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The Top 2 Videos To Watch Before Hiring Your Wedding DJ

29 November 2016

My company, Mike Bills Entertainment prides itself on being a true professional wedding DJ for weddings in and around the Charleston area. I am very passionate about the quality of service I have provided brides and grooms and what I will provide to future brides and grooms. I have blogged about what type of demeanor a wedding DJ should possess and what type of professional equipment they should have. If you read over my entire blog, you can begin to piece together what it is I will provide you when you book me as your wedding DJ.

1. Professional demeanor
2. Unlimited consultations
3. Professional equipment
4. Online Planning & Playlist Creation
6. One DJ to work with. No surprises who your DJ will be.
7. Professional MC on the microphone

You know what? What if all it took was watching two reasonably short You Tube videos for me to convey to you what you need to avoid when hiring your wedding DJ? This first video has been floating around online for many years, but still is priceless. As a professional wedding DJ who is obsessive compulsive about being flawless and to a DJ who is as detail-oriented and protective of the flow of your wedding day, this first video is an absolute worst case scenario.

There needs to be seamless transitions and fades from whatever song you decide on for your introduction music going into your first dance song. Having the bride and groom out there on the dance floor without ANY music playing might be the equivalent of a runway model walking across the cat walk and realizing she left her skirt in the dressing room. That would be exactly the way I would feel as a DJ. If there was ever a time where you wanted to have no "dead air" or a gap in music, it would be during the first dance, as well as the father / daughter and mother / son dances.

Aside from the music stopping and leaving the couple stranded in the middle of the dance floor, the DJ or DJs hired were clearly not dressed appropriately and unprofessional. Making a public announcement about the fact you don't have a song is about as low and unprofessional as one can get. This tells your guest you made a serious error in judgement when hiring your DJ.

While the worst time to have equipment malfunction and have the music stop is during your first dance, having professional grade equipment lessens the chance that this will happen. Also, the true professional DJs will meet with you, communicate frequently through email to hammer out all the details of your day and won't ever shy away from this either. The way I see it is communication is the key to success in any wedding reception or event.

Now, the second video has been circulating around You Tube for a few years and after discovering it and watching it, I have some ideas on how to improve upon it.


What should you take away from the second video? Well, that DJs personality is one. The gameshow persona is something that has given the wedding DJ business a bad name and reputation for many years. The truly great DJs are mild-mannered, will make as many or little announcements as you desire, play your selected music, and keep the flow and crowd hopping all night long.

The DJ should never get on the dance floor and start doing silly dances. Honestly, the music speaks for itself. The DJ is hired to play music and MC your event, not be a dance instructor. By having who acts downright stupid like the guy in the video, the focus would be on him, instead of the bride and groom. At Mike Bills Entertainment, there is no smoke break, or any break for that matter. The music doesn't stop because I need to go get fresh air, please see above in regards to "dead air" or a gap in music. DJing your wedding is a demanding job in more ways than one and there will be NO gaps in the music or breaks.

If these videos have scared you and you want to ensure NONE of this happens at your wedding, then click on the link and let's grab coffee to discuss your upcoming wedding
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