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An Open Invitation To Charleston Wedding Planners From A Top Wedding DJ

05 August 2018

Hello! Nice to meet you! Hope you are having an amazing summer. I'm Mike Bills, owner and operator of Mike Bills Entertainment. If you are wedding planner or coordinator working weddings in one of the most beautiful cities in the world of Charleston, SC, this blog post is for you. In this post, I am going to reveal a very interesting tidbit about myself with you. I've come to realize in the past several months that there are so many wonderful wedding planners in and around the Charleston area that have not crossed paths with me. There are so many incredible wedding planners and coordinators in the Charleston area that share my passion for providing an exceptional experience to their couples. Maybe you are a planner or coordinator in Charleston who felt inspired when they saw one of my Instagram posts and began to follow me, but have yet to work with me? We live in an increasingly digital world today where we need instant information and sometimes don't have time to meet in person. Truth be told, I've also come to the realization that being in the Charleston wedding industry is more  "relationship" driven than I previously thought. While I've pushed and pushed to maintain a top notch online presence, I've decided that one of my greatest weaknesses as a business owner is networking!  I've never been afraid to "talk" to people, but if you don't know that right events to go to, you tend to sit on the sidelines. We'd all love to think that we could get all our bookings from "just" our website, but it doesn't work that way anymore. In recent weeks and months, I've been working with fellow colleagues and coaches about solving this problem. With an increasingly competitive wedding market in Charleston over the past several years, one must find ways to increase his or her reach in their prospective industry and get the word out in an efficient manner.

Blogging has been my best source of action when it comes to getting the word out about who it is I am when it comes to being a  professional wedding DJ in Charleston. If you are a wedding planner or coordinator in the Charleston, SC area and we have not had the opportunity to work together, I'd love for you to take some time and click over to the homepage of my website. Click over there now. In the middle of the homepage, there is an introductory paragraph I'd like you to read. After you read that, click over to my updated weddings page.  After you read over that page, feel free to click over to my blog for a wide variety of helpful information for prospective brides and grooms for all things in choosing a great wedding DJ and planning the music for their special day.
Open Invitation To Charleston Wedding Planners From One Of Best Wedding DJs

While I know that each and every planner and coordinator has their favorite wedding vendors that they know and like to refer to their brides and grooms, there might be a time in the future when some of those vendors are already booked and you need a seasoned professional wedding DJ to step in and provide and exceptional experience. I'd love to be "that" DJ for you. Enter Mike Bills Entertainment, one of a handful of "owner-operated" professional DJ companies in the Charleston SC area.

My Strongest Selling Points

Owner Operated: No middle-men or booking agency here. One excellent DJ from start to finish. I'm not just a DJ who just shows up and plays music.  The entire experience of working with me begins at the time of booking through an unlimited amount of consultations designed to make sure we have the perfect playlist for a couple's wedding. This is an important selling point for my couples, as they also do not want any surprises as to who their DJ will be. Excellent communication skills with my couples, along with their wedding planners and other vendors have been a strong selling point of my company. Mike Bills Entertainment is also a DJ who will take the initiative to set up a site survey for every wedding venue he visits. 

True Passion For The Music
With my company, I decided to keep my focus 100% on the music. I wanted to let the lighting companies take care of the lighting. I wanted to let the photo booth companies take care of the photo booth, and so on. My efforts are best placed on making sure that the music selections are centered around the bride and groom and their guests so that we can draft the perfect playlist for a lifetime of memories.

Professional & Polished MC
It's important that when any Charleston wedding DJ opens the microphone they speak and they sound like a consummate professional. Having worked about a decade on the radio as an announcer, I have the professional demeanor and voice that clients are looking for to execute the timeline for their wedding reception, make the announcements, and keep the flow of the evening moving, as well as get the party started. Having a DJ that has the confidence and experience on the microphone is equally as important as creating the proper mix of music.

All Charleston Wedding DJs Are Not Created Equal
Ever since the inception of my company, it's been my mantra to be the complete "antithesis" of the cheesy wedding DJ that still stigmatize the wedding DJ industry today. When it's not a part of your personality to be "cheesy", then you won't be making any stupid or off-colored jokes on the microphone, or silly noises. I'll dress to the occasion and will ALWAYS "compliment" a couple's evening, NOT take over it. The spotlight will always be on the bride and groom.

Radio Edited Music & $2 Million Liability Insurance
There's nothing worse than going to a wedding and it "sounds" like you are in the club with all the F bombs coming out of the speakers. Mike Bills Entertainment has a paid subscription with one of the top music subscription services for DJs in the country; Primecuts Through this membership, I receive all the new and trending music across all the popular genres, and most importantly I only receive the clean edits for my clients. Brides and grooms can also have greater peace of mind in knowing that I bring to each wedding $2 million of liability insurance for any unforeseen emergencies or issues.

Recorded Podcasts
Over the past several months I have recorded numerous miniature podcasts for my prospective clients. Here are a few of them down below. Thank you for visiting my website and making it all the way to the end of this blog post. I am very interested in creating more relationships with more and more of Charleston's great wedding coordinators and planners. I'd love to grab a coffee or lunch with you. Click HERE and let's set up a time to meet and open up a dialogue and start working together!

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