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How To Find The Best Wedding DJ For Your Special Day In 2023

24 April 2023

After a lengthy phone call with my web developer over the weekend, I was told it had been a while since I published a blog. I've been busy in more ways than one over the past few months working on various other projects and business opportunities, so my creativity has been lacking as it pertains to putting together valuable content for my clients. The spring wedding season is underway as well and I will be busy into June. I will tell you that putting together any blog the right way can be very time consuming. These posts can be time consuming because I write each and every one of them by hand. No artificial intelligence here! Putting content together for current and future clients is one of the things that I set out to do well over a decade ago when this website was brought online. Over the years, I have carved out a niche for doing one thing amazingly well. That is playing music for the modern bride and groom and their guests. The people who hire me are from all sorts of places, they can be both young and old, both destination and local, but most all of them share a common need and desire. That is finding the best wedding DJ for what will be the most special day of their lives.

The times are a changing. I've put together posts like this in the past. I remember back in 2018, I put together a "Guide To Finding a Wedding DJ" post, but you know what? That was almost 5 years ago. In terms of wedding planning years, that might as well be 50 years ago. The world has changed and it's not going back to where it was. And let's not forget COVID-19, it really has done a number on weddings, probably to the point where they will be changed forever.  Sure, you are still going to get married. You are still going to invite your closest friends to your wedding. You are still going to drink adult beverages and dance until your heart is content. But, from what I've seen is the younger generation is becoming more and more savvy and are paying for weddings on their own. The younger generation (Generation Z) is putting far more emphasis into "experiences". A large part of that experience has everything to do with music. These modern brides and grooms want to hire a wedding DJ who specializes in putting together an amazing wedding playlist that is filled to the brim with the music they love.

Find Someone Who Is Passionate About Their Craft

Without passion, I would never have been able to carve out my niche and develop the stellar reputation with my clients over the years.  When I say that I am passionate about my craft, I truly am. Music is what makes a wedding DJ, not selling uplighting or a photobooth. Selling uplighting or photobooths doesn't make you a better wedding DJ. I mean, you may make more income than me, but I decided a long time ago that I was going to focus on one thing and do it perfect. I don't want the hassle and you'd be surprised on how many of my clients have a deep respect for this stance. Larger wedding DJ services started to sell these package deals that included uplighting and photobooths years ago, but like most wedding trends, I've always "bucked" trends and have decided to do my own thing. I've taken it upon myself to explain this to my clients and have been met with open arms and solid bookings. It's been my experience that when you are truly honest about who you are and tell people why you conduct your business the way you do, you are met with even more appreciation. I don't care if my competition makes more money than mr. I know my limits as a wedding DJ. I know that the way I treat my clients cannot be easily duplicated, which is why when a modern bride and groom hire me to DJ their wedding, I will not ever pass their wedding to another DJ. EVER. At the end of the day, the person who you trust to be your wedding DJ should be well versed in all types of music. For me personally, I find myself lost in music each and every day. I don't care about offering you a sleek photo booth because I know plenty of companies who know all there is to know about photo booths and they aren't wedding DJs. Music is my passion and I look forward to sitting down with all of my clients to discuss their musical tastes so we can put together the best wedding playlist for their special day.

Find Someone Who Is Genuninely Interested In Getting To Know You

We all are very much caught up in our own busy lives today. Every one of my clients is working hard to make ends meet, while also trying to plan the wedding of their dreams, oftentimes many many miles away from the Holy City. Yesterday I met one of my fall clients. While this bride had booked me back in February, "life" happens even when you are planning a wedding. She reached out to me last week about uploading some music to her playlist.  I helped her, but I also realized that I had not met her face to face yet, so we made a time to meet. Would you believe that most wedding DJs would not think twice about meeting brides and grooms? It doesn't feel right if I don't meet a couple before their wedding day, so I always make a point to meet. This is how I roll. Last weekend, I had a wedding with a destination couple from Dallas, TX. Their schedule was so tight that setting up a separate meeting in the days before their wedding was not going to happen.  So, I made a point to go to their rehearsal to introduce myself for just a few minutes to not only set my mind at ease, but also let them know how serious I was about being their wedding DJ.  These are just a few of the gestures done by me because they feel like the right thing to do. If they feel like the right thing to do, they probably are because at the end of the day, it is the music and entertainment that guests are going to remember most about your wedding day, not the signature cocktails or food / wine pairings. And one more thing, when I talk about getting to know my clients, I'm talking about having conversations about the type of music they like and don't like. Those conversations can be done on the phone / Facetime,  or in person, but when you decide to hire me as your wedding DJ, they are definitely going to happen at some point.

Find Someone Who Has The Experience And Reputation

Experience does not mean coming to your wedding hung over from the bar gig for $200 the night before. Trust me when I tell you this. You do not want a club DJ at your wedding. Only a handful, and I do mean a handful have been able to make the proper transition from clubs to weddings.  When I say on my website that I am a classy and elegant wedding DJ with a focus on the music,  who has an exceptional emcee voice that is perfect for your wedding, I mean it. Your wedding should be treated like an elegant day and be executed by a consummate professional. A consummate professional who has the proper finesse to speak to you and your guests over the microphone in a classy and elegant way, not like they are at $1.00 Beer Night at a hole in the wall college bar downtown playing early 2000s rap music that has not been censored. I look at all weddings as classy events. Whether it's a backyard wedding with minimal cost or a $100,000 grand affair at the Ocean Course on Kiawah, every wedding deserves to be treated the same; with class and elegance.

It's YOUR Wedding. Don't Let Anyone Tell You WE Cannot Work Together

I'd like to think that you are going to get all the way to the end of this blog post and decide to fill out a contact form to set up a time for us to talk. If that happens, then I will have done my job at not only creating valuable content for you, but all of the work I've done over the years to showcase my reputation online will have worked very nicely. There is one thing though that I should warn you about. If you've gotten enaomred with me and my style just by reading over this post or by glancing over other portions of my blog, even before you have even heard the sound of my voice or sat down with me, then I have done my job masterfully. I look forward to meeting with you soon. In the meantime, be wary of a wedding coordinator / planner who won't let you work with a certain wedding vendor just because they haven't worked with everyone you like.  I would hate for you to get attached to me, only to have a wedding planner / coordinator push other less polished wedding DJs your way because they haven't worked with me. The wedding industry is a huge place and just because you like me, your photographer, and your wedding planner, it doesn't mean we cannot all work together and make your day the best ever. Beware of anyone who tries to limit who you work with. It's YOUR day and YOU are the one who is paying for it.  When brides and grooms come to me after witnessing these types of things, I am dumbfounded!

Wanna Set Up A Time To Speak With DJ Mike Bills?
Wow! No matter how busy I get, I need to always find the time to put these blogs together. Taking the time to put my thoughts down for you is therapeutic in more ways than one. I would love very much to speak with you about your wedding. If you just got engaged and are in the beginning stages of planning your wedding, just take a deep breath and live in the moment.  I really appreciate you finding me and I hope that you'll spend some more valuable time looking over my website and blog  to help you find the best wedding DJ for you!  Down below are some great links I've put together over the years to help get you started.  Check out The Mike Bills Podcast on Google Play or Apple to download 17 episodes on tips on how to find the best wedding DJ too.  See you soon!

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