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Why You Must Meet Your Wedding DJ Before Your Big Day | 10 Big Questions

24 December 2019

While we do live in an Amazon world today where we are just a few clicks away from buying anything we want and having it arrive on our doorstep in less than 24 hours, Alexa will be unable to deliver you a great wedding DJ.  I hope that doesn't sound inconvenient to you, because your Charleston wedding DJ is one of the most important parts of your big day. Your wedding DJ is such an important part of your day that you need to take a more serious approach in getting to know them.  You should be meeting with them and seeing if you connect. Does this wedding DJ give you a good feeling? Does this person look like they will be the right fit for you? They are the person who will work seamlessly with your wedding planner and other vendors to ensure the perfect execution of your timeline.   Whether it's a phone call, a Skype, a Facetime, or an in-person meeting, you should ALWAYS  meet your wedding DJ before making a hiring decision.  If the couple lives outside of the area, I will still make it a  point to meet them the week of their wedding or also if they are making a special trip into town to meet their other wedding vendors. I promise you will thank me for this excellent piece of advice. And to make your decision even easier and to trim your DJ leads list down, your wedding DJs should be ready and "willing" to meet with you to pitch themselves to you and tell you how they are going to execute your day. 

The trouble is (as I have mentioned in previous blog posts, as well as The Mike Bills Podcast) is the wedding DJ is often marginalized and looked upon as "insignificant" to the overall success of a couple's wedding day. This could not be further from reality.  I keep hearing stories about brides and grooms just "calling" up a booking company and asking for a price or a DJ like they would when they order a pizza. And to be honest, if you look at the reviews for those companies, they often fall short in providing their clients with great entertainment because they are just after the money and want the quick sale.  Are you going to buy a new car without test driving it? Hopefully, your answer was "No". You've met with your caterer before your wedding for a tasting to sample their work, so why wouldn't you meet with your DJ to get to know them? While the food is important at your wedding, it's NOT what your guests will remember. It'll be the fun times they had on the dance floor with an incredible mix of music all executed by a great professional wedding DJ that you choose to hire. I don't know about you, but I always go with my gut feeling when making a big decision, and you should do the same when you MEET with your wedding DJ.  When you do meet / talk with your wedding DJ, here are some of the most popular questions you should be asking.

1. Will you be my DJ on my wedding day?
If you don't hire me to be your wedding DJ, you most certainly should ask this question. Mike Bills Entertainment is one of a handful of "owner-operated" Charleston wedding DJs who provide "one-on-one" service to their clients. I do ONE wedding per day. That would be YOURS, should you decide to hire me. You'll never have to worry about a double-booking. Once your day is SAVED, it's SAVED forever.  I remember reading over some reviews once where a DJ sounded like they "overbooked" and sent another DJ to their event. It's activities like this that continue to put a black-eye on the wedding DJ industry. This is not how professional wedding DJs conduct business at all. You need to get it in writing that they will be your DJ.  Remember how I mentioned up above that you should always meet your DJ? This is a common side effect of not meeting your DJ. Don't just pay your deposit and forget about your DJ until your wedding day gets closer, because you might find they have taken your deposit and have run, just like the Steve Miller Band song.

2. Are you also an MC, and if so, what is your demeanor?
It's always been my personal opinion that your DJ should also sound good on the mic.  What type of DJ are you wanting? Everyone who has hired me is looking for the low-key DJ who makes the necessary announcements and keeps the flow of the evening going. I still have not had anyone ask for a game-show host personality, but when I do, I'll be the first to write about that very interesting development.  Maybe in the year 2277, someone will begin asking for a game show host.

3. We are very much in our music, how do we get our musical vision over to you?
Couples who are very much into their music are some of the most fun events I ever do. Since my humble beginnings as a wedding DJ, it's been my goal to allow my clients full latitude over the music that is to be played at their wedding.  Your wedding DJ should offer you the same. I've got an online system installed onto my website that allows each one of my clients to log in and select all their songs. No two weddings are the same EVER.  The DJ you decide to hire should be eager to work with you in helping you the best mix of music that you and your guests will remember for years. If a DJ ever tells you that ALL weddings are the same. They are wrong. 

