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What Are The Most Popular Wedding Dates In Charleston For 2020?

02 October 2019

If it looks like I am showing 2020 a lot of love in recent weeks on the blog, I am! Even though we're getting in the thick of another fall wedding season, 2020 will be here before you know it. I've got a great feeling about this new decade on the horizon.  Charleston remains near the top when it comes to popularity for wedding destinations in the country. Engagement season is right around the corner as we approach another holiday season. But, what if you are just recently engaged and are trying to figure out the most popular wedding dates in Charleston in 2020? 

Charleston has become a wedding destination for pretty much all 12 months of the year.  The spring and fall are probably the best times in Charleston to get married from a weather standpoint. But over the past 4 - 5 years, Charleston has seen some threats from hurricanes, which can cause extra stress, especially if you are planning your wedding from a distance.  If hurricane threats are a concern for you, you might consider pushing your wedding date into November. By November, the heat and humidity are gone and we generally see temperatures in the 70s during the day, and 50s during the evening.  But to be honest with you, our winters are mild enough in Charleston where a January or February wedding would be nice. Just be sure to book a place where there is a firepit or fireplace so you can roast some marshmallows.

You are only planning on getting married one time, so the date you decide upon should be one that conjures up lasting memories. After all, this will be YOUR date to celebrate year after year after year as you "grow old with one another".   Years ago in 2011 and 2012, we witnessed 11-11-11 and 12-12-12. Did you know anyone to get married on those days? Well, next year in 2020, we have some interesting alignment in wedding dates and there are quite a few that happen on Saturdays.

Sunday / February 2 | 2-2-20 
An early February wedding in Charleston can be very nice. With temperatures in early February in the 60s during the day, it's very desirable with comfortable temperatures. However, if you do get married on February 2, 2020, you might want to rent a Big Screen TV for your wedding reception hall because it is Super Bowl Sunday.

Saturday / April 4 | 4-4-20
April and May are prime wedding months in Charleston. The weather is beautiful. The spring flowers are absolutely gorgeous. Everything is blooming and the temperatures feel so good.  The first weekend in April is one of the busiest weekends in Charleston.  The Cooper River Bridge Run (which is one of the biggest 10k races in the Southeast) is happening, as well as the Volvo Car Open women's tennis tournament happening on Daniel Island.  Did you know I Dj'ed a wedding here in Charleston for a destination couple coming from Atlanta and the bride and her father did the Bridge Run before she got married! She was hard core.

Saturday / June 6 | 6-6-20
By the first weekend of June, you can count on an increase in humidity and an increase in chances for those afternoon and evening thunderstorms.  

Saturday / August 8 | 8-8-20
When planning a summer wedding in Charleston, be sure you keep cool because the humidity will be high.  When you hire your bar service, consider offering a specialty cocktail for your guests. Oh, and make sure you have plenty of ice cold drinking water for your guests too.

Saturday / October 10 | 10-10-20
The second Saturday in October 2020 is one of the most unique dates all year.  Why is it so unique? Because we all learned in elementary school that 10 + 10 =20

Saturday / December 12 | 12-12-20
Since this is the last of the unique dates that fall on a Saturday and is only 13 days away from Christmas, consider a Christmas theme. I remember doing a wedding in December that featured a beautiful Christmas jazz playlist at dinner.

Weekend Wedding Holiday Dates In 2020
Want a little extra time to spend with your family and friends around the time for your wedding, you might consider a holiday weekend. Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends are huge in Charleston. Longer weekends just give you a little more time to celebrate, but be sure to book your wedding venue and wedding vendors quick after you choose your date.
Friday / February 14 | 2-14-20
I personally have never DJ'ed a wedding on Valentine's Day, as I know for a fact that a lot of engagements are probably happening on this day.  Getting married on Valentine's Day means you MUST have candy hearts at every table.
Saturday / February 29 | 2-29-20
Ah yes, 2020 is a leap year. Does this mean you only celebrate your anniversary every 4 years? No way! I've known people born on Leap Year Day who generally celebrate on February 28 or March 1.
Sunday / June 21 | 6-21-20
Getting married on the day of the Summer Solstice means you'll be getting married on the absolute longest day of the year.   Get your wedding planner to design a "summer" theme and if you hire me to be your DJ we'll be sure to add some of these summer songs into your playlist.
Saturday / July 4 | 7-4-20
If you are planning on a July 4th wedding, then you might consider going all out and head to a venue with a large open field and shoot off some fireworks as you are leaving your reception and heading to the airport for your honeymoon. At the very least you should have some sparklers on hand for when your sendoff occurs.
Saturday / October 31 | 10-31-20
I've done a few Halloween weddings and they've been pretty fun. Be sure to get your DJ to throw in some scary tunes.

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