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Why You Should Visit A Wedding DJs Website Before Booking

24 April 2021

Congratulations on your engagement! The fact you've decided to begin to plan your wedding while we approach the light at the end of the tunnel (as it pertains to the COVID-19 pandemic) means a lot to me, and tells me you are serious about having a good time. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, it's still my goal to make finding the best wedding DJ the easiest ever. Thank you so very much for finding ME and my blog. I like to think of myself as a thought leader for the modern bride and groom when it comes to hiring their wedding DJ. As a wedding DJ who has forged an incredible reputation for providing my clients with the highest quality of service, I've worked extremely hard for the better part of the last decade to create a web presence that allows my current and future clients to get to know my style as a wedding DJ. I can assure you that my style is one that will be respectful of the musical vision that you have dreamed of all these years. Even if you should inquire about my services and find that we may not be a match, it is my recommendation that you and your fiance NOT be swayed by wedding websites. You should visit your wedding DJs website, and all of your wedding vendors for that matter. You'll want to read on to learn why I feel this is the best advice when trying to secure your wedding vendors.

After being stuck inside for over a year, I am ready to throw down some incredible dance tracks at your wedding.  I've talked to so many brides and grooms and they are ready to celebrate the biggest day of their lives!  That being said, I'd like to guide you in the right direction of selecting your wedding DJ. For more information about My Style As A Wedding DJ, <---Be sure to click here. The inspiration for this blog post came by way of a sales call to me. This sales call was from one of leading wedding websites.  I've got a love / hate relationship when it comes to these wedding websites. Whenever you talk to someone from one of the these websites, they'll do everything to make you feel guilty for not being a paying member.  Don't get me wrong, I've been a paying member of some of these websites and the results have been mixed. I've spoke to some wedding vendors and they swear by types of websites.  Generally speaking it's the folks who may not have invested in a professional website who are the ones who swear up and down about these listing websites. All I can say about these websites is "results may vary". You can, however find some of my excellent reviews from past clients on Weddingwire.

I Don't Like This Cookie Cutter Approach To Wedding Planning
These wedding websites are a convenient way to bring together wedding vendors in a certain geographic location, but when you head to the website, you can all of a sudden be bombarded with so many options. As a matter of fact, when you begin to click on the options that have been provided to you, these wedding websites will lead you to believe that you can do it all on their website. While this might be the case, it's been my belief that the true identity and personality of a wedding vendor CANNOT be totally portrayed on one of these websites.  So, while it may seem convenient to get a long list of the best wedding DJs, you should be digging deeper to learn more about this VERY important aspect of your wedding. The best way to dig deeper into some of the best, most qualified wedding vendors is to do an exhaustive Google search. Why would do you this when a list of wedding vendors is at your service? You'll want to read on.

Wedding Cookie Cutter
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My Wedding DJ Website Is My Customized Storefront For The Modern Bride
I've spent ALOT of time and money on making sure my website is current, with fresh content for prospective clients. I hired a professional web designer and digital consultant to help me find the best brides and grooms. I wish he could make it happen more for me, but in today's wedding industry, we are very saturated and COVID-19 does not seemed to have decreased that market saturation. For more of my viewpoints on Why The Wedding Industry Is Saturated, <---CLICK HERE.   What you don't get to see when you head over to these wedding websites are the true image and personality of the wedding vendor you are interested in. All you see is the same cookie cutter profile with a different logo and reviews on it.  You don't see their blog, which is often an extension of their website. My blog has grown to one of the most popular blogs on the web and has been consistently ranked in the Top 5 for years. When you go over to a wedding vendor's website, you get to know their personality (even without meeting them). 

Bride And Groom Searching For Wedding DJ

To Find Me Organically Is Literally Like Finding A Needle In A Haystick
Do you know what one of the most beautiful things is for me as a wedding DJ? It's when you find me. It's when I find out that a prospective client has done a Google search and found me. It's when they take the time to read about me and make an educated hiring decision as to who their wedding DJ will be, I jump for joy. All those hours and days and "years" of creating an image and some of the best content actually does pay off for me when someone finds me.

Simply put, we are now in a 100% digital society. 30 years ago you'd use the Yellow pages to find the best wedding DJ. Now, today in 2021, 97% of organic searches for me come from Google. Business owners would pay big bucks to get their name listed in the Yellow pages. I've heard stories that it was upwards of hundreds of dollars per month, which is a far cry from the hundreds that a lot of business owners spend on their digital consultants.

With everyone online, it's even harder to get noticed, which is why the average business owner has to make themselves look above-average and extraordinary to their prospective clients. This is why I've made the effort to create some of the best, most inspiring content for the modern bride and groom. This is why I've produced podcasts to help the modern bride and groom find the best wedding DJ.   The best way to gauge the professionalism of any wedding vendor is to leave their wedding listing profile and head to their website. 

What I've been able to do with my website, blog, and podcast is simply NOT able to be reproduced on one of the leading wedding websites. Let's get back to that short conversation I had with that salesperson. After getting off the phone with her, I was feeling a little guilty about NOT being involved. I started to ask myself the question. "Am I missing something by NOT having a paid listing?" While that salesperson made me feel guilty for not being part of the party (a paying member), no one really knows if an investment that would cost thousands of dollars would pay off. You can call me "old school" but driving traffic to my website, instead of a neutral looking wedding listing website is where I've been the most successful.  I literally start to do cartwheels when my clients rattle off content to me during a consultation. This means a few things: 1. They are serious about finding the best wedding DJ. 2. They are connecting to the content on a personal level, which has caused them to reach out. 

Conclusion: Do A Google Search For Your Wedding DJ
Depending on where you are located, you should do a Google search for your wedding DJs, as well as your other important wedding vendors.  There is one reminder I have for you when you do this Google search for your wedding DJ. Be sure to scroll down a little on Page 1.  95% of modern brides and grooms WILL NOT scroll past Page 1. Unfortunately, those wedding listing sites are going to occupy some of the top listings on Page 1, so be sure to slowly scroll and observe who the DJs are beneath this sites. These are the websites you'll want to check out as you search for your wedding DJ. These are the wedding DJs who want you to notice them. Most of them have spent thousands of dollars on a professionally designed website. Trust me when I say this. I want you to find me. I want to take you out for sushi. I want to be the DJ you hire for your wedding. See below for what I mean.

Google Search Screenshot Wedding DJs

One final point for you. You'll need to check out each of the wedding DJs within the listing websites with a fine tooth comb. Since you can no longer spam Google to get your website on Page 1, a lot of the companies have purchased a listing on these websites to "make a quick buck". They have no desire to design a world-class website. They just want a piece of the action, and take away market share from some of the reputable companies. Be careful. The internet has become a dangerous place when planning a wedding.

 Feel Like Talking To Mike Bills About Being Your Wedding DJ?
Thank you so very much for finding me and making it all the way to the end of this blog. I hope as you read over this post you took some notes on some of the things to look for as you narrow your search for the best wedding DJ for your most special day. Yes, I want your business, but even if you should decide I might not be the wedding DJ for you, I want to steer you in the right direction and make sure you do not make a mistake and hire the wrong wedding DJ. There are so many people trying to get a piece of the action and steal from a company like mine who has put blood, sweat, and dollar bills into his web presence and reputation.  If you are interested in setting up a time to speak with me about your wedding, just click the link up above and you'll be taken over to my contact form.  Once you click over to my contact form, you'll be asked for a few details and be well on your way to meeting! Thank you for so much visiting my website. I look forward to speaking with you about your wedding.