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Why Couples Must Hire A Wedding DJ With The Perfect MC Voice

03 April 2022

In recent weeks, I've been talking with prospective clients who would like to hire me  to be their wedding DJ. One of the questions that has come from a few of these introductory conversations is how exactly I would speak on the microphone. Most of the time these types of conversations will mainly focus around how I will motivate the crowd or mix their music, so to hear them begin to ask about a wedding DJs MC skills and voice quality is rather refreshing. Over the course of my wedding DJ career, I've always said that a wedding DJ's voice is equally as important as playing the right song at the right time. With the steady stream of amateur wedding DJs continuing to infiltrate the market, modern brides and grooms need to understand that hiring a wedding DJ with a voice that truly cuts through is very important. It really is as simple as this, if a wedding DJ sounds truly horrible on the microphone, it won't matter what songs are being played. It'll be at that time that your wedding becomes forgettable. In an effort to avoid an annoying voice at your wedding, you'll want to read on because I don't want you to make the same mistake that so many couples have made in the past.

A bad voice making announcements at your wedding is the equivalent of hearing your most disliked song. Professional wedding DJs are going to do two major things at your wedding. They'll play the best mix of music (approved by you and your fiancee) and make only the necessary announcements with class and elegance to keep the flow of your most special day going.  As you are searching for the best wedding DJ for your big day, you should NEVER let any DJ tell you that possessing a great MC voice is not important. If you think hearing that corny, overplayed line dance makes you cringe, then an annoying, inexperienced voice on the microphone could be enough to send your guests running home.  Now that I have your attention, let me tell you some of the qualities that go into the best MC voices of the top wedding DJs.

Conversational Voice On The Microphone

What exactly do I mean when I say you need to hire a wedding DJ with a voice that "cuts through" or that is classy and polished? Simply put, not all voices are created equal and not everyone is born with the best voice to be a wedding DJ. True professional wedding DJs who were lucky enough to be gifted genetically with an amazing MC voice are the most qualified to be your wedding DJ. They've decided to become wedding DJs and will bring to your wedding or event not only an amazing mix of music, but also only the best polished and professional voice for your announcements.  Remember those prospective clients who talked with me recently about hiring me to be their wedding DJ?  They were very relieved when I told them I would talk on the microphone the same way I was talking to them on the phone or in person. Yes, you did hear that correct. No silly inflections or modifications to my voice to make me sound like a game show host or auctioneer. Why is this? Because the best wedding DJs speak in a natural way on the microphone. They are NOT at your wedding to show off or pretend like it's the first time speaking on a microphone. The spotlight is always on the bride and groom, not the wedding DJ. The best wedding DJs are only there to "compliment" your big day, not ever to take it over. 

Couples Need A Great Voice Who Minimizes The Number Of Announcements

Any wedding DJ can upload  video footage of packed dance floors to social media showing them playing the Cupid Shuffle or some other cliche wedding song. In case you missed it, find out why I am not a wedding DJ who is into social media <---Click HERE. Will that same wedding DJ who posted that tired video of an overplayed, cliche wedding song also post a sample of their MC skills or maybe some other type of sampling of their voices for their clients? Odds are they won't because most DJs do not believe that voice quality is an important trait to have as a wedding DJ.  Your wedding DJ should be willing to go over with you the different types of announcements that you'd like made at your wedding. Being the non-traditional wedding DJ that I am, I began servicing my clients with that "less is more" approach by only making the necessary announcements. Real wedding DJs won't ever tie up your night by making unnecessary chatter or announcements every 5 minutes.  Real wedding DJs also don't say they'd like to hook up with one of the bride's bridesmaids at the end of the night over the microphone either. I know what you are probably saying now. "Mike, did this really happen?" And I'll just answer you like this. If you can think of any possible offensive thing said over the microphone by a wedding DJ, the odds are very high that it's probably happened. This is why wedding DJs like myself have come along and created a rock solid reputation of not only playing the best mix of music, but also coming to your wedding with the perfect voice for your announcements.

