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2nd Edition Of The Complete Guide To Finding Your Best Charleston Wedding DJ

29 December 2018

Another fantastic year is coming to a close for my company, Mike Bills Entertainment. As I sit back and reflect on this year, I'm so blessed to be working on a passion of mine that continues to build stronger in one of the top wedding destinations of the country. For the 6th consecutive year, Charleston was named Top U.S City by Travel & Leisure Magazine, and we cannot forget Conde Naste crowning Charleston a Top City in the United States for the 8th `straight year. Brides and grooms continue to hit my website from all over the country as they seek to find the best wedding DJ for their destination wedding here in Charleston. While I did not quite eclipse the 100 post mark on the blog like I did back in 2017, it was still another pretty busy and productive year with approximately 85 posts.  If you are just now hitting my website for the very first time, thank you so much! Finding the best wedding DJ for your Charleston wedding is something you need to take very seriously.  You'll want to click over to my blog and get lost in my musical and DJ world. This second edition to the Complete Guide To Finding Your Charleston Wedding DJ is a spotlight on some of the most popular and informative posts of 2018.

Whether you decide to get married in Charleston or wherever you get married, the DJ you decide to hire is one of the most important decisions you'll make when it comes to the overall success of your wedding day.  Please, take your time when it comes to choosing the entertainment for your wedding. Be sure to read over this post, as well as my FAQs and check out my preferred vendors, then fill out a contact form so that we can set up a time to discuss the music for your Charleston wedding.  Now, let's get this retrospective started. I hope you enjoy this, and congratulations on your engagement and decision to get married in one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Click each graphic down below to be taken to each one of the spotlighted posts.

Charleston Brides Speak About DJ Nightmares

Six Charleston Brides Talk About Their DJ Nightmares | Surely you know a friend or a relative who has seen what exactly hiring a bad DJ has done to their wedding. Back in January of 2018, this was one of my most popular posts that highlighted 6 different brides that I have met over the years and their greatest fears of about making sure they hire the best wedding DJ for them. This post is definitely a must read for Charleston brides who are on the fence about who their DJ will be, because it covers a lot of the scenarios I've heard over the years from my clients.

Essential Guide To The Best Playlist

How To Create The Best Playlist For Your Charleston Wedding | Finding the best wedding DJ for your Charleston wedding is step 1, but all the fun that is going to commence on your wedding day involves quite a bit of leg work behind the scenes. There is a lot of preparation by your wedding DJ and yourself getting together and chatting about your musical likes and dislikes.  You want to create a playlist that will have all your guests out on the dance floor, even your 80 year old aunt, and your shy uncle who does not like to dance at all.  Exceptional wedding DJ experiences simply do not happen by accident, so click on the above up above for great ideas on creating your Charleston wedding playlist.

Top 6 Reasons To Direct Book Your DJ

Why You Should Consider Booking Your Charleston Wedding DJ Directly |  There are lots of different ways to book your wedding DJ. There are multiple-operator DJ companies, booking agencies, and single-operator DJ services. This post goes into great details some of the benefits of booking your DJ directly.  It's a must read for brides and grooms looking for even more peace of mind when it comes to booking their wedding DJ. Be sure to click the image up above for more information on hiring Mike Bills Entertainment for your Wedding DJ in Charleston.

Best Pre Wedding Playlist

Want To Create The Very Best Pre-Wedding Playlist For Your Charleston Wedding? |  From the time you wake up on your wedding day til the limo leaves your reception, you deserve to have the time of your life.  This post was a popular one and is a must read for every single bride looking to leisurely slip into her dress with her bridesmaids around, sip mimosas, and then get married to the man of her dreams. Just click on the image up above for some great ideas on which songs to hear as you get ready for your big day!

  Work From One DJ From Start To Finish

Want To Have The Least Amount Of Stress For Your Charleston Wedding? | This post is a very important one to read and describes one of the mantras that is Mike Bills Entertainment and how it's different from most all of the other DJ companies in Charleston. In short, when you book your wedding with my company, you'll never incur any booking or agency fees and you won't have to work with any rude clerical staff. Even more importantly, Mike Bills Entertainment will not toss your wedding date after it's booked to other DJs in town.  YOUR wedding date will receive my undivided attention, and there will not be any surprise as to who your DJ will be.

5 Reasons To Have A Charleston Photobooth

Want to Increase The Fun Factor At Your Charleston Wedding Just A Tad? | Since Mike Bills Entertainment believes in doing one thing and doing it awesome, I don't offer any upgrades and wish to leave the "heavy lifting" of those upgrades to experts in those areas.  Earlier this year, I sat down with Melissa Ingersoll, owner of Lowcountry Photobooth to get the lowdown on what separates her photobooth from all the others in Charleston. Also, we'll go into some greater detail about why you should consider having a booth at your wedding.

Father Daughter Dance Songs

Check Out Some Of These Beautiful Song Ideas For The Father / Daughter Dance | The relationship that a bride has with her father is a special one and demands a very special song. Outside the bride and groom's first dance, this is one of the most special moments at the reception.   It's been my experience that there are very few dry eyes in the reception hall during this moment.  Click on the image up above for some ideas for the father / daughter dance at your Charleston wedding.

