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5 Reasons To Get Married In Charleston SC: From One Of Its Top Wedding DJs

31 August 2018

Welcome to my website and blog! Where On Earth did the summer of 2018 go? Here we are on the very last day of August and we're moving into another long Labor Day weekend in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. While Labor Day weekend tends to be one of the busier Charleston wedding weekends, I am lucky enough to be off this weekend and are most likely going to head out to one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, Kiawah Island.  As one of the top wedding destinations in the country, Charleston, SC offers so much for brides and grooms and their families and guests. Travel & Leisure Magazine named Charleston, SC a top city in the United States once again 2018. Being one of the best Charleston wedding DJs who has been in the area for many years, there is so much to Charleston that can make getting married here one of the most beautiful experiences of a couple's lives.  You'll want to grab a pad of paper and pen and take some notes. You might even be reaching for your credit card to book a flight to see what Charleston is all about. Read on.

In today's post, we explore 5 great reasons to consider getting married in Charleston, SC. These reasons come from not only the perspective of a Charleston local, but also an experienced and professional wedding vendor in the Charleston area.  This post provides a brief summary of some of the great things that Charleston has to offer. For even more information about Charleston, you might consider checking out to gain even more perspective into what this beautiful city I keep talking about is all about. Also check out the Charleston Wedding Guide designed by the Visitor's Bureau at

The Rich Historical Backdrop
There is bound to be rich history in a city where the first shots of the Civil War occurred back in 1861. Charleston, SC is one of the oldest cities in America, founded in 1670. Downtown Charleston lies on a peninsula, where you'll find cobblestone streets, colonial horse carriage tours, and numerous types of architectural designs depending on which part of the peninsula you are located. When you have decided to make Charleston, SC your wedding destination, be sure to hop aboard a flight and head down to take a tour of the Holy City.  If you should decide to head down to Charleston and take a look, check out this playlist for those couples who are in love when they come to Charleston.  
Old Exchange Building Provost Dungeon Charleston Wedding
Take a tour of the peninsula and don't forget to stop by the Old Exchange And Provost Dungeon.  It's located in the heart of downtown Charleston on East Bay Street At Broad Street, not too far away from Rainbow Row.

The Beautiful Beaches
Charleston, SC gives couples who are coming here to get married the best of both worlds. You get a little bit of the city life when you are downtown on the peninsula, but then not too many miles away, you have some incredibly beautiful beaches.  When you would like to venture out of the city for a laid back lifestyle, head over to Folly Beach.  Both Folly Beach and The Isle Of Palms are popular locations for couples and their families to stay while they are in Charleston for all the wedding festivities. As one of Charleston's best wedding DJs, it's been my experience that I have seen some couples just come to Charleston and stay at the beach, and get married at the beach. Each one of the beaches in the greater Charleston, SC area has areas to hold wedding receptions. For a more luxurious oceanside resort wedding, couples might consider Seabrook Island or Kiawah Island.
While on Sullivan's Island, be sure to stop by Fort Moultrie, which was a fort built during the American Revolution to protect Charleston. After you stop by Fort Moultrie, be sure to walk down to the beach and take a stroll with your fiance at sunset.
Sullivan Island One Of Charlestons Beautiful Beaches Weddings
Sullivan Island At Sunset During Summer: Photo Credit: Mike Bills Entertainment

The Incredible Culinary Delights
If you come to Charleston, SC to get married and cannot find great food to eat, then you are most likely one of the pickiest eaters ever. It'd be very difficult to pick out all my favorite restaurants for you. I'll try to keep this short and sweet. If you are over on Sullivan's Island, be sure to check out The Obstinate Daughter. For some of the best sushi on the peninsula of Charleston, be sure to check out Oku, and for an amazing steak restaurant, try Oak Steak House on Broad Street.  If you are looking for an awesome place to hold your rehearsal dinner for your Charleston wedding, be sure to check out to Leon's Oyster Shop.  If you would like to hire one of Charleston's best wedding DJs for your rehearsal dinner, check out this playlist and let's talk soon.
Leons Oyster Shop Charleston Wedding Destination Rehearsal Dinner
Leon's Oyster Shop was created in an old auto body repair shop and has become one of Charleston's most popular restaurants in the past 5 years. Photo Credit: Christopher Shane

The Best Charleston Wedding Vendors
Awe. Time for me toot my own horn eh? Just kidding. I promise not to go too overboard.  From planners to caterers, and from florists to photographers, and everything in between that is needed to make your wedding the best, Charleston has some of the best wedding vendors in the world. You can find some of those fine wedding vendors on my preferred vendors page, by clicking HERE
And when you are ready to talk with one of Charleston's best wedding DJs about creating an incredible mix of music for your Charleston wedding, click the graphic below.
Mike Bills Entertainment Logo

Breathtakingly Beautiful Wedding Venues
Charleston has a wedding venue designed for each and every personality. From it's luxury downtown peninsula hotels to it's beach resort venues and other venues located right on the water, be sure you hire a professional wedding photographer who can capture an excellent sunset photo of you and your fiance. For me personally, the atmosphere out at Middleton Place just feels like what a Charleston wedding should be. Middleton Place is a colonial plantation located outside of Charleston, right up the road from the very popular Magnolia Plantation. Boone Hall Plantation, located north of Charleston in Mt Pleasant is probably a Top 5 Charleston area wedding venue for destination wedding couples.
Middleton Place Charleston Wedding Beautiful Venue
The House Museum At Middleton Place: Photo Credit: Mike Bills Entertainment
Middleton Place Plantation Wedding Charleston
The Butterfly Lakes At Middleton Place. Photo Credit: Mike Bills Entertainment

I guess you can tell that I am a little biased to Middleton Place. :) The beauty of Middleton Place combined with memories of some wonderful couples who I worked with out there makes me want more of that utterly beautiful plantation. If you decide to get married at Middleton Place, you'll be welcomed with a brand new pavillion that just opened this year to hold your wedding reception after your wedding ceremony down by the Butterfly Lakes.  I'd like to thank you for making it to the end of another one of my blog posts. One of my passions as one of Charleston's top wedding DJs is to continue to produce valuable and helpful content to current and prospective clients so that they can make an educated decision on how they would like to go about choosing their Charleston wedding DJ. If you began to fall in love a little bit with Charleston after reading this post, schedule some time off and book your flight now. You'll love Charleston. And if you decide to get married in this beautiful city, be sure to click HERE to set up a time to meet me and we'll talk about all your favorite songs over a latte if you so desire.