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Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Planner For Your Charleston Wedding

22 October 2017

You know with all the Kay Jewelers commercials I have seen in the past week, you'd think we were already past Thanksgiving and deep into another engagement season here in Charleston. We are actually just 9 days away from Halloween right now! Perhaps the jewelry industry is trying to make the engagement season longer now? This blog post is a shout out to all the professional wedding coordinators and planners I work with in Charleston, and for those I will work with in the future. If you did recently get engaged ahead of the "engagement season rush", congratulations! Saying "yes" causes a bride to have a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions, one of which is that perfect and magical vision for what your dream wedding day is going to be like. You are probably thinking about "when" its going to be and "where" it's going be. Have you considered "how" its going to all come together? How is the biggest day of your life (up to this point) going to be perfect? The logistics and details involved in planning a wedding are immense and daunting. The complexity of planning a wedding greatly increases with the amount of guests that are invited. As a bride who is recently engaged and thinking about her "perfect" day, how can you ensure "perfection"? How can you ensure that you will wake up on your wedding day and all the hundreds of logistical details will be taken care of without lifting a finger and without any stress? What do you do?

 While I am not a professional wedding planner, I am a professional wedding DJ and DJs work with seamlessly with planners and coordinators to ensure your wedding ceremony and reception both run smoothly.  I have seen weddings from ALL different angles and can tell you that having a great wedding planner or coordinator by your side is the BEST money you'll spend as part of your wedding budget. Hiring an exceptional wedding planner is right up there with hiring a high-end top tier wedding DJ for your upcoming Charleston wedding.

Reason #1. You Are A Destination Bride.
What's even more stressful than planning a wedding when you are only 15 miles away from the venue? How about trying to plan a wedding when you are 1500 or 3000 miles from the wedding site? If you are in Washington DC and want to get married in Charleston, what do you do? You live in Atlanta and want to know the best wedding vendors in Charleston? How are you going to know who the best wedding vendors are? Do you really want to be on the phone all the time?  You hire a wedding planner to conduct ALL this legwork for you. 

Reason #2. The Venue Requires You To Have A Contract With A Wedding Planner Or Coordinator
In recent years due to the explosion of destination weddings down here in Charleston, I have seen a lot of the top wedding venues begin to require AT LEAST a day-of-coordinator on contract when booking their venue.  Sometimes as part of the fee to rent a venue, the venue will provide that day-of-coordinator.  This is a win-win for the venue and the bride. The venue will have a smoothly executed wedding happening inside their venue and the bride will be stress-free because she hired a professional wedding planner or coordinator.

Reason #3. You Have A Certain Budget And Need To Stay Within It
Weddings are very expensive and no matter what your budget is, a professional wedding planner will make sure that you stick to your budget.  A great wedding planner will know how much things should cost and be able to reach out to wedding vendors and get all your vendors booked and paid for. Can you imagine the sleepless nights you'd have if you had to do this yourself? You need to enjoy being engaged and hire a wedding planner.

Reason #4. The Bride & Groom Both Have Full-Time Jobs
You work full time and he works full time. Where are you going to find the extra hours in an already busy work week to plan your wedding? When you hire a professional wedding planner, they take care of ALL these details so that you can sleep well at night and enjoy life!  Is your boss going to be OK with you being on the phone all day talking to vendors? 

Reason #5. Your Wedding Is Coming Up In 6 Months Or Less
If you just got engaged and are looking to seal the deal in 6 months or less, the planning window can become even more stressful.  A professional wedding planner can handle the short term wedding plans with ease, but with a shorter term, you have to also worry about the best wedding vendors already being booked.

Reason #6. Details. Details. Details
Professional wedding planners can work a checklist MUCH BETTER than you, thus ensuring that all of the T's are crossed and the I's are dotted, and that every little detail is considered and not forgotten.

Reason #7. The Right Planner Will Make Your Vision A Reality
When you hire a professional wedding planner, you can communicate to them exactly how you want your entire day to be. From the dress to the flowers and the decor within your wedding venue, a great planner will make this all happen for you.

Reason #8. The Wedding Timeline
I certainly have blogged about timelines plenty, because its one of the most important aspects of your wedding day. A professional wedding planner will be able to work with you on creating the best timeline for your wedding day. From the rehearsal dinner the day before to every hour leading up to the ceremony, up until the last guest leaving the wedding venue.

Reason #9. Weddings Are Supposed To Be Happy And Enjoyable
Do you really want to get to your wedding day and be saying "Gosh, I cannot wait for this to be over!!!".  Those words should never come out of a bride's mouth. YOUR wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life. When you have a wedding planner by your side, you will wake up on your wedding day refreshed, stress-free and ready to have the time of your life and enjoy the whole day with your closest friends and family.

Reason #10. Wedding Planners Can Save YOU Money
Remember up above when we said you needed to stick to a budget? Professional wedding planners have a great amount of experience working with all types of vendors in the industry and can actually save you money. How's that sound? It sounds to me like you'll have some extra cash to maybe spend on your honeymoon. 

As you can see, there are lots of good reasons to hire a wedding planner. At the bare minimum, you should find the resources to hire a "day-of" or "month-of" coordinator to ensure that stress-free and fun day we talked about. There are some great wedding planners and coordinators on my preferred vendors page that you should check out.  And if you are ready to talk about how your wedding will "sound", let's get together soon either by Skype or in person to talk about planning the perfect mix of music for your upcoming wedding day. Click HERE to tell me a little about your upcoming wedding day here in Charleston.