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The Right DJ For Your Wedding Final - Pick The Right DJ

17 November 2016

The 8th and final installment of this blog series on finding the right DJ for your Charleston and Lowcountry wedding is coming just days away from another engagement season. Throughout the first seven parts, you’ve been giving some guidance on what to look for in your wedding DJ. I certainly are not the first DJ to blog about these issues. There are numerous other very successful DJS doing just the same.

With all this talk, how do brides and grooms continue to come up short with the choice they make on their DJ? Some brides and grooms get fixated on a price and think they have a good idea on what the going rate is for a wedding DJ. The prices you might see for DJs can vary and are often set upon DJs overbooking. As we discussed in previous posts, when a DJ overbooks, they’ll send a less experienced person out to your event, and pay that person much less than you were charged. The more events they book on your date, the lower the cost may appear. If your budget is in the moderate range, a good thing might be is to see if you could cut a little back on some of the frills of your wedding day and put that savings toward hiring the best wedding DJ you can find in Charleston. Remember, 81% of brides wish they had spent more time and resources in selecting their DJ. The entertainment is important on your wedding day and corners need not be cut on the selection of the right DJ service. All DJs are simply not created equal. Maybe your fiancé has been tasked as finding the right DJ for your wedding day. Well, let him look over my website and let him read this blog series before making a decision.

Being a professional wedding DJ is simply not just meeting with a bride and groom, gathering a few of their favorite songs, and setting up expensive equipment. If it were that easy, then the desire for more and more DJ services to form would be the trend. But, as a true professional wedding DJ myself, I see that trend starting. You know, where you suddenly you have DJ Joe Blow who had an epiphany on a Saturday afternoon in Guitar Center and got a Guitar Center credit card, maxed it out, and then began advertising on Craigslist that he too, is a professional DJ even though he has never cracked a mic in his entire life. Another part of the wedding industry that probably sees more of this than DJing is photography. With the affordable prices of SLR cameras, soooooooooooooooo many people are going to Best Buy buying one and doing the same thing, they go on Craigslist and advertise Joe Blow Photography, when they’ve really had no formal training at all. Be careful out there. The internet is a very dangerous place. Honest loving wedding couples are getting ripped off right and left. As you saw in previous posts of this blog series, the theft has occurred right here in Charleston, SC. most recently. Whether or not you decide to book with my company, please take this blog series seriously. Feel free to click back over to the website to listen to some podcasts I professionally recorded earlier in 2016 about some of the signs you might have a cheesy DJ, and how to choose your professional wedding DJ. Engagement season is coming up. Please call or click today after you read over my professionally designed website. Read the reviews. 2016 has been another great year, and I am looking forward to 2017. Join me at Charleston Wedding Week coming up January 24 at the Gibbes Museum Of Art. Details forthcoming as we get closer.

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