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Another Couples Choice Award For Your Charleston Wedding DJ

13 January 2018

We're wrapping up the second full week of 2018 and I'll say it again: Thank goodness the snowstorm has passed us. The case of cabin fever that I had was reaching mammoth proportions. It's looking to be another great year for Mike Bills Entertainment. Weddingwire has it's Couple Choice Awards that it bestows upon the Top 5% of wedding professionals in the country. I am proud and honored to receive this award for the FIFTH year in a row. I would like to take this time to thank all my couples who put their trust in my company throughout 2017 to provide them the exception wedding DJ "experience" that my company's reputation has forged and developed for Charleston since it's inception. The generous and kind words from my past clients fuel my passion for my business and motivate me to do even better for the future brides and grooms that make the decision to hire me to be the DJ for their Charleston wedding.  Truth be told, it's not really rocket science. It's really just a simple and easy formula for success. When you make the soundtrack to a couple's Charleston wedding all about them, a truly beautiful thing happens: The bride and groom have the time of their lives. Their guests have fun and are thinking about the time they had for years and years to follow. That's especially fun seeing the hundreds of dollars that will be spent on plane tickets to come to Charleston (if you are a destination couple). It's a proven formula that I cannot wait to provide to even more couples in 2018 and 2019 and beyond.

When I begin to work with a couple for their Charleston wedding, it's about getting to know their likes and dislikes when it comes to their music. Feel free to explore Why You Should Hire Me For Your Charleston Wedding by clicking this hyperlink. Brides and grooms should never look at their DJ that they hire for their Charleston wedding as "just someone who sets up and plays music". Anyone can come to your wedding and set up and play music. If you want that, check out Craigslist.  NOT everyone can be methodical in providing an exceptional wedding DJ experience though. That exceptional wedding DJ "experience" has more to do with the many hours of research and work that goes on behind the scenes long before your wedding day even arrives.

All I can say is a huge kudos for creating this award. Receiving this award for the past 5 years lights a fire under me to continue to develop my skills as a professional wedding DJ in Charleston in the following ways:
1. To keep honing my skills as a professional wedding DJ
2. To always provide each and every client with the very best and top of the line equipment.
3. To always provide my clients with one of the best DJ voices in Charleston.
4. To continue to be concise and detail-oriented in my preparation for each couple's wedding day.

Those are just some of the things that are included in that overall "experience" that I speak of and that is provided to my couples at Charleston weddings. It's never easy and if anyone ever tells you that it is easy, they are lying to you. Getting it all together and knocking it out of the park every single wedding is very difficult and the pressure is always on to provide that top wedding DJ service. I'm never thinking about what it takes to receive all 5.0's across the board, I am thinking about how to get a 6.0

What's Coming Up In January 2018
January is normally an off month for Mike Bills Entertainment, but this year I do have a rare wedding coming up on January 27th for William & Alex. I'm looking forward to sitting down with more and more couples for 2018 and 2019 weddings as we are still in the midst of another engagement season, which should reach it's peak as we approach Valentines Day. If you are bride or groom looking for one of the top wedding DJs in Charleston, click back over to my website. and fill out a contact form to give me a few details about your big day. Check out my blog as well for one of my most-content filled blogs in all of Charleston when it comes to DJ tips, playlist ideas, and everything else needed to make sure you have the perfect playlist for your upcoming wedding.
Charleston Wedding Week
For the 2nd straight year, Charleston Wedding Week will include a series of workshops, signature experiences, fashion shows, and other luxurious fetes. It's an event that is created by the people who give you Charleston Weddings Magazine and The Wedding Row blog. Sponsored by Diamonds Direct, its an event that is perfect for the Charleston bride who just got engaged and is dreaming of a beautiful and romantic Charleston wedding.  Brides will have access to some of the top wedding planners and vendors in the country for ideas on creating the wedding of their dreams. For more information on Charleston Weddding Week, click on the link for access to the 2018 Program.
Charleston Bridal Show
Coming up Sunday, January 21, 2018 at the Gaillard Center, it'll be another edition of The Charleston Bridal Show. The hours are 12 Noon - 4pm. Admission is $12.00 online or $15.00 at the door. Brides and grooms will have access to over 100 of Charleston's finest wedding vendors. 
The musical landscape is already looking very exciting (even in the first two weeks) of 2018. Feel free to check out this blog post from the end of 2017 about which songs will continue into 2018 from the previous year.  However, just in the first few weeks, these two artists have released new music.
"Filthy" | Justin Timberlake
Released on Thursday, January 4, this video already has over 21 million views. It's the first single to drop off his forthcoming record Man Of The Woods. It just hit Top 40 radio on January 9. It's like nothing I've ever heard from JT and I attribute that to his being a musical genius. I look forward to hearing some remixes in the coming weeks.

"End Game" | Taylor Swift Featuring Ed Sheeran & Future
It's Number 1 on You Tube's "Trending" for good reason. It's amassed over 19 million views since it's posting on midnight, January 11. The song has peaked at Number 17 on the Top 40 charts. It received over 12 million views in it's first day on You Tube.

Once again, I thank all my brides and grooms from 2017 for allowing me to get this prestigious award. I look forward to putting together another string of exceptional Charleston weddings in 2018, so we can try to go for a sixth consecutive year of the Couples Choice Award. If you are getting married in 2018 or 2019 and are wanting to begin the process for finding your Charleston wedding DJ, click here to tell me a little bit about your big day. I look forward to talking to you about your wedidng.