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Why Couples Should Hire A Non-Traditional Wedding DJ

11 December 2021

My name is Mike Bills and I am a "non-traditional wedding DJ". I absolutely love music, as that is what a DJ specializes in or should for that matter.  For those modern brides and grooms who just got engaged and have just begun the research for their wedding vendors, this post is a MUST READ for you. I can hear those brides and grooms from Chicago or Philadelphia or northern New Jersey or New York City planning a destination wedding asking "What exactly is a non-traditional wedding DJ? In a recent review (that you can check out over on my Weddingwire profile), one of my clients titled their review of me, "A DJ That Truly Cares."  I am forever humbled to receive reviews like this!  When clients hire me to DJ their wedding, they aren't just contracting a DJ, they are making a new friend in the process. They are hiring someone who genuinely is interested in the overall success of the music and flow of their day. With so many amateur wedding DJs continuing to pop up all over the place, I felt it was time to put together another one  of my famous blog posts in an effort to educate newly engaged brides and grooms how to find the best wedding DJ for what will become one of the most memorable days of their lives. You will want to hire a non-traditional wedding DJ for your wedding after reading over this post. 

So what does it mean to be a non-traditional wedding DJ? First, let me tell you if you were to Google "non-traditional wedding DJ", you'd find a few great wedding DJs. These would be the same DJs who put forth the absolute best customer service to their clients. They perform an abundance of preparation for their clients too. Their clients tend to have exquisite and diverse musical tastes. We are true professional wedding DJs who take the extra time to get to know our clients and their musical tastes. This is a must for the bride and groom who are very much into their music.  The non-traditional wedding DJ strives to provide their clients with the best service possible. Check out more of my reviews on Google by searching for Mike Bills Entertainment. 

NEVER A Huge Fan Of Line Dances
YOUR wedding should be the biggest party of your life. YOUR wedding should include a soundtrack that encompasses the music that you know and love. So many wedding DJs "assume" that all weddings are the same. They assume that they have the freedom to play the same old tired, hum drum Top 200 songs you seem to see on all of the wedding websites.  A non-traditional wedding DJ is living proof that YOUR wedding reception can be one that is free of these tacky line dances.   Nearly 100% of my clients have a diverse taste in music and demand that these cheesy songs stay off the playlist.  Check out this Do Not Play List from a recent wedding of mine and you'll see exactly what I mean about my clients not wanting their reception to sound like the 10 weddings they went to in the past year.

do not playlist for non traditional wedding DJ

"Less Is More" On The Microphone
The non-traditional wedding DJ comes to your wedding fully prepared to give you the party of your life.  As a DJ who got his start on the radio, I transitioned over to being one of the top wedding DJs the same way I became a seasoned on-air personality; less is more on the mic.  When you hire a non-traditional wedding DJ, you should be getting someone who is not using your wedding to audition for auctioneer school. You should be getting someone with a great voice, who speaks naturally as though they are talking to you during a conversation.  Nothing makes me want to hurl more than seeing a wedding DJ in a video embarrass themselves by speaking on the mic in an unnatural, forceful way. Then, they tend to pop the mic every so often to make these silly comments between songs.  Hiring a wedding DJ who actually sounds professional on the microphone is equally as important as someone who is trained in mixing music and playing the right song at the right time. 

Milli Vanilli Is In Rotation : The Best 80s Music
Don't judge me! :)   I was speaking to the man who got me into radio back in the 1990s recently. It's always a joy of mine to speak to him because he lived and breathed during an era that saw some of the greatest dance music being released, and worked in radio during it's golden era.  Check out my About page now for more information on how I got started as a wedding DJ. We were talking about Milli Vanilli and how their music had some of the most infectious beats of the late 80s. I was asking him what it must have been like when he brought that 45 with him in his crate to the dance club during the summer of 1989.  He had the pleasure of dropping some of the most iconic dance music in history! Maybe I won't have time to play Milli Vanilli at your wedding, but I'll certainly throw in some Motown, the 80s, 90s R&B and hip-hop, and modern Top 40, and whatever else you fancy for you and your guests.   I specifically chose Milli Vanilli to be different, and I happen to like their music, but I could have easily picked something else like your favorite 90s R&B group that doesn't get a lot of spins. Non-traditional wedding DJs are in a constant search for some of the best remixes to add a little zest and flavor to their client's wedding playlist. Case in point,  if you are a fan of a Madonna and want to hear "Like A Prayer", the Shep Pettibone remix is my favorite.  Non-traditional wedding DJs have an extreme passion for music and are forever in a quest to be "different" in their performances, but not cheesy and over the top. Never a cheesy MC voice over here. For more of The Best 80s Songs For Your Wedding Playlist <----Click HERE

