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The Right DJ For Your Wedding - When You Hire The Wrong DJ

25 October 2016

It's approaching late October here in Charleston and we're in the midst of another busy Fall season with Mike Bills Entertainment. Lingering not too far away is the kick off of yet another engagement season.  At the beginning of your engagement, you are thinking about so much. Who to invite? Where to have your wedding ceremony and reception? Who to hire for the catering? The flowers? Who are you going to hire as your DJ or band? If you are thinking about a band, then you are free to leave this blog post and there is actually a company on my preferred vendors page on my main site who will point you in the right direction of the perfect band for your wedding night. If you are hiring a DJ, then stay right here because this blog post will kick off a series of posts educating all brides and grooms just how important it is to hire the right DJ for your wedding ceremony and reception in Charleston.


Time and time again, the DJ / entertainment of any wedding seems to be an after thought, and oftentimes the last element of a couple's special day that is booked. As a result, 81% of brides wish they had spent more time and even more resources on hiring a true professional wedding DJ or other form of entertainment.  While some couples do opt for a band, this blog series will take the angle of hiring a DJ for your wedding and the lasting effects on your memories if you should hire the wrong one.

Whatever entertainment you decide, it will effect the entire day. From the ceremony music til the end of the reception, music and entertainment is all encompassing, so making sure you are hearing exactly what you want is paramount to making sure the flow of your reception is perfect.  You need a DJ with style, a DJ with excellent taste in music, a DJ who shows what to play at the right time, and a DJ who is well versed in all genres of music, and lastly a DJ who sounds good on the microphone and has experience to not be overbearing in delivery of announcements.

Simply put, as beautiful as the flower arrangements are at your wedding, very few, if anyone will come up to you a year later and make a compliment about them. That photo booth, albeit very fun will not be talked about 5 years from now no matter how goofy and fun the photos were. Even if you hired one of the best caterers in town (see my preferred vendors for ideas) to make their famous shrimp & grits, it won't trump the music played and memories made by your DJ and entertainment. And lastly, even the open bar won't save the night. 

Being a true professional wedding DJ is one of the most rewarding things. The stress is incredible and pressure is on each and every time that Mike Bills Entertainment loads into a venue.  The preparation and detail-oriented personality that is needed to be a true professional is pretty costly due to the expense of time and professional equipment.  Simply put, there is no room for errors. You only plan on having one wedding ceremony and reception, so putting forth the time, effort, and resources to choose the right DJ is a necessity to make sure there are no errors. I tell myself ALL the time. "There are no do-overs for someone's wedding day". Every detail about the music has to be perfect. You need a DJ who takes their job seriously.

Coming up next in this blog series designed to get couples ready to book their DJ. "How Weddings Are Getting Ruined" in Charleston. If you are enjoying this blog and like what you see, click this link to schedule a meeting to get your 2017 date blacked out. Schedule a Meeting