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Work With ONE Charleston Wedding DJ From Start To Finish

26 April 2018

The personalized approach you get when you book your Charleston wedding with Mike Bills Entertainment is actually a fairly rare commodity in Charleston, SC. Mike Bills Entertainment was born as a small company and will continue to operate as a small company. With a laser focus on providing a higher end level of service for the Charleston Wedding DJ market, Mike Bills Entertainment is not a huge company with multiple DJs, nor is it a booking agency. From the time that you hit my website and we meet, you are working with ONE DJ throughout the entire process up until the last song is played at your wedding and your limo leaves the reception. The brides and grooms that book me never go without saying that one of the main reasons they chose my company was the personalized (one DJ) service I provide. This is really an attractive quality, especially for destination brides and grooms looking to let Charleston serve as the backdrop for their big day. When you work with ONE DJ from start to finish, the lines of communication are open all the time (either through email / phone or Skype and Facetime), and your wedding planning and music isn't tossed around like a football from DJ to DJ like you tend to see with the larger companies. Does this sound good to you so far? Believe me! It gets better and you'll want to read on.

One DJ | Working With The Owner
Also, when you work with the owner of any company, it's always going to be in the owner's best interest to provide the absolute best level of service so that the reputation of the company can continue to grow and prosper. With the "owner" of the company doing all the work and being there for you from start to finish, you have a much greater chance of the most positive experience. In this scenario, the reputation of the Charleston Wedding DJ company falls squarely on the shoulders of the owner of the company. Some of the pitfalls associated with moving forward with a company that has multiple DJs is your wedding might be tossed around among different DJs. And when this happens, there are times when your wedding date can be triple or quadruple booked months in advance. You may think you are getting "said DJ", but who will actually be the DJ to show up on your actual wedding date? I've sat down with so many brides and grooms who have expressed this concern to me, and as strange it sounds they ask me the question: "Who will be the DJ at my wedding?"  They ask this question because they've heard of the horror stories of either A: The wrong DJ shows up at their wedding or B: No DJ shows up at their wedding. Especially if you are planning your Charleston wedding from cities like Chicago or Philadelphia or New York City, Atlanta or anywhere in between, you definitely want as little stress as possible. In your communication with your wedding vendors, you need transparency and clarity and a quick turnaround time in responses. There is no better way to ensure this than hiring a professional wedding DJ company with only ONE DJ on staff (owner-operated DJ service). There is just one DJ to talk to and one DJ to email and discuss the music and other details of the biggest day of your life.

Always Hire A Professional Instead Of An Amateur

One DJ | Simplifies The Wedding Planning Process
The way my company is set up not only simplifies things for me as a Charleston Wedding DJ business owner, but it also simplifies the process I've designed when it comes to working with each and every bride and groom who have hired me to DJ their wedding. With only ONE true professional wedding DJ to work with, each bride and groom will always have a fresh DJ for their wedding day. And with only one DJ on staff, I am able to dedicate my entire day to the couple's wedding day. This means I can get to any wedding venue well in advance to get set up and be prepared for the couple's wedding. Honestly, it's one of the most peaceful feelings when you get to a wedding venue even earlier than expected, get set up, get done testing equipment, and are ready to begin with no technical issues or surprises. No matter how many weddings are under a wedding DJs belt, tensions are always high because everything needs to be perfect. 

One DJ | A More Personalized Approach
As a professional wedding DJ, I like to sit down one on one with couples getting married in Charleston to consult with them about music. Sometimes I work with indecisive couples and it might take one or two meetings to throw out a few ideas about choices for some of their key songs during the night. Then those couples might go home and listen to those song ideas and begin to get a handle on how they'd like their music to be. This approach to helping brides and grooms develop that amazing soundtrack that they and their guests will be remembering for years is just another one of the many reasons why working with one DJ from start to finish offers the least possible stress. As a higher end Charleston Wedding DJ, this is really the only way I know how when it comes to working with my brides and grooms.

Charleston DJ Choosing DJ

One DJ | More Value Than You Know
How much "value" would you put into working with one DJ throughout your wedding? Well, I've talked about it in the past, but "value" is one of the biggest factors you need to consider when selecting your wedding DJ. As one of Charleston's top wedding DJs, I bring an impeccable reputation to the table, as well as an arsenal of professional-grade equipment that sounds superb wedding after wedding. Lots of brides and grooms seem to get fixated on "price". rather than seek out a polished professional wedding DJ that will work with them as much as possible to make sure the music is right. The ability for any professional wedding DJ to go the extra mile is that "value" I speak of. Your cheaper wedding DJ with the lower price is not going to have the best equipment, nor will they have a good chance at solving a technical issue that may pop up during your reception that if not fixed could derail your entire wedding day.  They'll also probably not have the "obsessive compulsive" work ethic that I have in making sure ALL the important details and music are covered and are planned to perfection. Professional wedding DJs test, they re-test, and then re-test even more so they are 100% sure of the success of any piece of gear, as well as it's reliability.

One DJ | Less Stress And More Communication
I've actually seen firsthand how other wedding DJ companies operate and after one stressful event, I realized why I conduct my DJ business the way I do. The professional wedding DJ needs to get to know the bride and groom. No, we don't need to go to dinner or go to church together, but we need to meet and get somewhat acquainted so that I can begin to learn their musical likes and that we can begin to formulate the perfect mix of music. Going into a Charleston wedding blindly without any interaction with the couple is not only unfair to the bride and groom, but also very unfair and stressful to the wedding DJ. The music for your Charleston wedding is not something thrown together at the last minute. It's something that is put together weeks and even months in advance. No professional wedding DJ should ever assume that two weddings are alike and that it's safe to play the same music you see from playlists posted all over the internet. With one DJ on staff, you'll speak with ONE person, not communicate with an office of part-time employees where any important details about your wedding might be jotted down on a sticky note and accidentally thrown in the trash.

One DJ | The Conclusion
As you are interviewing Charleston Wedding DJs for your upcoming wedding in the Holy City, I hope that you take this blog post into serious consideration. Please read over it as many times as you need to so that you truly gain an understanding into how my company here in Charleston is different from most of the others. My approach to DJing is simple and it's an approach I apply to each and every couple that hire me. The positive reviews that I have accumulated over the years are a testament that this approach really works.  It's not something that I plan on changing anytime soon, but it's a process that if I see needs a few more steps to make it even better, I'll add them in. We're in the midst of the spring wedding season here in Charleston and if you need a DJ at your summer or fall wedding in 2018 or getting married in 2019, let's talk soon. Prime dates are beginning to fill up for 2019. Click HERE to tell me a few details about your special day coming up in one of the most romantic cities in the world.