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The Number 1 Reason Why Today's Brides And Grooms Hire Me IS

05 October 2022

Here we are in early October and fall is settling in over the Lowcountry. It's nice to walk outside and do a load-in to a wedding venue without feeling like I need to take a shower before my client's wedding reception! You know, in a super crowded wedding market where inexperienced wedding DJS continue to burst onto the scene, I find myself smiling a lot these days. As the wedding industry has moved past COVID, I'm noticing a bit of a welcome shift in how modern brides and grooms are choosing their wedding DJ. More and more couples are hitting my website in a very decisive manner, which makes it so much easier to add another conversion into the win column for my successful DJ business. But, as someone who has been at this for quite some time, why are these lovely brides and grooms hiring me to take charge of the music for their wedding? The answer you'll see coming up in this post won't surprise you if you've spent any extended period of time on this blog. And if you have already been stalking my website to learn more about me, you've probably been given some pretty obvious clues.

What can I say? If a bride and groom hit my website and want to learn more about me, I am ready totalk and I am available for them at any time! Normally, if they have submitted a contact form, they've done their due diligence in eliminating a lot of the cheesy wedding DJs (low hanging fruit). Most modern brides and grooms want to take things a little bit further by setting up a Facetime or Zoom call just to do a quick meet and greet.  You'd be surprised how hearing someone's voice for the first time just to say "hi", I would love to be your wedding DJ can do for a couple who is in the thick of things in trying to plan their wedding, especially from a distance.


Over the summer, I was having a quick call with a prospective client. She had told me one of the reasons she decided to fill out a contact form on my website was my fanatical approach to serving my clients by me being available to them for their entire day.  What you see on my website and in my reviews is ONE guy trying to make a difference in an industry that was once one of the most feared parts of a couple's wedding planning. But why was hiring a wedding DJ something that could be considered laughable? Because it was not too long ago that every wedding DJ you spoke with was "cheesy".  Every wedding DJ you came in contact with employed silly lights and lasers with smoke and fog and spoke into the microphone with a voice designed to peel paint from the walls of your wedding venue.  

During that call, the bride explained to me that she spoke to a larger company and got a little disturbed at how pushy they were about trying to get her to book her date with them. She also mentioned that the company had numerous DJs on its staff. When she told me this, I immediately mentioned to her that the body of work displayed on my website (reviews, thought leadership in my blog, etc) was based on ONE person.  You heard that correctly. ONE person. 

I am ONE person. I can only be in ONE place at a time. I have no desire to have a huge company with lots of DJs who possess many different personalities.  I could tell this particular bride had done her homework on how to find the best wedding DJ. When she mentioned that a DJ company with 15 different DJs would have 15 different personalities, I was inspired to put this post together.  How does a prospective bride know what type of DJ they are getting when they are calling a company with multiple DJs? It's really a thought provoking question. This is NOT a stab at companies who operate like that, but when couples approach me, they see exactly what I am going to offer them and after a brief conversation, I set them at ease that I WILL be the wedding DJ for their big day.

One Wedding DJ For One Day:  YOUR Special Day.

Over the years, I've seen wedding DJs attempt to copy me and my business model. It's not a huge deal to me and should be no secret.  What's interesting is those companies might start out that way but then start to feature other DJs on their website.  When you begin to feature other wedding DJs, you are putting your reputation that you have worked so hard to build on the line. I've put so much time and money into building my brand and image that I am simply not interested in putting all that hard work into the hands of wanna-be or amateur.  Making sure that I do my best to give my clients 10 stars on a 5 star scale performance on their wedding day is enough pressure without having to worry about another wedding DJ who had a bad night, and as a result ruins a couples' wedding day and my reputation in the same night. No way.  I will NEVER put my reputation in the hands of someone else. As a result, I'll always do a limited amount of weddings per season.   I'm not trying to be greedy.  My goal all along has been to be the best classy, polished and professional wedding DJ in my market, and this is the only way I know how to do it. 

Most all of my clients have very particular tastes in music. Some of the playlists I've assembled  over the years still make me smile years and years after the wedding!  Those clients who have such particular tastes in music also demand a different kind of wedding DJ. A wedding DJ who will stop at nothing to provide his or her clients with the best musical experience for what will become one of the happiest days of their lives.  In earlier blog posts, I went into pretty great detail of What A Non Traditional Wedding DJ was. Click over to that archived post to learn even more about me. 

Secure YOUR Whole Wedding Date With DJ Mike Bills NOW

So there you have it. You now know the number 1 reason why brides and grooms secure me as their wedding DJ.  When you hire ONE experienced, quality wedding DJ who makes a choice to only DJ one wedding per day,  you can rest easy.  When you hire ONE experienced, quality wedding DJ who stays true to the way he or she operates their business and doesn't add any other wedding DJs to their website, you can rest easy.  If you still need convincing on how I'll perform for you as your wedding DJ after reading over this post, please click over to the other parts of my blog.