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Best 35 Fun Recessional Songs For Your Wedding Ceremony

28 February 2020

In most cases you've spent a lot of time over the course of several months, and in some cases years planning the single most biggest of your life. Your wedding day. It's almost here. You've been dreaming about this for years. You want it to be the best and the most fun day ever for you and your guests. As the day gets closer and closer, you've probably found yourself losing a few hours of sleep as you toss and turn some nights. Even if you have employed the services of one of the best wedding planners or coordinators in Charleston, this single day has occupied a lot of space in your mind for quite some time. As one of the best Charleston Wedding DJs, I will see to it that you do not lose any sleep in the music and entertainment department of your day.  You deserve nothing less than perfection when it comes to this day. But, before the party begins, there is a little bit of business to take care of. The wedding ceremony. You've got to get married first.  The end of your wedding ceremony marks the end of the serious stuff, and the start to the fun.  Modern brides and grooms should celebrate this moment with a fun recessional song to cap off their I Do's.

Perhaps you both have planned an elaborate exchange of vows that will bring both a smile to every one of your guests faces, as well as a tear to their eye.  Your wedding ceremony is generally the part of your day that is fairly serious, but there is that one moment when your officiant says that you are now husband and wife that both of our hearts do cartwheels just like when you kissed for the first time. Both of you are all smiles and feel like running away and starting your honeymoon sooner, rather than later, but you've got to get through the rest of your wedding cocktail hour and reception. Through the years, I've always pointed all my couples into the direction of a fun and "happy-go-lucky" for the recessional song. After all, youve just married the man or woman of your dreams and are so happy and relieved that your wedding ceremony went off without a hitch. Check out some of these recessional song ideas when planning the music for your wedding ceremony.
Download This Playlist From Charleston Wedding DJ Mike Bills On Spotify
Because planning the music for your wedding is of utmost importance, I've decided to make it even easier for modern brides and grooms looking for even more inspiration when it comes to putting together the music for their wedding. Head over to Spotify and do a search for DJ Mike Bills. When you get there, you'll find this playlist as well as many, many other playlists to help give you ideas for your own wedding playlist. More and more playlists are being added daily. 

"Daylight" | Matt & Kim
And we kick off this list of fun recessional songs with Indie pop artist Matt & Kim. When I first heard this song and the way the piano starts out, I had to throw it on this playlist.  While it did not chart on Billboard, the video got viewed a lot on You Tube by lots of Indie fans.

"1901" | Phoenix
The second song on this fun recessional playlist for your wedding ceremony is from another Indie band from France.  "1901" would peak at #1 on the Billboard Alternative songs chart.

"God Only Knows" | Beach Boys
"God Only Knows" was one of many signature songs by the Beach Boys.  The song was featured on their epic album Pet Sounds and was released in the summer of 1966, but only peaked at #39 on the Hot 100 chart.

"Best Day Of Life" | American Authors
If I had to publish a post about some of the best one hit wonders of the 2010s, the American Authors would be on it. The song was released back in March of 2013 and would make it all the way to Number 1 on the Billboard Adult Top 40 chart.

"Home" | Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
"Home" has been fairly popular song for modern brides and grooms who are into their Indie and folk music. I worked with one couple years ago who used "Home" for their last song of the night. Released in January of 2010, the song would peak at #25 on the Billboard Alternative songs chart.
Recessional Songs Bride And Groom Golf Cart
Maybe you'll have your wedding ceremony on the beach and ride off on a golf cart.

"All I Do Is Win" | DJ Khaled
After all, you just won the man or woman of your dreams so why not celebrate with some rap to get you to your cocktail hour. Ludacris, T-Pain, Snoop Dog, and Rick Ross all assist on this banger from 2010. The song would peak at #6 on the Billboard Rap charts in the summer of 2010.

