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Top 4 Reasons To Use Uplighting At Your Charleston Wedding

30 September 2017

If you have not read over my blog post from this past summer (Why You Should Hire Me To DJ Your Wedding) then please go ahead right now and take a look.  One of the things I explain in it is the decision I made to focus solely on the "music" for your wedding reception. While my company prides itself on doing that ONE thing and doing it well, (music), I still have a great appreciation for lighting and will recommend some of the best wedding lighting vendors in Charleston. The amount of time and money you have spent on decor and planning deserves to be seen, and there is no better way to accomodate that need than to employ an entertainment ocmpany that specializes in uplighting. Even string lighting can turn an average event into an elegant masterpiece with very little resources (only a fraction) of your total wedding budget. You've spent hundreds, and in some cases thousands of dollars on place settings, your cake, and other amazing decor. Professional wedding lighting will make it all pop and be seen in awe-inspiring fashion.

The top 4 reasons to use uplighting at your wedding in Charleston

Increased Visbility
One of the biggest reasons to employ uplighting at your Charleston wedding is it's ability to accentuate the features of a venue's architecture. When you take into consideration the amount of historical areas in Charleston that have been transformed into wedding venues, this can be very important. Placing ther uplights all around a room can make the room look even larger than it really is and enhance the overall look of all the draping and all those beautiful flower arrangements you have invested in. Another lighting concept that has exploded onto the scene in recent years all around Charleston is string lighting. String lighting is commonly used in outdoor settings but is also been utilized inside some venues for extra beautiful effect. The pontetial impact is so great and can make your wedding reception come alive. See below for an example out at the Pavillion at Middleton Place from March 2015.  Click over to Sweetgrass Social for excellent wedding coordination and planning.
String Lighting Inside At The Pavillion At Middleton Place

Infinite Combinations Of Color
You've put a lot of thought and expense into the colors for your wedding. Uplighting can bring out these colors even more when strategically placed all around your venue. And you know what, the LED technology that comes with uplights today can allow you to change colors on the fly and at short notice. You can even schedule at your wedding reception to have your colors change during your event. You gotta love technology, eh? :) There actually was a wedding reception I was the DJ for recently where the colors did change. Since the bride and groom's cocktail hour began around sunset, lighter colors were chosen. Then, as the night went along, the couple changed their lighting to imitate candlelight. After dinner as the party really got started and the guests hit the dance floor, they moved into some brighter reds and blues around the dance floor. With the ability to change colors (on the fly), the possiblities are endless and these changes can be done on the fly and automatically as they night progresses.

Photographer and Videographer Friendly
Your photographer and videographer will thank you very much when you decide to employ uplighting or string lighting at your Charleston wedding.  Some wedding venues tend to be well lit, even in lowlight settings (if that makes any sense). But, there are some wedding venues around Charleston that need that extra lighting to come alive. The use of uplighting and string lighting will dramatically decrease the chance that your photographer will need to employ ugly flash. Since there will be enough ambient lighting caused by the uplighting and string lighting, your photographer can turn the flash off.  While I am no photographer, the on-camera flash can make photos looks not so natural, especially when he or she is trying to capture the mood of your wedding reception on the dance floor. for the videographer, the use of uplighting and string lighting can make increase the excitement of your video footage.
Event Lighting At The Annual Red Party In Charleston in October 2010

Just Do It And Don't Look Back
I am a huge proponent of putting the wedding entertainment (professional DJ) at the top of your wedding planning list in terms of priorities. The second thing you should book (after your wedding venue) is the entertainment. That being said, I am also a big advocate of adding some extra features like uplighting and string lighting into your budget. While I can appreciate and probably agree with you that budgets are tighter these days and in some cases times are tough, you would be surprised how small a dent that a lighting package would make into your overall wedding budget.  You hire a wedding planner or coordinator to make your wedding day go smooth. You hire a professional wedding DJ to provide the entertainment and keep the flow and the party going. You need to hire an lighting / entertainment company to allow all your hard work and decorations be seen.  The greater Charleston area has quite a few very talented lighting companies. One of the companies that I have worked quite closely over the past several is Charleston Uplighting. Go check out their website for a look at some of their amazing work. Another company I highly recommend for lighting and audio visual is Fox Audio Visual. Back during the first ever Charleston Wedding Week in January 2017, I had the pleasure of working with another great company in town, Technical Event CompanyWhen making your uplighting and string lighting decisions for your Charleston wedding, I strongly recommend you take a look at these three fine companies who have forged a rock solid reputation for providing the best in wedding and event lighting and AV. 
Uplighting Can Accentuate The Look And Feel Of Your Charleston Wedding

Hopefully, this post sheds a little light (no pun intended) on the importance of lighting at your weddnig reception. Did that sound corny? :) I am sorry. I promise there was no pun intended.  I also hope this Lighting 101 course or overview allows you to take a second look at lighting for your upcoming wedding reception over at Kiawah or the Daniel Island Club, or even downtown at the Historic Rice Mill. Don't be shy. Call these companies and get a price quote and even schedule a site visit to see how lighting will transform your event into something special. While you are at it and are searching for wedding vendors (ie. professional wedding DJ), click HERE to tell me a little more about your upcoming day. I would love to be the DJ at your wedding.