The Best Wedding DJs Do Have A Broadcasting Background

For more of how I became a top wedding DJ in my market, feel free to head over to my About Page after you finish reading over this post. In case you were wondering, I did begin my career and passion as a DJ on the radio. I learned how to talk professionally on the radio from one of the most brilliant announcers who to this day I still envy because he got to work in radio during it's golden years.  The many disciplines I developed while on the air have been influential in developing my style as a top wedding DJ. Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life that is full of moving parts. It requires a wedding DJ who has an extreme attention to detail. Just like I was while on the air, the best wedding DJs will always be prepared when they open the microphone.  The best wedding DJs will make valid announcements at your wedding with professionalism and with a classy, polished voice. This "scripted", prepared approach to announcements is one of the biggest reasons I became successful on the air as a radio DJ, because I always cracked the microphone with maximum confidence. That same level of confidence is what you need when you hire your wedding DJ too, one that will bring with them to your wedding a professional voice that will never offend, but in sooth and make your guests feel good.  The last thing that a bride and groom want is someone making announcements who has no business being a wedding DJ because of their horrendously bad voice.  If a voice is bad enough to peel paint off the walls of your wedding venue, get back on Google to find another DJ. <---Click HERE.  Poor voice quality of a wedding DJ and lack of experience on the microphone should be avoided at all costs. 

Brides And Grooms Should Avoid The Club DJs

The "emcee" part of being a top wedding DJ is certainly not the easiest thing to do.It is NOT for the faint of heart, and if it were that easy, then everyone would be doing it. Wait a minute! With all of the market saturation in the wedding industry today , everyone is acting like they are a wedding DJ these days. :)  Real wedding DJs will spend hours getting prepared for your wedding.  Preparing for your wedding takes practice, preparation, and of course, an amazing voice.  Your wedding is a gathering of all the people you love brought together to celebrate the union of yourself and the love of your life. What YOUR wedding is NOT is a gathering of college kids drinking PBR at a dive bar downtown, while a DJ is playing cheesy songs with the only thing said over any microphone is "get your hands in the air". These club DJs often hear about the higher financial return offered when they DJ weddings so they try to make the leap. But most fail, and in the long run, do more harm to the wedding DJ industry. The biggest problem with this "leap" to weddings is they don't know how many minutes and hours go into preparing for a wedding. And you guessed it, they do not have the proper finesse or vocal skills (horrible voice) to execute all the announcements at your wedding. Unfortunately, all they see are dollar signs and when they do take a leap into weddings, it's not a whole-hearted approach because they have no experience performing at a wedding. Your wedding is a classy affair. If your 85 year old grandmother (with health issues) has come to your wedding ready to dance to her favorite song, you don't want an unpolished DJ with a bad voice asking "grandma to get her hands in the air".  It's these types of occurrences that make the wedding DJ one of the most feared parts of planning a wedding. So many brides and grooms have told me they've seen this type of garbage behavior at their friends wedding and don't want it at their weddings. The simplest solution is to hire a seasoned, non-traditional wedding DJ with a amazing MC voice.  For more information about What Exactly You Get When You Hire A Non-Traditional Wedding DJ <----Click HERE

Hire A Seasoned Wedding DJ With The Perfect Emcee Voice TODAY!
If you've reached the end of this post and have an all-new awareness and outlook on what you should be looking for in your wedding DJ, then I've done my job.  The best wedding DJs are a hybrid of a person who has an incredible thirst for music and those who possess the perfect voice for your announcements. It's really simple. If a wedding DJ does not possess the proper kind of voice quality, then they probably should step aside and stop stealing gigs from the seasoned professionals. As long as these sub-par DJs remain, the wedding DJ will continue to be marginalized.  Only the best wedding DJs who are quality emcees approach each and every wedding the same way with a high level of professionalism with a voice that truly cuts through and makes the right impact to you and your guests.  Thank you for finding me out here in internet land. I would love to speak with you about your upcoming wedding.  If you are in the beginning stages of looking for a wedding DJ, you are invited to check out the rest of my blog for even more of the best tips to avoid hiring the wrong wedding DJ for your big day. All you need to do is click the link up above and you'll be taken over to my contact form. There you'll be asked for some basic information about your wedding day and a time to contact you. Thank you once again for taking the time to read over this post. I hope I raised some awareness on an all-important part of hiring a wedding DJ. Be sure to hire a wedding DJ with a voice that is polished and professional, as well as one that is pleasing to your ears.  

One more thing. You also should be hiring a wedding DJ who won't double or triple book your wedding day. When you hire ME as your wedding DJ, my entire day is YOURS and you'll never have to worry about another DJ showing up. You will work with the owner of the company! Find out what I mean by clicking the link down below.

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