"Born To Run" | Bruce Springsteen
If you are a bride and groom from New Jersey and are fans of Bruce Springsteen, this might be the perfect recessional song for you.  I actually just refreshed a post about famous New Jersey musicians and how brides and grooms can give their wedding playlist some Garden State flavor.

"All You Need Is Love" | The Beatles
"All You Need Is Love" was the perfect song for the summer of love in 1967. It was actually released only as a single with "Baby You're A Rich Man" on the B Side.
The song would become another Number 1 song for the Beatles.

"Save The Last Dance For Me" | Michael Buble
Originally written and released by The Drifters in 1960,  Michael Buble would cover the song for his album It's Time. Released in April 2006, this final single from the album would make it all the way into the Top 5 on the adult contmeporary chart.

"Good Life" | One Republic
Time is flying. This year will mark 10 years since the release of this song. I've used this for a recessional song and it's very hard to not get a little extra spring in your step. "Good Life" would peak at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

"The Way You Make Me Feel" | Michael Jackson
"Bad" was one of the great Michael Jackson albums of the 80s. "The Way You Make Me Feel" was the 3rd song to break off this follow-up record to Thriller. Released back in November of 1987, the song would peak at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Recessonal Modern Bride And Groom
Photo Credit: Mike Bills Entertainment

"You Make My Dreams (Come True" | Hall & Oates
Not only is this Hall & Oates classic a fun and upbeat recessional song, but it's been used numerous time for the bridal party introduction song. Need a great grand entrance song, click this link. "You Make My Dreams" would become one of the biggest songs of the summer of 1980 and become a Top 5 hit on the Billboard Hot 100.

"The Power Of Love" | Huey Lewis & The News
If you've spent any extended amount of time on my website and blog, you know I am a huge fan of the music of the 80s. This summer marks 35 years since the release of the iconic movie Back To The Future. Add this song to your playlist while you watch it on Netflix or Hulu.

"On Top Of The World" | Imagine Dragons
The Imagine Dragons have become one of the most popular bands of the 2010s and their success will probably continue into the 2020s. After all, you just married the man or woman of your dreams, you will certainly be on top of the world.

"You Are The Best Thing" | Ray Lamontagne
This instant classic by Ray Lamontagne has also become one of the most popular modern first dance songs since it's release in 2008. "You Are The Best Thing" would make it all the way to #5 on the Adult Alternative chart.

Kate Emmad Recessional On Beach
Right after your wedding ceremony, you feel like running away to a private spot
Photo Credit: Mike Bills Entertainment

"Electric Love" | BORNS
The love between a newly married bride and groom is electric, so this is the perfect song for a recessional at your wedding ceremony. Released in the fall of 2014, "Electric Love" would peak at Number 6 on the Adult Alternative chart. 

"Safe And Sound" | Capital Cities
Capital Cities are another Indie pop band on this fun list of recessional songs for your wedding ceremony.  It remains to be seen if Capital Cties will have another hit as "Safe And Sound" was the only song by them to hit Number 1 on the Billboard alternative chart.

"The Final Countdown" | Europe
Who says you can't use a popular 80s song by a Swedish rock band for your wedding ceremony recessional song? "The Final Countdown" was one of the most popular songs from 1986 and would peak at #8 on the Hot 100.

"God Gave Me You" | Blake Shelton
If you've never heard "God Gave Me You" by Blake Shelton, all you need to watch the You Tube video by clicking the song title in this post. Once you see it, you'll realize how perfect it is for your wedding day.  "God Gave Me You" would become another #1 for Blake Shelton and also one of the most popular country songs of 2011.

"I Melt With You" | Modern English
This iconic early MTV song is perfect for your wedding recessional song because brides and grooms probably feel like the world stopped when their officiant declares them husband and wife. While the song did poorly on the Hot 100, it peaked at #7 on the U.S Rock Album And Top Tracks chart and gained a lot of popularity on MTV.

