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Wedding DJ Music Catalogs And Why Their Size Doesn't Matter

28 February 2017

As a professional wedding DJ who is very well rounded in many genres of music, I find it interesting even today how DJ services tout and attempt to push the fact they have a large music database or library. They tend to do this in their marketing and all over their website. When I sit down with brides and grooms, I drive home the point that at the end of their day, their music selection is about them and the songs they choose should create lasting memories for many years to comes. As long as the DJ brings with them the songs that you chose and want to hear, it matters not if they have 8,000 or 800,000 songs in their music catalog. Here's a few reasons why.


Time Constraints
The Average wedding reception (ideally) spans about 4 hours. This may include your cocktail and dinner hour and the transition into your more upbeat dancing time toward the middle and end of your evening. For a 4 hour period, there might be room for 65-75 songs (give or take).

No Request Moratorium
This is becoming pretty commonplace. There are lots of brides and grooms who are very particular about their music and don't wish to field requests from the crowd. If this is the case, then it greatly decreases any need for any DJ to need a million songs on hand, thus making the size of a music database or catalog really irrelevent to the evening. I invite couples to take the extra effort to sculpt their playlist around them and choose songs that have meaning, make for fun times and lasting memories.

Custom Playlists
It seems like almost every wedding I DJ for, there is always the need for a special request for something not in the catalog. If a song is not in my catalog, I will go ahead and purchase the song for your wedding reception. So, you'd think the DJ company with 800,000 songs might have a better chance of having custom songs? No. That's not the case because couples who tend to be into their music in such an exceptional way have very eclectic tastes that even an 800,000 song catalog might not have. 

The Perfect Playlist
I think it's more important for a DJ to tout their experience in multiple genres of music, rather than the number of songs. I've never been interested in selling the size of my music catalog because it's ingrained in my process of helping brides and grooms plan the perfect playlist by giving them 100% latitude in music selection. Knowledge of different genres of music comes in very handy as a DJ mixes music throughout the evening, even if it's during the cocktail or dinner hour.

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