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Summer Engagements | 7 Reasons You Need A Pro Charleston Wedding DJ

04 July 2018

Happy Birthday America! Thank you very much for finding my website and blog. With July 4th being right smack dab in the middle of the week this year, most everyone I know has been in "holiday" or "vacation" mode all week long. One of the premier wedding websites, reported in one of their blog posts that July 4th is one of the Top 10 most popular days during the year to get engaged. On their list, July 4th was actually the only day outside the time period between November and February to make the list. You know what? It makes perfect sense. Let's set the stage. You and your signficant other have made it a point to be together among family and friends. You are all having an amazing time grilling burgers and hot dogs and going for a swim at the beach, the lake, or in your closest swimming pool. As the sun begins to set, you both are enjoying some nice, cold watermelon before the fireworks begin. As a primer for the fireworks, you begin to hear some wonderful patriotic music begin to play in the background. All of a sudden, it's a little after 9pm, and the both of you are eagerly anticipating the beginning of the fireworks. Despite it being a bit hot, you hold hands and give each other hugs just as the fireworks begin. Then, he looks over at you and sees your enjoyment and the reflection of the fireworks in your eyes. Your eyes begin to look a little misty. Then, it happens. He asks you to marry him. You say "yes", and let out a scream, and all of a sudden all the spectators around you begin to cheer. Congratulations are in order as the fireworks display hits it climax and you share a kiss with your new fiance. Please read on, it gets even better. :)

Watching the fireworks on a hot, summer night might just be the equivalent of stealing a quick moment under the mistletoe during the Christmas season. If you have recently gotten engaged during this Charleston summer, here are 7 quick reasons who you need to be hiring a professional wedding DJ for your Charleston wedding. These 7 reasons are still applicable even if you don't get married in the Holy City.  Brides and grooms who just got engaged this summer or will be engaged this 4th Of July should use this post as a primer in their preliminary planning. I'll add links from some of my other informative posts from the blog archives as well.
Summer Engagements 7 Tips For Your Charleston Wedding DJ

1. The DJ You Hire Should Be A Professional Emcee.
You'll want a professional wedding DJ at your wedding because they are there to control the tempo of your day. Professional wedding DJs won't allow for ANY gaps in the music, plus they will be there to make the necessary announcements and create the flow for your entire day. No crude jokes or silly noise, just the announcements you need in a timely manner, while keeping the focus on the bride and groom.
2. The Best DJs Know The Music Needed For An Amazing Time.
Professional wedding DJs are going to bring with them an enormous music catalog. There will be no scratchy CDs that skip, but instead perfectly balanced audio from digital music files. They will have all the music you want to hear ready to go to get you and your guests on the dance floor all night long.
3. Professional Wedding Djs Will Not Cut Corners On Gear.
"Cheap DJs Are Never Great, and Great DJs Are Never Cheap". I cannot take credit for that quote, but one of the reasons it's very true is the best DJs are going to load up on some of the most professional grade gear to make sure the sound at your Charleston wedding is top notch.
4. The Right Wedding DJ Will Be Remembered Forever.
Upwards of 81% of all brides and grooms have said "after" their wedding they wish they focused more time and resources on the choosing the right DJ for their big day. No matter if your budget is $10,000 or $100,000, the DJ will always be one of the smaller line items on your overall budget, but one that has the greatest return on investment.
5. No Leisure Suits Or Tacky Tuxedos.
Let's face it, no matter what your budget is or where your wedding reception is going to be held, it's an occasion that is to be taken seriously. When you hire a professional wedding DJ, they will dress to the occasion and they will kindly obey how you'd like them to be dressed. This is one of the benefits in hiring Mike Bills Entertainment.
6. The Professional Wedding DJs Get There Early And Stay Late.
The best wedding DJs get to your venue at least an hour early, if not earlier to test gear, do a sound check, and make sure everything is ready to go. There are even some DJs who will visit your venue when they have not been there just to see where they will be set up. Think of these gestures as peace of mind for the couple, as well as the DJ.
7. The Best Wedding DJs Are Dependable.
An amateur wedding DJ you hire off Craigslist might be out of business by the time your wedding date arrives. The professional wedding DJs will be there for you every step of the way from the moment you book until your limo drives the both of you to the airport for your honeymoon. Also, be very leery of any wedding DJ who doesn't want to meet you before your big day.
The Bottom Line
Stop. Take a deep breath. Enjoy your engagement if you just said "yes" this summer. Hiring your wedding DJ though is serious business and is not something to ever be done in haste. Mike Bills Entertainment has become one of the best Charleston wedding DJs over the years and absolutely loves sitting down with brides and grooms to talk music. There are no do-overs for your big day. The music MUST be perfect. If you are recently engaged and are in the beginning stages of just "thinking" about a Charleston wedding, I invite you to fully review my website and blog. My blog has become one of the most expansive and informational in the Charleston region. Click HERE to tell me a little more about your wedding, and congratulations once again on your engagement. For even more informational posts from the DJ blog archives, check out the links below.
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