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Top 5 Ways To Make Your Wedding The Best Ever

05 December 2016

1. Pre-Party For Your Wedding. Extend the wedding weekend celebration by having a member of your family or bridal party host a party for the bride and groom. It’s an excellent way for all your guests to meet and greet and get to know one another before the big day.

2. Hire AT LEAST a day-of-coordinator. You'll have the best chance of enjoying your wedding day and reception to the fullest and all it has to offer if you hire "at least" an experience day-of-coordinator. Hiring a full service wedding can cover even more of the fine details and minutia of the wedding day, but even on the most tight budgets, all brides should allocate the resources to hire AT LEAST a day-of-coordinator. Brides and grooms should wake up and get ready and not lift another finger on their wedding day and a great coordinator will enable this to happen. Click back over to my website and see my preferred vendors pages for a link to some of my favorite planners and coordinators in the Charleston area.

3. Professionally-Produced Playlist. Simply put if you'd kept track of previous blog posts, you'll know that the true professional wedding DJs will help you craft the perfect playlist for your special day. Want it all about you and your fiance? You can tell your DJ "no requests", and also the true professionals will offer the option for you to create a DO NOT PLAY LIST, and most importantly will respects your guests by playing songs that have clean lyrics.

4. Tasting Station. Get with your wedding planner or coordinator or caterer and plan for a tasting station. This could something like your favorite whiskey, or even design a signature drink for your wedding day delivered in glasses with you and your fiance's name on it.

5. Surprise. Consdier a neat entertainment surprise for your guests. Maybe have your first dance song sung by a popular local musician. One example I remember is a bride hired a bagpipes privately to play during the recessional of their wedding ceremony. The expression on his face was priceless.

Do you like what you are reading on this blog? Are you ready to plan the perfect playlist and musical soundtrack for your wedding ceremony and reception? Click on this link to schedule a consultation with Mike and save your date today. Save Your Date