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5 Reasons To Have A Photo Booth At Your Charleston Wedding

22 February 2018

You've been planning your perfect Charleston wedding for months, and in some cases, years. After all the planning and preparation that has gone into one of the biggest days of your life, there is only one word that comes to mind when describing what your day should be; "fun". While I've certainly talked in previous posts about how important it is to hire the right Charleston Wedding DJ and entertainment and how that will certainly give you the best chance of having an awesomely fun reception, there is one more dimension you might add to your big day. A photo booth. Employing a photo booth at your wedding is one of the best ways to really get you and your guests engaged and having a blast at your wedding reception in addition to the best soundtrack I'll help you create.  As you may have read in my previous posts, I don't offer any upgrades. Click HERE to read this post from last summer to get a little more caught up on who it is I am as a Charleston wedding DJ.  My aim is to continue to keep that laser focus on all my brides and grooms in creating the absolute perfect soundtrack for the biggest day of their lives. I want to continue to do ONE THING and do it excellent. In recent months, I had been thinking about adding a photo booth company to my preferred vendors list. Back in December, I connected with Melissa Ingersoll of Lowcountry Photo Booth at a networking event and what she was doing really caught my eye.

As a  DJ who has performed at many weddings that have had many different types of photo booths, I always saw a photo booth as a fun escape or pleasant diversion from all the socializing and all the dancing.  This was until I met and began talking with Melissa. Lowcountry Photo Booth is quickly becoming the preeminent choice for a luxury-styled photo booth at Charleston weddings. I sat down with Melissa a few weeks ago and we talked about photo booths and what makes what she does different from all the rest of the photo booths around town.  I mentioned to her that one of the last weddings I was at had a photo booth that looked it was being held together by duct tape. We both laughed and she told me about the steady growth of her photo booth company. I also asked her about some of the latest trends in the photo booth industry in Charleston and she gave me 5 reasons why brides and grooms need a photo booth at their Charleston wedding and what Lowcountry Photo Booth offers that other photo booth companies may not. 

Modern & Open Air
In talking to Melissa, I quickly learned that all photo booths are quite different. "Not all booths are created equally." says Melissa. The booth you get when you hire Lowcountry Photo Booth comes equipped with a top of the line professional DSLR camera and lighting for high quality images, while housed in a chic, modern design. Melissa also mentioned. "The open air concept will allow all your guests to participate in the fun of the photo booth, while effortlessly integrating into your wedding". She also goes on to mention the packages that are offered from Lowcountry Photo Booth also include a choice of a luxury backdrop to coordinate with your wedding, and the creation of your very own custom backdrop is also available.  I must say I agree wholeheartedly with Melissa's approach, and I may also add that brides and grooms have in many instances invested a lot of money in decor for their wedding and don't want an unsightly, outdated looking photo booth that stands out. The "chic and modern design" from Lowcountry Photo Booth allows the booth to blend in without taking over your event.

Lowcountry Photo Booth - 5 Reasons To Get A Booth

One Of A Kind Favors
Melissa also mentions. "When you book your photo booth with Lowcountry Photo Booth, there won't be any mediocre prints!" Those traditional 2  x 6 strips with "personalized" name and date are a thing of the past. At Lowcountry Photo Booth, you are able to get 4 x 6 modern postcards that can be customized for your wedding. "During the planning process, you'll sit down with me and I'll get to learn the style, decor, and theme of your wedding". says Melissa. Then, our in-house designer creates a perfectly, styled, one of a kind print to match.  And with the use of a high quality printer, your guests will have a wonderful keepsake within seconds so that they may cherish your wedding day forever.

Lowcountry Photo Booth Custom Wedding Template

 GIFs, GIFs, and More GIFs
You see funny GIFs all over social media and they crack us all up. So I asked Melissa, what's a GIF? "Well, they are an endless loop of fun", says Melissa. They are a series of photos from your fun photo booth experience all mashed together for you and your guests. While some photo booth companies offer this as an "upgrade" to any package, GIFs are a part of every package at Lowcountry Photo Booth. Click below for a GIF sample.

High Tech Perks
Melissa goes on to say, "Hiring a luxury, modern, and sleek photo booth for your Charleston wedding comes with it some perks, and they are pretty high tech." Not only will your guests receive a photo of all the fun, but they can also send photos and GIFs directly to their phone, from the booth at your wedding. A digital copy can be emailed with a tailored message from the bride and groom and can even include your wedding hashtag.  And it gets even better! Melissa also told me that the fun does not end at the wedding reception when your limo drives away! Family and friends can continue to share the love by visiting an online gallery to download individual photos or all the photos. Even the touchscreen of the booth can be customized to fit the theme of your wedding. 

Custom Touchscreen Lowcountry Photo Booth Wedding

Reduce The Chance Of A Boring Charleston Wedding Reception
Obviously no one wants to even think about having a boring wedding reception. First and foremost, if the right DJ / entertainment has been hired, you've already made it to at least 2nd base and might be approaching 3rd. Employing a classy, luxury photo booth like Lowcountry Photo Booth will bring you to home base, by adding that little extra layer of fun and entertainment that guests of ALL ages can partake in between dances forging memories that will last a lifetime.

Photobooth Bride Groom Charleston Wedding

And there you have it. It sure was great to talk to Melissa, and I look forward to having her up on the preferred vendors page soon and working with her at future weddings throughout the Charleston area.  Her classy, fun, and luxurious photo booth goes perfectly with the classy and fun wedding reception without the cheese and gimmicks that I've been providing all over Charleston for years now.  You should really think seriously about having a photo booth at your wedding. Check out Lowcountry Photo Booth's website by clicking HERE  Thanks once again for making it to the end of another blog post. If you are recently engaged and ready to start the selection process for your Charleston wedding DJ, click HERE, I'd love to talk to you.