, there are no excuses on the finishing product being less than average.  As I began to book more and more weddings and created a boilerplate template and method of serving each one of my clients, the thought of expanding became much less likely of an option. Simply put, the buck stops with me.   When a bride and groom hire me, the success of their wedding DJ experience will rest with one person.  While there are a ton of moving parts to the overall success of your wedding day, hiring a wedding DJ company who keeps it simple (with one person) might be the best way to go.  You'll have one wedding DJ communicating with you during the whole process. You'll have one wedding DJ putting your wedding music playlist together. Get the point? :)

I'll Admit It. I am a Wedding DJ Snob

I'm sure that some of my competition may think I am a jerk. Why is this? Because I don't really feel like rubbing shoulders with my competition. They are out doing their thing, and I am out doing my own thing.   I honestly are not concerned at what they are doing. I do keep a pretty low profile on social media, and that has never affected the bottom line of my wedding DJ business.  I guess you could say that I am self absorbed as it pertains to my wedding DJ business.  They may think I am a jerk because I don't feel like socializing.  I guess you could say I am very set in my ways as it pertains to the execution of your wedding day. I guess you could also say that I am pretty obsessed about making sure my total focus is on your wedding day. All of this is really not a problem, it's just the way I decided to execute my business, and 99% of my clients over the years have appreciated this, and have hired me based on this business practice alone.

So Now You Know. What Should You Do Next?

I wanted to thank you for visiting my website and blog. It is my hope that this blog post will shed some light on why there are no other wedding DJs on my website. I love what I do and I am very protective of the reputation I've managed to develop and maintain since I began this journey. Bringing other people into the mix into an already complicated process is a recipe for damage to my reputation.  Unlike a lot of companies you see online, I will not EVER bite off more than I can chew in terms of bookings. This makes for an even more positive experience for my clients, because they will always get a fresh wedding DJ on their big day. Making sure that a client's wedding day goes off without a hitch is a tremendous challege and responsibility, and one that I do not take lightly. There is no way that I feel I can adequately train any other wedding DJs to represent my name without feeling some sort of worry. Even if I was able to adequately train someone with how I deal with my clients, what am I to do if they cut corners? What am I to do if they fail to show up at an event?  When the buck stops with you, you know your limitations. You know that you can only execute ONE wedding per day comfortably.  As I sit here and put the finishing touches on this post, I am trying to wrap my mind around executing more than one wedding in a day. While it is certainly possible with more people on staff, I am just gonna continue to operate my DJ company with the KISS principle and keep it simple stupid. :)  What's interesting is when you see a wedding DJ who said "they" would be your wedding DJ and then a few years later, you see them add other wedding DJs to their website. I am proud to say after all of these years, I have been consistent in my business practices. I have continued to be consistent in how I work with my clients and as a result, I've developed an amazing reputation as one of the top wedding DJs in my market.  It has not been easy reaching the amount of success I have, but I can sit here and smile and tell you I have given it my all and will continue to do so for many years to come.  I would love to speak with you about your wedding. Down below I've added even more links of content I've created over the past several years to even further drive home some of the points I've discussed in this post.  One more thought. While no one is perfect, I believe the chances of perfection increase 10 fold, the less hands that are in the planning and execution of your wedding day from a musical standpoint (wedding DJ).  Let's set up a time to talk soon about your wedding day. All you need to do now is click HERE to fill out contact form. You'll be asked for a few basic details and then we can set up a time to talk! I look forward to hearing you. Thank you again for visiting my website and blog. 


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