Songs For When Youre In love In Charleston

The Perfect Soundtrack For When You Are In Love In Charleston | Even if you are not getting married in Charleston, this is the perfect soundtrack for couples who are in love to listen to when they come to one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the country.  Right after you book your flight to Charleston, be sure to check out this post and adjust your Spotify playlists accordingly. :)

Why Owner Operated DJs Are The Best

 Brides And Grooms That Are Looking For A Charleston Wedding DJ Who Will Provide Laser Focus To Them On Their Wedding Day Should Consider hiring an "owner-operator" wedding DJ company.   Maybe this post was a little shameless "self-promotion"?  Maybe it wasn't?  Check out this post by clicking the image up above about some of the benefits of hiring a small company verus a larger company with lots of different DJs with varying degrees of experience. 

Log In To Create Your Own Wedding Playlist

Create The Best Charleston Wedding Playlist From Anywhere You Have Internet Access On Your PC or Tablet |  Since the music for the biggest day of your life should be about YOU, it's been my goal since Day 1 to give my couples 100% latitude on what they want to hear, and even more importantly what they do not want to hear. You can make those decisions in the comfort of your own home wherever you are connected to the internet. It's still a huge hit with my clients. Find out more by clicking the image up above.

40 Wedding Music Standards Charleston Weddings

Planning A Wedding In Charleston And A Headstart On Creating The Best Playlist ? This was one of the top blog posts back during the summer. It offers some ideas for when you sit down and begin creating your playlist. The songs you'll see on this post are some of the most popular requested songs at Charleston weddings in recent years. Click on the image up above to get some great ideas for your playlist.

7 Biggest Music Mistakes

Planning your Charleston Wedding And Looking To Avoid These Music Mistakes? | One of the last posts but a great one this year.  It's a perfect read for the engaged couple who has just booked their wedding venue and has begun the interview process for the best wedding DJ for their Charleston wedding. Just click on the image up above for amazing advice on making sure the music is perfect for your wedding coming up in the Holy City.

5 Reasons To Get Married In CharlestonSC

Are You On The Fence About Where To Have Your Destination Wedding? |  In recent years, Charleston has catapulted to the Number 2 Wedding destination in the country. Perhaps you did some Googling and found information on Charleston Weddings, but still need a little bit more information on "why" you might consider getting married in Charleston. Check out the post by clicking the image up above. Be prepared to pull out your credit card to book your flight to get acquainted.

5 Choices For Charleston Beach Weddings

Maybe You Are Wanting To Have Your Wedding On One Of Charleston's Beautiful Beaches? |  Charleston has so much to offer when it comes to planning your wedding here.  If you'd like to take advantage of all the wonderful venues that are located on the beaches around Charleston, this post is a must read. Check out the post by clicking on the image up above.

How Much Should Your Charleston Wedding DJ Cost

Ever Wondered Why Some Charleston Wedding DJs Cost More Than Others? | Well, the short answer to that question would be that all wedding DJs are not created equal. This post goes into some of the different types of the wedding DJs you may come across while you are interviewing and searching for the best Charleston wedding DJ for you.  Just click on the image up above for more pricing information.

Modern First Dance Choices At Charleston Weddings

 The First Dance Song At Your Charleston Wedding Is One Of The Most Important Songs | Choosing the song which will be your first dance song is a decision that's not to be taken lightly. When you click on the image up above, you'll be taken to a post that shows some of the modern first dance songs used seen in recent years at weddings here in Charleston.

 Popular Mother Son Dance Songs

The Mother / Son Dance Is A Special Moment During Your Wedding Reception Between The Groom And His Mother :  It's one of the only moments that the groom's mother is in the spotlight during the reception. Check out this post by clicking the image up above for choices for popular mother / son dance songs.

Music For Your Cocktail Hour For Your Charleston Wedding

Creating The Best Vibe For The Cocktail Hour At Your Charleston Wedding |  Your cocktail hour music can be anything you like, but it's important that you get your DJ to create a great vibe. The vibe you create at this time will set the stage for a fun night of dancing later in the evening. Click the image up above for a great read on planning your cocktail hour music.

12 Questions Your DJ Should BE Asking You

You Know You've Found The Right Charleston Wedding DJ When They Ask You These Questions | We round out this second edition of the Complete Guide To Finding The Best Charleston Wedding DJ with one of the most popular posts describing some of the important questions that your DJ should be asking you.  

Looking To Check To See If Mike Is Available For Your Wedding Date In Charleston?
You know it's that time of the year again. The time when we celebrate thankfulness among friends, pull out our credit cards and give Amazon some of our hard earned money, gain a few pounds, and oh by the way, get engaged. Yep, lots of "life-changing" decisions happening again this holiday season. Between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day, over 40% of all engagements occur.  Thnak you very much for visiting my website and making it to end of this very informative post, full fof amazing content designed to educate brides and grooms about finding the best wedding DJ for their Charleston wedding.  Perhaps you are up in New York City or Boston or Chicago and are looking for a temperate, romantic, and historical location to have one of the biggest celebrations of your life.  After you have said "yes" and you and him are all curled up under the covers in your loft apartment in New York City or at your small studio apartment on Lake Michigan in Chicago watching the snow gently tap on your window, it's never too early to begin thinking about how to hire the best wedding DJ for your wedding.

Try To Avoid "Wedding DJ Regret"
81% of all brides look back after their wedding and wish they had focused more attention and been more picky on selecting their wedding entertainment.  It's up to experienced wedding DJs like myself to make sure you don't fall into that 81% and have that "Wedding DJ Regret".  I'd love to talk to you about being the DJ for your Charleston wedding. I love what I do, and I love talking to couples about creating that amazing soundtrack for their big day. Thanks again for visiting my website. Click HERE to tell me a little more about your big day and we'll arrange a time to talk. Congratulations again on your engagement and your decision to get married in Charleston.