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The Complete 2018 Guide To Hiring Your Charleston Wedding DJ

12 December 2017

Over the past few years I have written numerous informative blogs about varying topics in regards to making the right hiring decision when securing a great DJ for your Charleston wedding. If you just arrived here, welcome and congratulations on your recent engagement. If you have spent anytime recently reading over my blog, you know exactly how impassioned I am about music and how exactly I treat my clients, and just how serious I am about providing them an exceptional wedding DJ experience. We're easing into another engagement season and when she does say "yes", there will be lots of searching on the internet for wedding venues and other important vendors, like your wedding DJ. I thought I would take this time to review my blog and create one master post with links to some of my most informative posts and make a one-stop guide in helping brides and grooms book one of their most important wedding vendors and begin creating the perfect soundtrack for their Charleston wedding over at Lowndes Grove, The William Aiken House, The Daniel Island Club, The Governor Thomas Bennett House, and the beautiful and serene and historic Middleton Place.

Brides and grooms who will be engaged this holiday season or will be likely popping the question by the year's end can use this blog post as their helpful and handy guide in hiring one of the most important wedding vendors for their Charleston wedding: the DJ. Be sure to listen to the miniature podcasts and promotional audio down below in this post, and read over the blogs that are hyperlinked creating this central repository of all things Charleston Wedding DJs. If you got engaged or are almost there, Merry Christmas and a huge congratulation from my company.

Get To Know The Style Of Your Charleston Wedding DJ
This first post was written for all my brides and grooms back in the summer of 2017. The post goes into greater detail and further defines my style as a professional wedding DJ in Charleston. Click on the link up above or on my photo down below to see if we would be a great fit. I look forward to talking to you about your upcoming wedding.
Get To Know The Style Of Your Wedding DJ Mike Bills

The Best Charleston Weddings Come With A Great Timeline
The absolute best way to ensure the smoothest of weddings is to get your wedding DJ or planner / coordinator to help you design a wedding day timeline. Click the link above or the photo below to get some helpful tips on how to have a great wedding day in Charleston.

Great Charleston Weddings Start With A TimeLine

Your First Dance Is One Of The Most Beautiful Moments
It's one of the moments during your wedding day that the spotlight is totally on the bride and groom. Click on the link up above or the photo below to get some helpful tips on when to do your first dance.

When To Do Your First Dance Your Charleston Wedding

Value Over Price When It Comes To Hiring A  Wedding DJ
The brides have spoken. More of them are choosing "value" over price when selecting one of the most important parts of their Charleston wedding. The entertainment. Click the above link or the photo to read more about the value of a great DJ.
Value Over Price For Weddings - Photo Credit Dani Simmonds

 The Biggest Reasons To Hire A Professional Wedding Planner
The words I never like to hear come out of a bride's mouth on her wedding day are "I cannot wait til this is over". Generally those words come from the do-it-yourself bride. Check out this blog post by clicking the link up above or the photo below for 10 reasons to hire a wedding planner and enjoy every single aspect of your wedding day. 
10 reasons to hire a wedding planner

Make The Best Charleston Wedding Playlist Ever
The playlist that you create for your Charleston wedding is either going to make your night or bust it. Proper communication with your wedding DJ in the creation of your playlist is paramount to having a wedding that you and your guests will be talking about for years. Click the link above or the photo below for insight on creating the best playlist ever.
Make The Most Of Your Charleston Wedding Playlist

 The Best Bridal Shower Soundtrack For Charleston Brides
Your bridal shower is a fun time with your bridesmaids and friends. Check out this archived blog post by clicking the link or the photo down below supplied by Getty Images for creating an amazing soundtrack with the girls.
Bridal Shower Getty Image

 Why You Need A Copy of Charleston's Premier Wedding Magazine
Because you are recently engaged and you need inspiration on which dress to purchase for the big day. Because you are in the hunt for some of Charleston's finest wedding venues and vendors. These are just a few of the reasons to pick up a copy of Charleston Weddings Magazine today. Click the link above or the photo below for more insight.
Charleston Weddings Mag Week


Charleston Wedding DJ Podcasts And Audio
 What began in early 2016 as an idea to give brides and grooms as another way of getting to know me has taken off. Produced by my sister company, Mike Bills Productions, these short audio podcasts give brides and grooms more insight on me and my style as a professional wedding DJ and more tips on selecting the best one for your Charleston wedding. Grab your headphones and take a listen.

The aim of this blog post was to tie a lot of the things that Charleston brides and grooms need to have to make their wedding the absolute best ever. I hope you've enjoyed reading over it and if you have any questions, then let's set up a time to talk. Being a true professional wedding DJ is a labor of love and it will continue to be my goal as we move into 2018 to keep this blog overloaded with fresh DJ tips, playlist ideas and anything else that comes to mind to make your Charleston wedding the most memorable ever. The weather continues to get colder as we edge toward another Christmas season in Charleston. I really appreciate you finding my website and this blog. In the highly competitive wedding market of Charleston (both local and destination), it's my goal to continue to maintain a fresh and very professional website for the modern bride in mind. I'd love to talk to you about being the wedding DJ for your upcoming Charleston wedding ceremony and reception. Click HERE to tell me some more more about your upcoming wedding. I cannot wait to hear from you.