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Top 15 Craziest Things Said To Charleston Wedding DJs By Your Guests

14 July 2018

It's no secret that when you book your wedding DJ with Mike Bills Entertainment, you are given 100% complete control over the music to be played at your Charleston wedding. It's been my experience over the years that this is the best recipe for an amazing wedding reception. There are some couples who are VERY protective of their playlist. Maybe they saw a disaster of a wedding DJ at their friend's wedding last year? Maybe they are REALLY into their music and want lasting memories for many years to come. But then there are some couples who might not think they have the time to select all their music, so as a result just picked select genres of music or maybe just a handful of songs. Then, they let their DJ use their professional judgement on what songs to "fill in the blanks" with. Making sure that we have the best soundtrack for your big day, and that it will be able to have you and your guests up on the dance floor is no easy task, and involves quite a bit of leg work and analysis, as well as consultation behind the scenes. Ok, the tone of this blog post is about to get funny, so you'll definitely want to read on.

Finally, your wedding day arrives. You are over the moon excited. You and your DJ have worked on your music before your big day and have discussed how your night will go. There is a complete understanding between you and your DJ. You are already imagining all your favorite songs all stacked up and filling your beautifully decorated wedding venue. You even do a first look and bump into your DJ and give them a "thumbs up" because you know what's on your playlist.

Pause. Did you know all the hard work that you and your DJ have worked on before your big day is at risk of all coming apart at the seams? Yes, there are a few select guests at your Charleston wedding reception ready and able to take your night in a totally different direction. Generally, it's only a few of your guests who are doing this, but it takes the most experienced and professional wedding DJs to defend all the hard work that you have put into your wedding music. Here are some of the most outlandish statements made by wedding guests in recent years.

1. "What Do You Have Coming Up Next?" 
DJ: If this guest waited just a few minutes longer, they would find out what exactly is coming up. It's not really important because if the DJ discloses their next song, it's probably just going to continue unproductive dialogue between your guest and the DJ.
2. "It Doesn't Look Like Anyone Likes The Music You Are Playing"
DJ: It's funny how some guests have the audacity to come up and make a statement like this to the DJ when the bride and groom and their entire bridal party, plus a lot of their guests are ALL on the dance floor. Translation: That guests does not like what the DJ is playing.
3. "This Song Is Horrible! Why Would You Play It?"
DJ: The DJ is playing this song because the bride and groom have requested it, and it's actually one of their favorites. If you would like to tell them their musical tastes aren't to your liking, I would probably do so after their wedding and after their honeymoon. Don't rain on their parade today.
4. "Can You Play This You Tube From My Phone?" 
DJ: Uh No! Actually, my cell phone connection is pretty bad here at this venue and yours is even worse. Plus, the wi-fi here at this venue is pretty intermittent. Your wedding guests don't really want to hear the State Farm or Godaddy commercial for 10 seconds in front of your You Tube. And also a "No" because you want to hear doesn't look like a professional recording, and the bride specifically said "No explicit lyrics". Look behind you, there is the bride's grandmother.
5. "Can I Borrow Your Microphone, I'd Like To Make A Special Dedication"
DJ: Not even the person who is drinking water all night are allowed to get on the microphone. The best course of action would be to request the song (if it's not on the Do Not Play List) then go tell the person you are dedicating the song that you requested a song for them.
6. "The Groom Hates Nickelback, I'll Give You $50.00 To Play It"
DJ: Well, Nickelback is on their Do Not Play List. Are you also going to pay me the thousands of potential dollars lost in bookings when the bride and groom leave me a negative review?
7. "I'd Like You To Play This Song, It's A Joke For....."
DJ: Well, this is your friend's wedding, not April Fool's Day. All the music you are hearing is about your friends. No professional wedding DJ is going to stop the flow of the night with some stupid song that will garner numerous dirty looks from the guests who are dancing.
8. "Would It Be Possible If You Could Play Something That We Can Dance To?"
DJ: Hmmm. Well, over half of all guests are actually on the dance floor RIGHT NOW dancing to the song coming out of the speakers. This guest should just ask. "Can you play a song that "I" can dance to?", but it's not about you, it's about the bride and groom.
9. "Can You Make A Special Dedication For Me?"
DJ: Usually these "special" dedications are at the request of the bride and groom. If you are a close friend or relative to the bride and groom and would like something "special" done at their wedding, be sure to get with them well in advance of their wedding day and then they will pass any special requests on to the wedding DJ. While guests may think that spontaneous requests and dedications are "cool", what happens if that person is in the batheoom and doesn't hear their song?
10. "Me And My Date Are Getting Ready To Leave, Can You Let Our Song Be Next?"
DJ: Yeah, and I'm also fairly certain you'll be also leaving in another 30 minutes or hour or hour and a half. :)
11. "I Promise If You Play This Song, Everyone Will Dance." 
The majority of the bride's and grooms are dancing right now....
12. "Do You Do Karaoke?"
DJ: No, karaoke is not something I offer, and the bride and groom did not hire me to do karaoke.
13. "I Just Know That The Bride And Groom Will LOVE This Song" 
DJ: Well, if it was that important to the birde and groom, then they would have added it to their playlist over the past 8 months. :) But, look it's actually on their Do Not Play List. I thought you said the bride and groom would love it ;)
14. "When Are You Gonna Play "The....Or The....Or Maybe The.....So We Can Really Get This Party Started?"
DJ: None of those songs that you just mentioned have been requested by the bride and groom and are actually they are on their Do Not Play List.
15. "I Don't Know The Name Of The Song, But It Sounds Like This....."
DJ: You are out of luck if you don't know the name and artist of your favorite song. Next time, please plan accordingly.