4.  After we book you, can we ask questions through out our wedding planning process?
And the answer to this question should be "yes". Your wedding DJ should be responsive through out your entire wedding planning process. As your wedding day gets closer, the DJ should reach out to you, and not just reach out to you a week out.  While a lot of the details of your wedding day can be mapped out online, I think it's best to meet with my clients (30 minutes tops) just to cross the T's and dot the I's.   I will also be happy to share with you my tremendous amount of content that is loaded with DJ tips and music ideas.  Unlike some other DJs, I will be responsive to your needs. Check out the blog NOW

5.  How do you differ from other Charleston Wedding DJs?
Let's face it. Competition is fierce. But even in a competitive environment, the cream is going to rise to the top.  I believe it's my personal touch that sets me apart from all the other wedding DJs.  I do enjoy getting to know my couples as much as I can and are willing to meet with them as much as possible to make sure we have the details all finalized.

6. How do you stay on top of new music?
Most professional wedding DJs will be subscribed to a reputable service that provides them with all their new music. Everything from rock, pop, rap, country, and adult contemporary should be available to them on a monthly or weekly basis. Most modern wedding DJs will also keep tabs on what's hot on the radio, as well as Spotify and are on the look out for new mixes that might be able to add some additional flavor to their wedding music arsenal.

7. Can we see you in action at another wedding before we book you?
You'll know you have a consummate professional if they say "no".   While I can understand that couples have never hired a wedding DJ and are curious what they are getting, they cannot expect to think that they can intrude upon another bride and groom's private event to catch an audition.  There is no other way to say it. This request is incredibly tacky. True professional wedding DJs should be selling themselves on the phone, through video chat, or in person, and to be honest, you should be sold on them through their website too.

8.  Do you take breaks?
I recently worked with a wedding planner / coordinator who placed into her timeline for the day, a "break" for me.  While I work seamlessly with planners and coordinators, I had to step in and correct her and let her know that the music would not stop at all for the duration of the event.  Being a wedding DJ is a demanding job, and I am on my feet all night, and do get hungry, but the music should never stop at your wedding reception. Stopping the music will disrupt the flow and tempo of your evening. Contrary to what other DJs might say, a DJ is not required to eat a meal, but a meal  is often looked upon as a courtesy. 

9.  Can you do a site survey with me and my wedding planner?
Absolutely. Please refer up above to question 4. This detail goes along with "being there" for you through out the entire planning process. It's a great time for your wedding DJ to check out the venue (even if they have been there) to see where they will be set up and if the power hook-ups are adequate enough.

10.  What is your style of dress at your weddings?
A DJ's style of dress should be whatever the bride and groom would like to see them wear.  Most professional wedding DJs make it a point to not stand out at your wedding. They'll be dressed professionally with a suit /tie, but can ramp it up, if need be for even more formal events.

CONCLUSION: Promise Me That You'll Meet Your Wedding DJ
After being a part of hundreds of weddings over the years, I can assure you that meeting with your wedding DJ before your wedding day is the best option. It's the best option for couples who want to relieve any unnecessary stress. It's also a big stress reliever for the wedding DJ because they get to meet the bride and groom, and get to know their favorite kinds of music. You'd be surprised how much you can find out about a wedding DJ in just a half hour of sitting down with them. They should present themselves as confident and professional, not sloppy and selfish, or like maybe they have better things to do.  In order to be a successful wedding DJ, you need to be somewhat of a "people person".  I think that's why I am such a huge proponent of meeting with my clients before their big day. It's the only way I've conducted myself since the inception of my company. Every wedding is different, and every couple is different and getting to know a couple (just a little) goes a long way in ensuring it's going to be a night they'll remember forever.  True professional wedding DJs should never be so busy that they cannot even answer an email, or a phone call. If someone is coming across this way to you, just move on. I would love to be your wedding DJ. Click the link down below to set up a time to speak to Mike.
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