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Top 100 Songs That Are On DO NOT PLAY Lists At Weddings

18 January 2017

Hot off the presses which also includes data received from 2016 weddings in Charleston is the Top 100 Songs that are normally added to the DO NOT PLAY LISTS of bride and grooms. Some of these jump out at you like the cheesy line dances and some of them jump out at you not because they are bad songs, but because people are burned out of hearing them at weddings and want to change.


Even if you don't hire me to create the perfect playlist for your wedding ceremony and reception, please request that your DJ respect you by allowing you and your fiance to construct a DO NOT PLAY List. The DO NOT PLAY List is an integral part of discussions with your DJ. The worst case scenario for you is a DJ that just shows up and plays "whatever", which will likely include cheesy songs your despise. Down below, I list the Top 10 songs. For the remaining 90, feel free to download the PDF file that is attached to this blog post. 

Top 100 DO NOT PLAY Songs At Charleston Weddings

1. "Macarena" | Los Del Rio

2. "Chicken Dance" | Sorta Crackers Band

3. "Cha Cha Slide" | DJ Casper

4. "YMCA" | Village People

5. "Cupid Shuffle" | Cupid


6. "Cotton Eye Joe" | Rednex

7. "Gangnam Styple" | Psy

8. "Electric Slide" | Marcia Griffiths

9. "Happy" | Pharell Williams

10. "Love Shack" | B52s

Download the PDF file up above and remember the music at your wedding reception should be all about you. While you'll be pulled in a 100 different directions and may not seem like you have time to even get a dance in before you leave, the songs you do hear should bring a smile to your face and create lasting memories. Creating a Do Not Play List for your DJ to adhere to is part of this. If you are recently engaged and like what you are reading on this blog and are ready to hire a true professional DJ to provide the music for your wedding ceremony and reception in Charleston, click HERE to fill out a contact form and let's meet and get your dated saved. I would love to meet you!