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Wedding DJ Fallacy Number 1 | Being A DJ Is An Easy Job

27 March 2017

One of the biggest fallacies that I encounter as a professional wedding DJ is when people sometimes approach me and say to me "I bet you've got an easy job" or "I bet you've got a fun job". I can tell you with great confidence that it's one of the things in my life that bring me true joy. The joy of seeing all the preparation and all those consultations with brides and grooms about their music and coordination come to fruition. That being said, there is NOTHING easy about being a wedding DJ. The only way it could possibly be easy is if you cut corners and not do it the right way. Weddings are extremely stressful. The stress for me is really self-induced though. I tend to obsess about all the little details of your day so that I can be sure I am focused and can deliver the perfect performance that you have hired me for. The right songs needs to be played at the right time. There are NO breaks to be taken and you have to be on your toes and your feet (literally) for th entire duration of the wedding reception.


For me, being a single operator DJ service, the minute I wake up on any day that I am scheduled to perform at a wedding, my mind is on that couple. Completely. The couple has most likely hired me 6-12 months in advance to be the entertainment at their wedding reception. The pressure is on to deliver, wedding after wedding. It is certainly not a job for the faint of heart or to be taken lightly. By the time that we get to the day of your event, all the T's are crossed and the I's are dotted. Oftentimes, the level of nervousness is the same as the first wedding you've ever done. 

Music Playlists

With my company, I take the approach many months in advance of retrieving all the music generated by requests from my couples when they request their music. Those songs are turned into playlists in advance, then all new additional backups of all my digital files must be completed to further ensure fault tolerance during your reception.

Testing Of Gear

Even though I purchase high quality, professional grade gear and take care of it, insure it and don't lend it out to other DJs to abuse and wear out, I still need to take the time to test my gear and make sure it's operating at maximum quality before your events. Backup gear is also tested. Batteries replaced if need be.

Venue Walk-Through

Even if I have played at a venue before, there might be another configuration of the layout of the venue I've never seen before or a different location to be set up at the request of the planner or coordinator.
A quick stop over to the venue can save a lot of stress and heartache due to potential misunderstandings and confusion on your wedding day and eliminate those type of surprises. At this time, I'll once again my power hookups.

Setting Up

The pressure is on. DJs have to load the gear into their vehicles, carefully transport the gear, and then load the gear into your venue once they arrive. All this while they are thinking about all the music and minutiae that are about to unfold for your wedding day, 

Breaking Down

The last fong fades. The send-off has occurred. You are driving away from your wedding venue on your way to a killer exotic honeymoon thousands of miles away in an undisclosed location. Well, there is still more work for the DJ to do. The DJ has to break down gear and safely roll up all the cords and load all that gear back up and drive home. 


These are just "some" of the things that are performed in the months and days leading up to your wedding day, as well as "on" your wedding day. Not to mention taking care of you and your fiance and families and guests and making sure the music is right, the dance floor is nice and packed and you have the time of your lives. You see being a professional wedding DJ is anything BUT easy. There are so many moving parts to your event and it takes a very detailed oriented person to make sure all those bases are covered and nothing is left out.  However, when it all comes together perfectly, there has been nothing in my life more rewarding. Seeing everything play out on the dance floor. The first dance, as well that really delicate moment when a father is dancing with his daughter and there are tears flowing. All this and all those other unexpected emotional moments leave me feeling very fulfilled, oftentimes with a tear in my eye and a smile on my face. 

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