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Top Wedding DJ Now Offering Corporate Event MC Services

18 May 2022

Long before COVID-19 seemed to reshape the wedding industry, I made a decision to put my sole focus on DJing weddings exclusively. One of the reasons I opted to focus "just" on weddings was because of my deep respect for the art of being a top notch professional wedding DJ. Since my clients deserve the best, I felt it was important that they get my entire focus when they secure me to be their wedding DJ.  But in the years and months since making that decision, I was approached about an assignment that would provide an excellent opportunity to showcase my talents as not only a DJ, but also an emcee.

Back in late March, I was approached by the publishers of Greenville Business Magazine, Columbia Business Monthly, and Charleston Business Magazine to provide emcee services for an event they were hosting in Charleston, SC.  This event showcased 67 of the top large, mid-size, and small businesses throughout the state of South Carolina. Awards were given in a variety of different categories for each size of business. In hindsight, the experience gained in my broadcasting career allowed me to excel at this event. As I've mentioned in previous posts, modern brides and grooms should be concerned at hiring a wedding DJ who actually comes to their big day with an experienced, polished, and professional voice.  While mixing all of your favorite music together and playing it all back for you is of utmost importance, so is also hiring someone with top quality emcee voice. Perhaps it was the video I placed on my website years ago, or one of the many audio promos I've recorded for my clients over the years that inspired the fine folks of these magazines to reach out to me, but I am forever grateful.

I will make your corporate event a success as an emcee the same way I've become one of the top wedding DJs in my market. Each and every event  must be treated with the same level of care and commitment to performing at a high level. Upon being hired for SC TOP Businesses Event, I immediately went into preparation mode and began to put together a plan for delivering a stellar performance on the microphone.  One of the greatest lessons learned during my broadcasting career was scripting. Successful emcess not only have an amazing voice, but we also know how to turn a script into more of a story so it does not sound like you are just reading off a piece of paper. The best emcees will make announcements like a story at your event and speak to your guests as though they were conversing to you at your dinner table. During my time on the radio, I would always know what I was going to say each and every time I opened up the microphone. So, when I was hired for this corporate event, I immediately was in contact with the organizers of the event and maintained that contact up until the day of to ensure there was an adequate understanding that I was going to be able to see their vision for their event fulfilled. 

Part of putting together the best corporate event playlist is understanding before hand who the audience is going to be.  While the organizers of this event wanted a celebratory and upbeat tone, that doesn't necessarily mean upbeat Top 40 of 2022.  For this event, I pulled in a lot of the tried and true upbeat classics I might be seen throwing on during a cocktail hour during a wedding of mine. Knowledge of who I am performing for is paramount in putting together a playlist of songs. Knowing the type of crowd is a must as well when selecting the proper mix of upbeat songs. Check out some of the samples down below:

"Rock You" | Michael Jackson
"I'll Be Around" | The Spinners
"La Isla Bonita" | Madonna
"Sunrise" | Simply Red
"Good Life" | One Republic
"I Can See Clearly Now" | Jimmy Cliff

Music that is uptempo and not sleepy but also is recognizable and songs you can listen to while congregating and talking to colleagues.  That was my goal for this event and based on the compliments received from the organizers, I was right on cue with what they were looking for.  One of the reasons I've decided to focus solely on music as a wedding DJ and corporate event emcee is because it's a lot of work designing the best playlists for these events.  For nearly all of my wedding clients, I'm given a lot of ideas for helping put together their playlist, but that's not always the case when being hired as a corporate event emcee.  Truly professional DJs will be able to curate a great playlist from limited direction from a corporate event client.

One of the things I harp on that I see other DJs do (the amateur ones) is put on an entirely different persona when they open up the mic.  And when I open up the mic,  my clients are getting an announcer / emcee with many years of experience who sounds professional and polished. You'd be surprised at how many DJs disregard savvy microphone skills and have no clue as to how to speak on the microphone.  For more information and my viewpoints about Why You Should Hire An Emcee With The Perfect Voice <---Click HERE - My personality on the microphone is warm and engaging, but not overbearing and there is a bit of fun in my voice as well to keep your guests from falling asleep.

Whatever the purpose of a corporate event, it will be my job to bring a certain level of excitement to your audience. As I mentioned up above, it will take the right emcee with the right voice to bring that excitement to your event without being overbearing to your guests.  I will introduce myself to your guests to make that connection that all great emcees do at their events.  The best wedding DJs and corporate event emcees will speak with a great amount of confidence without the silly jokes.  All corporate events need an emcee with a clear, professional voice that cuts through and makes an impact. And gee, I'll even introduce myself at your event and explain how I came to being the emcee as well.

No matter the length of the script, I will print it out and rehearse it numerous times prior to your event.  Professional corporate event emcees are going to be fully prepared for your event and this means they must be familiar with the content that will be announced. Rehearsal of the content that will be announced at your event allows the corporate event emcee to have increased degree of confidence while executing your event.

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