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Get To Know The Owner And Operator | Charleston Wedding DJ

18 April 2018

Mike Bills is the owner and operator of Mike Bills Entertainment, a higher end DJ service based in and around the greater Charleston, South Carolina area, which happens to be the Number 2 wedding destination in the country. This means he is the ONLY DJ on staff in the company. This also means there is NO lengthy roster of DJs in his company, just ONE exceptional wedding DJ there for you to help you craft the perfect mix of music for your very special day. Since there is only ONE DJ, there will be NO surprise who your DJ will be. Every single review you read online about Mike Bills Entertainment is from a Charleston wedding or event that was personally performed by Mike himself. Over the years, Mike Bills Entertainment has become one of the top choices for a wedding DJ in Charleston. Mike's style is professional, classy & fun, so there will be no silly jokes and gimmicks or ANY cheesiness at all. When he started Mike Bills Entertainment, the goal was to be the total "antithesis" of the cheesy wedding DJ, and he's accomplished that goal very nicely. Mike's aim with every couple he works with is to create a wedding reception (in terms of music) that is all about them and their specific tastes.  Brides and grooms want a soundtrack to their big day that will be remembered for years. "When you make the music about the bride and groom, you cannot really go wrong in creating lasting memories......" says Mike.

Professional & Polished Master Of Ceremonies
Mike Bills is a true professional master of ceremonies on the microphone. With close to a decade of experience on the air at various Charleston radio stations, he has the perfect voice for wedding announcements. He'll make as many or as few announcements that you need at your Charleston wedding reception, but most importantly, Mike will NEVER crack any stupid jokes or make any silly noises and put the spotlight on himself.  "While he keeps the number of new announcements to a minimum, it's still nice to have a great voice at all the wedding receptions I book Mike for"--- Charleston Area Wedding Planner

The Best Wedding DJs Will Buy The Best Equipment

In order to be one of the top wedding DJs in Charleston, Mike set out in the beginning to provide the best sound possible. This means professional grade equipment and an extra investment in equipment that most DJs think that they can do without.  Professional grade equipment is the type of gear that is durable and stands the test of time and provides the absolute best sound for Charleston weddings. Mike is a big fan of top of the line Pioneer and QSC equipment, as well as Electrovoice and Allen & Heath. Oftentimes couples don't seem to be too concerned with what equipment is being used at their wedding, but when you pay for a higher end Charleston wedding DJ, you are also paying for the additional investment the DJ has made in their equipment. Each and every Charleston wedding that Mike is the DJ at will have at least one subwoofer. Subwoofers don't make the sound at your event louder, they simply make the sound quality better by having both adequate high and low end frequencies. This perfect mixture of high and low end sound make for the best sound quality when Mike is the DJ at his Charleston weddings.

Top Of The Line QSC - Charleston Wedding DJProfessional Mixing By Allen & Heath
Electrovoice for Charleston Wedding ceremonies

Professional Sound And Music For Your Charleston Wedding Ceremony
The wedding ceremony is one of the most important and special moments of a couple's wedding day. Once again, Mike's aim has been to provide professionally produced ceremony music and sound for all the wedding ceremonies that he is a part of. Even though it's quite popular in Charleston to have the ceremony and reception at the same location, Mike has another small, but professional DJ setup that is required for the best ceremony sound.  Setup of the cermeony equpiment should be out of the way of your photographer. Mike invested in a professional mixer than can accomodate up to 4 microphones for a wedding ceremony. Of course, the officiant is to be mic'ed, but it's also recommended that the groom is also mic'ed up, especially if the couple are doing their own vows. Under no circumstances is the bride to be mic'ed up, (strictly for vanity sake). Since the officiant and groom are mic'ed up, Mike adjusts the gain on both of those mics while the bride is talking so she can also be heard. There are other occasions where you might need a separate handheld microphone for a special reading during your ceremony, and Mike can provide that as well. Mike can still provide microphones for your wedding ceremony should you decide to book an acoustic or string musician for your Charleston wedding.

Professional And Thorough Contact From Time Of Booking To Send-Off
One of the things that sets Mike apart of from the other Charleston wedding DJs is his attention to detail and swiftness by which he communicates with present and future clients. Mike is available by phone, email, Skype, or Facetime around the clock. Unlimited consultations are available upon booking to discuss the fine details of your Charleston wedding reception. Mike goes to great lengths to respond to every email within 24 hours, but most times, he should respond within hours. Click HERE to contact Mike to set up a meeting.

Personal Information About Mike
When Mike is not getting ready to DJ your Charleston wedding, he enjoys watching SEC football on those rare, free Saturday afternoons in the fall. He also enjoys heading down to the French Quarter in downtown Charleston at the beginning of each month to sip on wine and nibble on tasty hor d'oeurves during the art walks. You'll also find him out in his yard landscaping and gardening on hot sunny days. As a life-long Lowcountry resident, Mike loves the close proximity to the ocean, and one of his favorite, most relaxing things to do is drive out to the luxurious Kiawah Island and ride his bike out to the beach. Mike also likes to take in live music, and over the past few years has seen Heart, solo Ann wilson, Diana Krall, Hootie & The Blowfish, Train, Lindsey Buckingham, The Killers, and Third Eye Blind. And last but not least, since Charleston has seen a culinary explosion in recent years, Mike likes to try new restaurants and absolutely loves a good sushi. Having grown up in the 80s, the music of that decade is near and dear to Mike's heart. He is always tinkering around online trying to learn more about the decade of decadence, and obtaining new music to add to his catalog. "80s Music Can Increase The Fun Factor At Your Charleston Wedding" says Mike.
Mike Bills Wedding DJ Charleston
Photo Credit: McKeely Creative
Need More Information?
If you are just hitting my website and blog for the very first time, thank you for your consideration!  Thank you very much for making it to the end of this blog post. You have no idea how much I enjoy blogging about music. Music is my passion, and that passion shows at each and every wedding. If you are enjoying this blog and would like to set up a time to meet and discuss your upcoming Charleston wedding, please click HERE to tell me a little more about your big day. Trying to find the right DJ for your Charleston wedding is no easy task and should not be taken lightly. It is my aim to continue to stock this blog with the most helpful information for brides and grooms as they search for their all important Charleston wedding DJ. And also down below, there are some quick links on even more helpful blog posts about working with Mike and making sure the music is perfect for your Charleston wedding.
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