No Other Wedding DJs Reside On My Website
My belief from Day 1 has been to provide my brides and grooms the absolute best experience possible. This means an undying focus on being there for my clients on their wedding day. You are only as good as the last wedding you performed at. I am a firm believer in "quality" over "quantity". I am more interested in giving my clients the best party experience of their life, not boasting on social media with the same old tired posts about how many "average" weddings you are doing this month.   I've spent a ton of resources over the years for the best brides and grooms (who are into their music) to find me. I will never become a booking agency and put other wedding DJs on my website for them to capitalize over the reputation I worked to create. For more information on Why You Should Hire Your Wedding DJ Direct <----Click HERE.  Simply put, when you contract me to be the DJ at your wedding, I will be working with you from the time that you book until the last song plays. You will work with the owner of the company and your wedding will be well-respected and NEVER will be tossed around by a middle man at a booking agency. I have seen firsthand what booking agencies have done to destroy a couple's wedding day.  When you see a wedding DJ with multiple DJs on his website, he's trying to start a booking agency! This is especially shocking when they started out focusing on the "owner-operator mentality".  And before your wedding day, we will MEET. Find out more why you should always meet your wedding DJ before your big day. CLICK HERE

No Props And Tacky Logos And Signs And No Cheesy Lights!
One of the most tackiest things I saw recently on a DJs Instagram was the hanging of some type of logo or signage.  I've personally been pulled aside at weddings by planners thanking me for NOT bringing any cheesy and tacky lighting you see at nightclubs, or hanging banners. After all, this is your wedding, not a night club!  Since I am a non-traditional wedding DJ, my focus is 100% on creating the best musical experience possible for my clients. I leave all the cheesy props and lighting to the "traditional wedding DJs".  Hanging logos and signs that advertise a DJs business is one of the tackiest things ever! Beware of your wedding being turned into a marketing exercise by some of these traditional wedding DJs. For more information about the fact I don't employ any cheesy and tacky lights, <----CLICK HERE 

Hire A Non-Traditional Wedding DJ For Your Wedding TODAY
If you just found this blog, thank you for making it all the way to the end of this post! By making it to the end of this post, you are well on your way of getting to know my style as a wedding DJ. You are also getting educated on what you should be avoiding when it comes to contracting the single most part of your wedding day.  Unless Oprah's personal chef is cooking the food at your wedding, no one will remember it. Unless Martha Stewart flies down in her personal jet to create place settings and bouquets, no one is going to remember them. However, all your guests who have invested the time and money to see you marry the man or women of your dreams will remember how long they were dancing on the dance floor. They'll remember the amazing soundtrack that a non-traditional wedding DJ helped the bride and groom put together to make sure they stayed on the dance floor. They'll remember the bar was only a few steps away from the dance floor, so when they got tired and needed a cold drink, they were right back dancing! 

I could go on and on, but I think this particular blog post is the perfect ice breaker for you and I to get acquainted. The choice is yours though. I've spent countless hours creating content for my future clients in the form of this blog, as well as the Mike Bills Podcast. So much information is at your disposal to avoid the "traditional wedding DJ". Simply put, traditional wedding DJs are a dime a dozen. One more thing. You can tell you are talking to a traditional wedding DJ when they put all over their website how big their music catalog is. By going out of their way to mention this meaningless bit of information, they are trying to overcompensate for being the average wedding DJ they actually are. Stay clear! Click the image down below to be taken over to my contact form. There, you'll be asked for a few basic details and we'll set up a time to discuss your big day.
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