Kate Emmad Beach Recessional 2010
Photo Credit: Mike Bills Entertainment

"Such Great Heights" | The Postal Service
Another great wedding recessional song by another Indie Pop band. In case you haven't noticed, Indie is popular at a lot of my weddings.  Check out this link about lovely Indie First Dance Songs

"Lovely Day" | Bill Withers
Your wedding day is one of the loveliest days you'll ever experience in your life, which makes this song a very popular choice song for the recessional.  The song would make it all the way to Number 1 in the lovely country of France, but only #6 on the Billboard R&B singles chart,

"I Do" | Colbie Caillat
You just did your I-Do's and now you are going to run off into the sunset with this perfect Colbie Caillat song. Released back in 2011, the song would make it all the way to #7 on the Adult Top 40 chart.

"Paradise" | Coldplay
If you've played your cards right, your wedding day will seem like "paradise".  Perfect planning and coordination, and of course, the perfect playlist.  Released at the end of the summer of 2011, Coldplay would score a #1 song on the Alternative charts.

"Dogs Days Are Over" | Florence & The Machine
If you by chance got your hands on this single, you'd see the B side was another popular for weddings "You Got The Love".  You might remember "You Got The love" from 1986 by Candi Staton. 

Millie And Adam Brookland Recessional
"You may kiss the bride". Photo Credit: Aaron & Jillian Photography

"Now That We Found Love" | Heavy D & The Boyz
1991 might have been the best year of music in the 90s. Check out my post about 1991 by clicking on the preceding link. Heavy D & The Boyz would record and release this O'Jays cover in the summer of 1991 and would score a #2 hit on the U.S Dance Club chart.

"I Got You (I Feel Good)" | James Brown
This signature song by the godfather of soul would be the biggest song of his career.  Released in the fall of 1965, "I Got You (I Feel Good)" would peak it at #3 on the Hot 100, as well as #1 on the R&B chart.

"Can't Stop The Feeling" | Justin Timberlake
Released in the spring of 2016, "Can't Stop The Feeling" would become one of the biggest songs of the summer of 2016.  Timberlake would debut at #1 on the Hot 100 with this song and it's become one of the most popular recurrent songs of the past 5 years.

"Say Hey I Love You" | Michael Franti & Spearhead
"Say Hey I Love You" might be in my top 5 for fun and upbeat wedding ceremony recessional songs. It's fun and upbeat, and that's what you'll be having after your ceremony and grab a few adult beverages.

Recessional Mackenzee And Adam
Now presenting our bride and groom. Photo Credit: Anchor & Veil

"Yours" | Russell Dickerson
Originally this song was released digitally back in the summer of 2015 and would finally hit country radio in 2017. Be sure to listen to the wedding version of this song and you'll see why it's perfect for your big day.

"Send Me On My Way" | Rusted Root
This classic song from the 90s alternative era didn't do much on the Billboard Hot 100, but would become a favorite by lovers of alternative and folk rock. The song also appeared in Enterprise Car Rental commercials.

"Forever And For Always" | Shania Twain
Originally released back in the spring of 2003 on country radio, "Forever And For Always" would cross over to adult contemporary radio and would become a Number 1 song by the latter part of 2003 and early 2004.

"Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)" | Stevie Wonder
This signature song by Stevie Wonder is one of the most requested Motown songs on wedding playlists. Click the preceding link for more Motown favorites. Released in the summer of 1970, the song would become a #1 on the R&B chart and Number 3 on thepop chart.
Beach Recessional Ashton Justin

"Lover" | Taylor Swift
As a married couple, you'll be able to keep the Christmas lights up into January, just like Taylor Swift says in this song. "Lover" is the perfect mixture of country, folk, and Indie pop for your recessional song. "Lover" would peak at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100.

"Any Way You Want It" | Journey
The last song on this list of fun recessional wedding ceremony songs is from a band from San Francisco who has one of the greatest rock voices. Steve Perry & Journey would release "Any Way You Want It" from their album Departure in February 1980. 

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