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The Wedding Dance Was Awesome. The DJ Effects Not So Much

10 February 2017

We're now just 4 days away from Valentine's day and the romance is in the air here in Charleston as we really have yet to see long term winter weather with spring just weeks away now. Engagement season continues to be in full effect and another busy wedding season is getting ready ot kick off. Creativity among brides and grooms when it comes to their music is one of the many things I look forward to when I sit down and get to know them. That might be  in the form of a creative entrance by their bridal party into theie reception or even a creative way to do their first dance together.


You might have seen or read online recently about a New Jersey couple who did an amzing rendition of the iconic dance between Jnenifer Grey and Patrick Swayze from the 1987 classic movie "Dirty Dancing". Dirty Dancing was a truly iconic movie that was a part of my youth with a soundtrack that remains a huge part of Americana. The song "I've Had The Time Of My Life" by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes is still a common song being placed on wedding playlists, oftentimes as a final song of the night. It's awesome when I play it to see couples on the dance floor try to mimic certain scenes from the movies and the dance moves of Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.
Couple performs dirty dancing scene
While I think what this couple did is awesome and certainly created a lifetime of memories for themselves and their guests, there is one thing that could have been done or left out for that matter to make this EVEN better. When I first watched this video clip (see below for link), I was in awe and loving it. When the fog and smoke began to come up from the floor though, I immediately lost interest.

The use of fog & smoke cheapened up an incredible moment in this couple's newly married life. The use of fog & smoke made this moment a bit cheesy in my eyes. If you've explored my approach to being a professional wedding DJ, you know I do everything in my power to eliminate and exterminate those thoughts that might have popped in your mind about cheesy wedding DJs from experiences at your friends or relatives weddings. I went over to You Tube and looked at he final scene of the actual movie and played it and saw no fog or smoke in that scene. Why didn't the movie director put fog or smoke in the final scene of the movie? One will never know. I don't know. Even though the final scene of Dirty Dancing was NOT at a wedding, you still didn't need the fog / smoke to make it more dramatic or make me remember the scene even more. You could have easily gotten by at the wedding reception without fog or smoke and this first dance would have been JUST as memorable.

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