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Wedding Venue Spotlight | Wachesaw Plantation | Charleston Wedding DJ

02 June 2018

Here we are now in the first weekend of June and the spring wedding season in Charleston is still in full swing. As the calendar has switched from May to June, there is light at the tunnel for some of us to catch our breath as the spring wedding season begins to wane as we approach the summer solstice around June 22. While Mike Bills Entertainment has a tendency to conduct nearly all of it's weddings in the greater Charleston, SC area, I caught the eyes of a newly engaged couple from the Murrells Inlet, SC area earlier this year. I will go into greater detail later in this post how I ended up catching the eye of Luciana & Ty, but they have picked the very lovely and private Wachesaw Plantation in Murrell's Inlet to get married on November 3, 2018. As the Charleston wedding DJ market has grown by leaps and bounds over the past several years, there has been little reason for me to leave the area. However, when a couple sees the value and reputation that I have achieved since being in business, I'll gladly travel anywhere. Murrells Inlet is one of the oldest fishing villages on the South Carolina coast, located about 80 miles north of Charleston, and about 10 miles south of Myrtle Beach.  For some breath-taking and relaxing views at a beautiful wedding venue north of Charleston, you'll want to read on.


As has most of the Grand Strand area, Murrells Inlet has grown over the past several years into more of a tourist town and retirement area for snowbirds looking for relief from the cold and snow. Having worked in a job several years ago that had me travelling to the Grand Strand area, I found myself passing Murrells Inlet all the time, but due to time constraints, I never had the opportunity to explore the area. Even though we're still 5 months out from Luciana & Ty's big day on November 3, I found myself driving up Highway 17 North on a bright and sunny, hot June afternoon.
Why Did I Drive To Murrell's Inlet 5 Months Before A Wedding?
I knew you would ask that question! :) I actually was reminded why I do these things after reading over a review I received from a bride at a December wedding at The Dewberry. "Mike is a perfectionist and does not make mistakes."  (Spoken by Happy Bride) While nobody is truly 100% perfect, when I am hired by a bride and groom to DJ their wedding, I will go to great lengths to ensure that their wedding day is as "perfect" from an entertainment standpoint as possible.  The truth of the matter is that Wachesaw Plantation was an unknown to me. I've never been there before. While Luciana & Ty booked me back in March, there was an immediate unknown to me how their wedding day would be executed. That unknown was eliminated by driving up to the plantation to see just how the wedding ceremony and reception would be laid out from a logistical standpoint. Since I will be on the road and away from familiar territory (Charleston), it became even more important to cover my bases beforehand. So, blowing off a Friday afternoon and making nearly a 200 mile round trip was an investment in my continuing drive to being one of Charleston's top wedding DJs. Making nearly a 200 mile round trip on a hot and sunny Friday afternoon set my mind at ease as to how things will be coming up on November 3, 2018. Now, over the next 5 months I can rest easy knowing the layout in my mind of how their wedding ceremony and reception will be executed and can focus on creating their perfect wedding soundtrack. When you run your wedding DJ company like I do and are trying to maintain a stellar reputation, there is simply no room for error. There is no room for error EVER. You have to be on your A game ALWAYS. As long as I am in business, I will continue go to great lengths to maintain the rock solid reputation that I have acquired. I am fairly certain nearly ALL of my competition would not have burned their gas and time to make that trip, and it's these "extra" steps that I like to think will continue to separate me from the rest of my competition in the greater Charleston area.
Wachesaw Plantation Is A Beautiful Place For A Wedding
To reach the plantation, you'll turn off the busy Highway 17 onto Wachesaw Road, and travel about 2 miles. You'll notice as you get closer and closer to the plantation that their will be an increase in those huge live oak trees that will provide so much wonderful shade. 
Wachesaw Plantation Charleston Wedding DJ
Pictured here is the entrance to Kimbel's restaurant, which is where wedding receptions at Wachesaw Plantation are held. When they are not doing weddings or other private events, Kimbel's restaurant is a full service restaurant and bar that was built under a canopy of oak trees and overlooks the 18th hole of the golf course. Behind this wonderful venue, you'll get breath-taking views of the Waccamaw River that instantly gave me a relaxing feeling soon after I had arrived.
Wedding Venue Spotlight Behind Wachesaw Plantation

I met face to face with Luciana for the first time, and also met the venue coordinator, Brayer Surratt. Brayer told me that they average about 40 weddings per year at Wachesaw Plantation, with the bulk of the weddings booked by local couples from the Pee Dee and Grand Strand area. I look forward to working with Brayer and her professional staff at Wachesaw Plantation in November to make sure that Luciana & Ty have the time of their lives.
Wachesaw Plantation 18th Hole View
Up above is the view from the 18th hole of the golf course at Wachesaw Plantation. It was such a serene and beautiful view from the back of the restaurant inside the back patio that is a screened porch. That screened porch is where Luciana and Ty will hold their cocktail hour coming up on November 3, 2018.
Wachesaw Plantation Wedding Cocktail Hour Area
Down below is the beautiful area where the Luciana & Ty's wedding reception will be held. As a result of my drive up there, I was able to get a crystal clear understanding of how the load-in and setup will be for their November wedding. 
Wachesaw Plantation Wedding Reception Area

Wachasaw Plantation Wedding Venue On Waccamaw River
With views like the one you see above, you can clearly see why Wachesaw Plantation is one of the most beautiful areas to have your wedding.
Wachesaw Plantation Backs Up To Waccamaw River
Imagine you and your wedding guests sipping on signature cocktails here at Wachesaw Plantation.
Wachesaw Plantation Beautiful Wedding Venue Murrells Inlet
Wachesaw Plantation offers scenic and natural views as it backs right up to the beautiful Waccamaw River.
All photos courtesy of Mike Bills Entertainment.
Wachesaw Plantation is a truly beautiful place and I am looking forward to another drive up there on November 3 for Luciana & Ty's very special day. And as I wrap up this post, it just occurred to me that I have neglected to tell you one of the things that caught the eye of Luciana & Ty. It was actually what you are reading here! My blog! I was doing cartwheels and was instantly interested in working with this couple. This couple noticed and complimented me on my labor of love. They got lost in my musical world. My Charleston Wedding DJ blog is for all my future clients to see who I am as a DJ, explore some of my musical tastes and ideas, get some helpful DJ tips, and see some of my past real weddings. I work extremely hard to provide fresh content and it's viewed all over the world by prospective clients, but when all that work receives a compliment, it's truly an honor.  Thank you once again for getting all the way to the end of another post.  Being a professional wedding DJ in Charleston is an enormous part of my life and I love sharing that life with you. Click HERE if you just recently got engaged and are seeking an amazing wedding DJ for your Charleston wedding.  Fall 2018 dates are still available and I am filling up for 2019. For more information about the very beautiful Wachesaw Plantation, check out their website by clicking HERE