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I Am A Top Wedding DJ Who Takes On A Select Amount Of Weddings

04 June 2023

I've reached a point in my career as the owner of a successful, highly reputable wedding DJ service where I am completely at peace at what I am going to discuss with you in this post. Some of what I am going to talk about in this post may dove-tail off my last post where I spoke of a horrific experience I had during the spring wedding season that could have hurt the reputation I've worked years and years to build.  While other wedding DJs boast about "how many" weddings they are doing on an annual basis, I've chosen to whittle my bookings down into a select group of brides and grooms who have taken the time to research what it is they want in their wedding DJ.  Why did I decide to do this? Well, after that horrific experience earlier this year, I needed some sort of "reset" as it pertains to my business.  I began to think about clients who hired me 8 - 10 years ago, and actually considered reaching out to some of them because some of them were some of the most memorable experiences I've ever had as a wedding DJ.  Then I started to look at all that was on my plate and realized I can certainly afford to be selective in who contracts me and when you reach that point as a business owner, it's one of the most liberating feelings.

For those brides and grooms who only just landed on this blog post and don't know what I am referring to when I speak about that horrific experience, <---CLICK HERE.  The wedding DJ you decide is one of the most important wedding vendors (if not the most important) you will end up contracting for your wedding day.  Since the beginning of my career as a wedding DJ, I was bound and determined to keep the experience that modern brides and grooms have with me on a very "personalized" level.  What exactly does this mean? Well, for one, my desire from the very beginning was to get to know my clients and I've proven over the years (with great performances over and over) that becoming friends with clients is sooooooo much better than being a stranger.  After all, the music you choose to hear during all parts of your wedding day is a VERY important part of wedding planning.  If I were to be hired at every single wedding that comes my way, I would not have time to dedicate to the ones who have truly taken the time to get to know me and realize just who it is they are hiring.  This is one of the primary reasons that I opt to be selective at who I work with on annual basis as a wedding DJ.

For what you are getting with me, I am truly one of the top tier wedding DJs in Charleston. I'm not just saying this because I'm trying to boost my mood, I'm saying because it's true and all the typical modern bride and groom need to do to validate this point is take a look around at some of the other options that surround me when you are doing a Google search


While I wish it were possible, I simply cannot be in two places at the same time. Even if I could be find a way to be in two places at a time, I would choose to be in ONE place at a time. Working ONE wedding per day and providing my clients with that supreme focus has been my bread and butter since Day 1.   Even though the contract states a specific amount of time, my clients technically have me for their entire day because I will never double or triple book your wedding day only to pass it to another wedding DJ as your wedding date gets closer.  Find out more about Why A Wedding DJ Who Books One Wedding Per Day is the most secure option for you. Once you read over that archived post from 2020, you will thank me. :)

What You See Is What You Get: I Will Be Your Wedding DJ

You know it's comical. There are some wedding DJs who started their DJ service with good intentions to keep the focus on them by not forming a "staff of wedding DJs". Now, when you look at them on social media, they are describing "other" wedding DJs on their website.  After all of the years and hundreds of weddings, I still operate my DJ service with "me" showing up to your wedding to give my clients a guaranteed personalized approach.  If one of my competitors chooses to be a little greedier by bringing more DJs into their company, then so be it.  I know for a fact that most all of my clients over the years have come to me because they wanted to know without a shadow of a doubt who their wedding DJ is going to be. Are there some instances where companies with multiple DJs on staff work well? Sure there are and they will always be around. I just don't want to complicate my life by having a large staff of wedding DJs try to defend and uphold my reputation when I can easily do that myself.

No Desperate Looking Google Ads

I love Google. If not for Google, I wouldn't be writing this blog and have ever achieved the level of success I've received over the years. But, I wish there was a vetting process for advertising based on the look and feel of some of the ads. In recent weeks and months, I've seen some terribly desperate looking Google ads, which lead to an equally cheesy website.  Instead of throwing a website together that lacked any character and looked cheesy, I hired a "true" professional web designer who worked with me to create a website that matched my style, which is classy and elegant.  When I see these desperate ads, it's disturbing, but I'm also relieved that I don't have to operate my business with such desperation. Truth be told, my clients are savvy and would not be swayed by such desperate marketing techniques. My clients realize the importance of music at their wedding, and music is also an integral part of their lives.  When these prospective clients find out that I don't offer ANY add-ons and that my sole focus is on the music, all it generally takes is a quick phone call and we're quickly on our way to creating the best soundtrack for their wedding day.  Desperate-looking Google ads are a drain on the wedding DJ and wedding vendor industry. They cheapen the industry up and bring back that "cheesy wedding DJ" reputation that all wedding DJs had 20-25 years ago.  I'm confident that my ideal clients will find me and won't "call" me like these cheesy companies are going to want you to do. I've said it a thousand times. "Securing your wedding DJ is not to be done in the same way as calling Dominos to order your pizza."  I know for a fact that my ideal clients WILL find me eventually. Since this is the case, I don't need to ever resort to these desperate looking Google ads that really do nothing but marginalize all other wedding DJs. Whether it's a "word of mouth" referral or I am found "organically" by a Google search, I will continue to find these amazing clients who are very much into their music.  

Music And Personal Connections Are Far More Important

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of working with one of my "ideal" clients. Even though this couple booked me a little later than usual than most of my clients, I was determined to continue to apply all of the skills I've managed over the years to serve this bride and groom. From driving to the venue right after this client booked me to meeting the bride and her mom, I made it my goal to make sure I was able to provide this bride and groom with my usual focus of a personalized approach.   I truly believe that the way I work with my clients is the best way to ensure that not only trust will be built between me and my clients, but I will also be able to get to know their musical tastes so that we can put together the best mix of music for their wedding playlist.  One of my truly favorite things that I love to do is sit down with a newly engaged couple and talk about music. To be honest, I enjoy doing it with most people I meet, even if they are not clients. Music is a huge conversational piece for sure.  I will be posting a blog soon about some of the non-traditional music that I was able to see during this wedding. 

Everything Is Laid Out On My Website For My Prospective Clients

Everything you need to make an educated decision about who your wedding DJ is going to be is laid out all over my website and blog. Since I wanted to separate myself from a lot of the less professional-looking wedding DJs, I've spent hours, months and years to create compelling content so that my clients can be guided in the process of finding this all-important wedding vendor for their most special day.  I don't want to sound "cliche", but the choice is yours.  My focus on building a friendship with my clients separates me from the rest of the wedding DJs you see. As long as I am a part of this industry, I will continue to pave a course for how I believe a wedding DJ should present themselves online.  So many clients I've spoke to over the past few years have gravitated to my approach and have practically hired me after a quick phone call. They've hopped on a call with me after being scared from all the high pressure sales tactics from booking agencies and other wedding DJs who operate unprofessionally.  If you feel like we'd be a good fit, I would love to speak with you soon! In your search for the best wedding DJ, I can tell you that I am the best wedding DJ you've never met.  If you should decide to hire me as your wedding DJ, I can assure you that I can provide you the undivided attention that is required when being a wedding DJ and working with brides and grooms.  Click HERE to submit a contact form and we'll talk soon. Thank you for stopping by my website and blog.