And these are just 15 of the most popular requests that I, as well as other wedding DJs have gotten over the years. There are plenty more, but some are not appropriate for my blog and need to be left in the "club". But that's content for a whole other blog post. Do you see how some guests can easily try to derail all your hard work and vision for the absolute best mix of music at your wedding reception? True professional wedding DJs are going to be in control all night long and won't let any of this happen. While any DJ cannot really control guests coming up and making requests, brides and grooms can certainly prevent taking over "their" wedding by NOT allowing requests to be made at their Charleston wedding. This is the best and most efficient way to make sure all that hard work in working with your DJ to create the best playlist is not all for none. The bride and groom have put their trust in the DJ, not your friends or guests. I generally tell my couples that at the end of the day the music for their wedding is about "them", but when they are thinking of songs to throw in to also think about their friends. Here's a quick tip: If you'd like to get your guests involved in the music, place in your invitations a request for one of their favorite songs. You'll still get some off the wall requests when you do things this way, but you can pick and choose some of the good ones and add them into your final playlist.
Let's Talk Soon About The Music For Your Wedding
Hope you enjoyed this. This was really meant to be not only informational, but also "comical". As you can see see, it's not all that easy to be a great wedding DJ. The typical DJ is bombarded with a lot of crazy requests, and often accompanied with a near miss of a sugary alcoholic beverage spilling on the DJs gear.  When you book your wedding DJ with Mike Bills Entertainment, I work with YOU on your music well in advance of your wedding day and get it all done at least 10 days before your big day so that there are NO surprises. Creating the soundtrack for one of the biggest days of your lives is not something that should ever be done in haste. Thank you for making it to the end of another one of my blog posts. Are you recently engaged and looking to begin the careful process of selecting your Charleston wedding DJ? Click HERE to tell me a little more about your big day. Mike Bills Entertainment has become one of the best wedding DJs in Charleston over the years by working one on one with brides and grooms to make sure their music is perfect. I am very friendly to destination couples coming to Charleston and have worked with folks all over the country. I am available by Skype or Facetime at your leisure.